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Create YouTube video ads with the help of ChatGPT

Marion Dubois
Marion Dubois Originally published May 04, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

Stop using primitive techniques of fetching information from different search engines. It is the generation of AI, which is going faster and more powerful every moment. Now everything is possible with ChatGPT AI. You can find solutions to all your problems along with the necessary information.

chatgpt and youtube

If you want to earn money from YouTube ads, ChatGPT will process the maximum of your work instead of looking at Google. It becomes very easy with ChatGPT to get ideas and other information about YouTube advertising. Moreover, ChatGPT will also help you with the uses of other apps that are involved in creating YouTube ads. Now you can quickly and easily produce YouTube video ads with ChatGPT and promote your brand on the Global platform.

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What is ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a popular AI tool network with a unique algorithm to detect the user's requirements and provide factual information. There are billions of users of ChatGPT who are processing content from the ChatGPT message box and earning money in various fields.

chatgpt logo

You can also define the ChatGPT as a guiding partner who provides information about the very and guides to function. From basic to extreme, you can generate different types of content within a second with the help of ChatGPT with ease. Nowadays, people also use ChatGPT to promote their brands via YouTube video ads. The growing AI of ChatGPT makes everything possible for you to get any information in one click.

Benefits of using ChatGPT in creating YouTube ads

If you talk about how ChatGPT benefits users on YouTube, you will find various reasons.

  • You can fetch multiple ideas about your product to promote on YouTube.
  • You can generate descriptions and titles for YouTube video ads with ChatGPT.
  • You can get knowledge about YouTube ad creation via ChatGPT.
  • ChatGPT also guides the various processes that involve creating an ad for YouTube.
  • After uploading, you can also ask ChatGPT how to remove the ad from YouTube.
  • You can increase the speed of content creation daily with the help of ChatGPT.

How To Create Viral YouTube Video Ads Using ChatGPT?

It becomes very fast and easy to create YouTube videos using ChatGPT. It processes the maximum amount of your work, including script, description, title, etc. Moreover, it will also guide you about the different processes necessary to create YouTube video ads.

filmora ai copywriting

ChatGPT Alone cannot finalize a video because you need a professional editor. Therefore, you need Filmora AI software that gives you multiple features you can utilize while creating videos. Additionally, you will find Filmora AI copyrighting tools that allow the user to generate content like title, description, etc., for the Video. Since the ChatGPT powers the Filmora copyrighting tool, you won't find any trouble with the quality of content. If you want to know more about this powerful AI copywriting tool, you can watch the video below:

ChatGPT is now available in Filmora !
Step 1 Sign up for ChatGPT

The first stage of generating information from ChatGPT for YouTube video ads is to have a valid account in ChatGPT. You cannot access ChatGPT without login as it needs to verify the user identity and other information. It is very easy to sign in with ChatGPT. You can add a new login ID or get quick access from your Google account.

chatgpt login

Once you complete your login process, ChatGPT allows you to explore the power of AI. It will show you a message box or dialogue box where you can mention your query, and ChatGPT will generate an answer to It.

Step 2 Generate the video title, description & script

You can generate a major part of the advertisement that includes a title, description and script with the help of ChatGPT. It is the base part of creating an ad where you need to frame a quirky line to attract customers. After that, you need a description to explain your product. All you need to do is give the proper keywords and the title of the Product ChatGPT AI will produce suitable information for YouTube ads. You can also modify the script if required to make the content unique.

chatgpt video title description script result

You can also take the help of ChatGPT for writing descriptions and subordinate titles for the ads to make them look tempting. All these data can be easily accessible through ChatGPT, reducing your effort and time loss.

Step 3 Record your Video

Shooting a quirky and attractive video for your product to promote in YouTube advertising is very important. With the help of the title description and promotional line from ChatGPT, you are good to go to make advertising content.

recording video

Filmora also has multiple templates and automatic presets that enhance the overall quality and layout of the ad. If you want quick access to ChatGPT, then the Filmora AI copyrighting tool does it for you. Now you can generate sub-title descriptions and more data directly from the Filmora AI copyrighting tool.

Create AI-Generated Video with Filmora!
Filmora offers a ChatGPT plug-in and AI tools to enhance your creative vision.
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Step 4 Upload to YouTube

Ultimately, your YouTube Video ad is ready to gain mass customers through YouTube. Once you finish processing and rendering the Video, you can directly share it on YouTube from the Filmora app. You can also download the Video from your internal or external drive and upload it from saved files.

filmora editing

It also has multiple templates and automatic presets that enhance the overall quality and layout of the ad. If you want quick access to ChatGPT, then the Filmora AI copyrighting tool does it for you. Now you can generate sub-title descriptions and more data directly from the Filmora AI copyrighting tool.

Potential Future Applications of ChatGPT for YouTube

Despite ChatGPT, many AI applications can generate content and script for YouTube videos. But as of now, very little software has the potential to develop good quality content for YouTube to earn money. A few apps like Jasper AI are dedicated scriptwriters for YouTube videos. However, the vast diversification and knowledge of ChatGPT AI make it more reliable.

To know more about YouTube AI video makers, you can read this article: Boost Your YouTube Channel's Growth with These AI Video Maker Tools 

Wrapping up! Don't wait anymore to earn money with YouTube video ads. Now you don't require learning classes or a team to create YouTube ads. Everything is possible and simple with the help of ChatGPT, as it is your AI team and tutor. Understand the complete process of creating YouTube ads with the help of ChatGPT. Also, gather additional catchy lines to attract customers.
Grow your business and promote your product globally with the help of YouTube advertisements. It's time to expand your business and get fame on YouTube by promoting your products. Learn every procedure for creating a YouTube ad with the help of ChatGPT and increase your sales.


  • Can I use ChatGPT for free?
    Yes, you can easily access ChatGPT for free. All you need to do is log in with the legit account, and you are good to go to fetch information from ChatGPT. However, there are some additional parks that ChatGPT offers in the Plus version.
  • ChatGPT is at capacity right now: What does this mean?
    It is a ChatGPT capacity error that pops on your screen or does not generate a response when there is high traffic on the domain. You can easily fix it by logging in again on ChatGPT or waiting for a while so that traffic reduces.
Marion Dubois
Marion Dubois Mar 27, 24
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