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8 Most Viewed Videos on Facebook

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Jan 11, 22, updated May 20, 24

The use of social media has been increasing with the passage of time, and people have started spending more and more time on Social media platforms. Especially in the last couple of years since the pandemic, people have spent hours and hours surfing the internet, watching videos, and whatnot.

This has resulted in videos crossing millions of views on different platforms. Listed below are videos with the most views on Facebook in 2021.

Video Number 1: Most Viewed Video On Facebook

Most Viewed Video On Facebook

The video with the most views is by a page named ‘Bollywood’ on 13 October 2021. It is a short 3-minute clip of the 2021 movie Godzilla vs. Kong. This video has grasped over 199 million views.

The video features the movie’s climax, a fight sequence between the mighty Godzilla and the famous King Kong. It shows how they both have their last fight, and the video abruptly ends when the fight is over.

The video has just 2.2k likes and 31 comments, but surprisingly, it surpassed a massive view count of 199 million. It also features a viral TikTok soundtrack and is probably edited on the famous video sharing and editing app TikTok, as the watermark suggests.

The link to the video is as follows:

Most Viewed Video On Facebook

Video Number 2: Road Marking Is an Artform

Road Marking Is an Artform

The second video with the highest views is posted by a page named ‘UNILAD.’ It was published on 6 November 2021 and is titled ‘Who knew road marking would be so mesmerizing to watch.

It shows construction workers and laborers marking road signs such as pedestrian crossing, different arrows, stop signs, slow down warnings, road edge markers, and so on with extreme precision.

The way their hands move and how precise and neat the lines are is truly an art that is very difficult to master. This video has attained a whopping 136 million views along with 152k likes and reactions and 4.7k comments.

It is amazing how a mere 3-minute video can have so many views.

The link to the video is as follows:

Road Marking Is an Artform

Video Number 3: Funny Kids Compilation

Funny Kids Compilation

Kids are very cute, aren’t they? Well, the next video is about, you guessed it right! Kids! The 4-minute video is posted by ‘LADbible Australia’ and is titled ‘You’re never bored when you’re a parent.

The video was posted on 17 June 2021 and has surpassed 131 million views and 2 million likes and reacts with 98k comments.

The video is a simple compilation of several lids and parents that capture the awe moments and their kids’ notorious and cute behavior. It includes the reactions of these toddlers to things they have not seen before.

The video is very cute and has a different perspective of kids. It includes moments where kids are a total nuisance and have destroyed things or moments where they are being downright cute and amazing.

The link to the video is as follows:

Funny Kids Compilation

Video Number 4: Lad Saves Squirrel Having A Seizure

Lad Saves Squirrel Having a Seizure

The 4th video that is the most viewed on Facebook is a sincere act of Humanity. It was posted on the page ‘LADbible’ on 11 December 2021 at 11:00 pm. It is titled ‘This lad acted fast when he found a squirrel having a seizure.’

The video has gained 102 million views—14 thousand likes and reactions, along with 1.2k comments.

As the title suggests, the video features a young chap named Leo who finds a squirrel having a seizure. He has to act fast and surely does; he grabs some paper towels, gently lifts the squirrel and lays it on the paper towels.

Leo then gives the little squirrel the medical attention he needs and even tries to perform CPR on the squirrel. He then rushes to get some water and uses a straw and a syringe to put water in the unconscious squirrel’s mouth.

Later, he and his sister give the squirrel some water with sugar in, with the animal twitches a little bit but is unresponsive. After a while, they try to give him some fruits, and the little squirrel slowly revives and regains consciousness.

Leo keeps the squirrel in a cage overnight so it can fully recover without the potential danger of any predator that may harm, and later on, the squirrel is seen to be fully recovered!

People like Leo keep our belief in humanity and make us believe that humanity still exists. If it was not for him and his sister, the poor sick animal might have died.

The link to the video is as follows:

Lad Saves Squirrel Having A Seizure

Video Number 5: This Master Is Genius! Realistic Gypsum Sculpture Art

This Master Is Genius! Realistic Gypsum Sculpture Art

The 5th video in the list of most-watched Facebook videos is an artistic yet fun video by the Facebook page ‘5-Minute Crafts’. It is titled ‘This master is genius! Realistic gypsum sculpture art.’

