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Fix Facebook Story Not Uploading Problem

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Jan 11, 22, updated Feb 29, 24

Facebook comes up with a News Feed and Timeline where users enjoy every content. Recently, the Meta company introduced "Facebook Story," which was heavily welcomed by a wide range of content developers. The Facebook story can be a picture or a video covering highlights of the data. Moreover, it could also be a random comic video or a motivational speech.

There are some problems in the Facebook story not uploading, or the Facebook story stuck on finishing up. The article shall address these concerns extensively while bringing solutions to the lot. Wondershare Filmora would also be presented as the versatile video editor in town.

Part 1: How to Add Videos or Photos to Facebook Story?

Most people find it difficult to post a video story Facebook or an image. However, in reality, the procedure is as simple as it can get. The section offers an insight into adding video or photo to the Facebook story on a smartphone or desktop.

Step 1: Double click on the "Facebook" icon on phone and desktop to open it. The user can see "Create a Story" from the top of the page. Click on it.

Step 2: To select the type of story from the desktop, tap on "Create a Photo Story" or "Create a Text Story." However, for the phone, capture the video or a picture and tap "Aa" to type text and "Music" to share a song. Moving on, tap "Boomerang" to take a looping video.

select story type

Step 3: Customize the story as you want and then press "Share to Story."

tap on share to story

Part 2: Why Is My Facebook Story Not Uploading?

The next concern addressed in this section revolves around the Facebook story upload failed. It is crucial to understand the background reasons behind this problem to deal with it comprehensively. Let us look at some of the root causes of its occurrence.

Facebook Servers

Facebook is getting updated and maintained periodically, creating a Facebook story not uploading issue. Moreover, the presence of a bug can also slow down and fail the process.

Unstable Internet Connection

The poor and unstable internet connection often arises the concern, "why is my Facebook story not uploading?" The slow internet connection limits the connection of Facebook to your uploading process. The server timeout stops the video from processing.

Facebook Standards and Guidelines

Facebook has set a diverse range of technical standards and guidelines to be followed at all costs. If your Facebook story doesn't satisfy the guidelines, get ready to face the "can't upload video on Facebook story" problem.

Corrupted/Damaged Video

Most videos are not in the compatible format with Facebook or are corrupted. Facebook limits its processing and doesn't upload it in the timeline.

Part 3: How to Fix "Facebook Story Stuck on Finishing up" on Windows and Mac?

Do not panic if you face a Facebook story stuck on finishing up on Windows and Mac. The sub-section has taken the liberty of bringing four workable solutions to eliminate the error.

Solution 1: Clear Cookies and Cache

To steer clear of Facebook story stuck on finishing up, the users are instructed to clear the cache and cookies of the browser. Follow the procedure below to do so:

Step 1: Launch Google Chrome from your computer and click on the three vertical dots located in the top right corner of the interface. Navigate down to hit "Settings."

open chrome settings

Step 2: Press "Privacy and Security" from the left panel and click on "Clear Browsing Data." Pick the specified time range and tick mark "Cached Images and Files" and "Cookies and Other Site Data." Now, tap "Clear Data," and you are done.

clear chrome cookies and cache

Solution 2: Disable the Browser Extensions

The second workable solution spins around disabling the browser extensions as they can interfere with the normal workability of Facebook software. To disable them, have a look at the steps below:

Step 1: For starters, one should open Google Chrome from their system. In the same way, head to the three vertical dots and click on "Settings."

access chrome settings

Step 2: Open "Extensions" from the new window that pops up. It will showcase all the extensions that were added to Chrome. Disable all of them and then relaunch the Facebook website.

disable chrome extensions

Solution 3: Using a Different Web Browser

Most web browsers are preinstalled with engines that render the website's normal functionality, and there is a major difference with how source codes are interpreted. It can lead to problems like the Facebook story getting stuck on finishing up. Therefore, it is essential to use a different web browser and see if the problem persists.

use different internet browser

Solution 4: Reset the Internet Connection

Another reason for this problem is the poor and flawed internet connection. To get rid of this error, the users are directed to reset the connection and router. It will enhance the speed and stability of the connection and eliminate the problem from the roots.

Part 4: How Do I Fix "Facebook Upload Failed" on Android?

Android users are enhancing because of the ease of use they bring to the house. If you ran into a Facebook story upload failed, we have covered your basis. The section of this write-up brings four remarkable solutions to put the problem at rest forever.

Method 1: Updating Facebook App

The Facebook story, not uploading can be fixed by updating the Facebook app for Android. It will help the app perform better. The steps are given below:

Step 1: Visit the Play Store from your phone and type in Facebook from the search bar that comes. The Facebook app will open.

search for facebook

Step 2: If there are new updates to be installed, the option of "Update" will be displayed. Click on it and wait for a couple of minutes. After that, relaunch the app and check if the story is being uploaded.

update facebook app

Method 2: Updating the Device

Another magical solution to this problem for story video Facebook considers the Android device. In most circumstances, the update is not installed, which leads to an upload issue. To update the device, the steps are given below:

Step 1: Head to the "Settings" of your Android smartphone. From there, click on the "System" menu.

tap on system

Step 2: Now, press the "System Update" option from the "Advanced" menu. Hit "Check for Updates." If the updates are not installed, you can download them in seconds.

check for update

Method 3: Switching the Auto-Updates Off

Most apps' performance is hindered by the new update installed by the user. It may contain a bug or a virus, so it is crucial to turn off the auto-updates and stay ahead of the issue.

Step 1: The first and foremost step is to open the Play Store and navigate to the "Facebook" app from Apps and Games. You can also launch it by typing "Facebook" in the search box.

Step 2: From the top right corner, tap on the three vertical dot icons and untick the "Enable Auto-Update" option.

disable auto-update feature

Method 4: Clearing the Cache

The presence of cache in the Facebook app is one of the most concerning root causes of this problem. Hence, one should keep on clearing the cache periodically. To clear the cache, the steps include:

Step 1: In this first step, hold your Android device and click on "Settings." Choose "Apps" from the diverse menu options. After that, tap on "Manage Apps."

Step 2: Search for "Facebook" and open it. Navigate to the "Storage" from there. The system shows the app's total size, user data, and cache.

click on storage option

Step 3: Press "Clear Cache," located below the Facebook app icon. It will get rid of the cache once and for all.

clear facebook app cache

Part 5: How to Solve "Facebook Story Upload Failed" on iPhone?

The section allows the iPhone users to help them with the "Facebook story upload failed" issue. The article has designed four extensive solutions to address the problem. Let us have a glance!

Fix 1: Reviewing the Internet Connection

The browsers and Facebook application have an internet timeout. You suffer from internet unavailability if you add the media to the Facebook story and fail to upload it. Head to the browser "Settings" so that you can check the status of your Wi-Fi or Cellular Data.

check iphone internet

Fix 2: Update the Facebook App

Updating the Facebook app on iPhone may help eliminate this problem. The developer presents new updates, and by installing them, you are enhancing the user and app experience. The procedure is:

Step 1: Launch the App Store and type "Facebook" in the search bar to know about the update’s situation.

search facebook in search

Step 2: If there are visible updates, the system will show "Update." Now, Click on it. The user is directed to wait for a couple of minutes until the updates are installed. Relaunch the app and add video to Facebook story.

check facebook app update status

Fix 3: Logging Out and Logging In

Another phenomenal fix spins around logging out of Facebook and then logging back in. The steps are easy and can be performed by beginners as well.

Step 1: Click on the "Facebook" app from your iPhone. Click on the "Menu" button afterward. Now, scroll down to find "Log out." Hit it, and you will be signed out of Facebook.

logout facebook app

Step 2: To log back in, the user is directed to relaunch the Facebook app. Enter the email and password to log in.

login facebook account

Fix 4: Turning Off the VPN

VPN acts as one of the most crucial disrupting network functionality. If you face the Facebook story upload failed issue, you should turn it off.

Step 1: Open "Settings" from your iPhone and click on "VPN" from the menu that pops up.

access vpn option

Step 2: Now, disable the VPN by tapping on the green toggle button.

disable vpn

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The technology might be advancing with leaps and bounds, but there will always be some problem associated with workability. For instance, one cannot upload a mere Facebook story without running into a problem. However, the article discussed an extensive range of solutions to steer clear of the issue.

Wondershare Filmora was also discussed as the perfect video editor for PC in the business. The bloggers can use it to bring their stories to life.