The video has amassed over 96 million views on Facebook and 8.4k comments. This video’s like and react count has reached an amazing 555k even though it was published on 2nd December 2021.

The video features a female model and a master sculptor who uses body silicone to cover up the model’s upper body and then covers the silicone with plaster bandages to harden and give shape and strength to the mold.

Later, he uses a gypsum mix to fill the mold, and then as it dries, he extracts the finished sculpture from the mold.

In the second part, he covers the face and head of the model, first with Vaseline and then the same body silicone. Vaseline is introduced, so the silicone does not stick to the face and is easier to take off as the mold dries. After that, the mold is again poured with gypsum mix, and an exquisite sculpture is ready!

Artistic videos have been seen to grasp a growing number of viewers and have started to top the charts! The link to this video is as follows:

This Master Is Genius! Realistic Gypsum Sculpture Art

Video Number 6: Dramatic Pets

Dramatic Pets

Who does not love pets? These cute little creatures keep us sane, happy, and entertained throughout! The 6th video is about pets and how dramatic they can be when they get attached to you.

This video is also posted by the earlier mentioned Facebook page ‘LADbible Australia’ and is titled ‘These pets are absolute divas! I can’t cope’. The title refers to the dramatic nature of the pets in this video.

The video has been able to gain 77 million views, 813k likes, and reacts, along with 47 thousand comments! It was posted on 22nd September 2021.

The video features many cats and dogs that people have kept as their companions that are seen doing seriously funny or cute acts such as honking horns of their owner’s car or cats being the egoistic creatures they are.

One of them had such a funny reaction when its owner tried to feed it yogurt. It just gagged!

All pets are lovely and amazing. They deserve the utmost care and love of us humans. The link to the video is as follows:

Dramatic Pets

Video Number 7: Chef Loves Pranking His Customers

Chef Loves Pranking His Customers

Here comes the videos for all the foodies out there. This video was, once again, uploaded by the Facebook page ‘LADbible’ on 4th December 2021. It has collected a total view count of more than 72 million. The likes and reactions counter has reached 10 thousand along with 729 comments.

The video is titled ‘This chef loves pranking his customers.’ It features a Hibachi chef in a restaurant somewhere in America who loves pulling off pranks and jokes on his customers.

First of all, if you don’t know what Hibachi is, Hibachi is a traditional Japanese heating device. Originally, it was only used for heating and was powered by coal. It is a brazier in a round, cylindrical shape or a box-shaped container with an open top.

Modern-day hibachis are now electric and are commonly used in restaurants around the United States of America so that they can be used to cook food indoors without the black smoke that comes from the burning of coal.

The chef is seen working around one of the hibachis and cracks jokes on his customers, both verbal and practical. The customers seem to be enjoying a lot as the chef tosses one of his cooking utensils towards a person but catches it mid-air because of his expertise.

The customers get scared and then laugh hysterically once they realize that they have been pranked.

Regardless of age, the chef is seen as pranking people of middle age, young kids, and even elders. That is a very cool and fun experience provided by the chef and the restaurant to their diners to have come out to have a fun night out along with great food!

The link to the video is as follows:

Chef Loves Pranking His Customers

Video Number 8: Incredible Moments At Sea

Incredible Moments At Sea

The final video in the series of 8 most-watched videos on Facebook is truly amazing and gives us a phenomenal experience of the world we live in. Away from land, in the middle of the ocean! Yes! It features incredible moments at sea.

The video was uploaded again by the Facebook page ‘UNILAD’ on 6th October 2021. It is titled ‘If you’re not already scared of the sea, you will be after this….’

Contrary to the title, it features extraordinary views and perspectives at sea, and the video has amassed over 70 million views despite being at the end of the list. That is a great number!

Along with the 70 million views, more than 334 thousand people have liked and reacted to this video, and over 40 thousand people have commented. The video shows nature at its best as it features marine life such as dolphins, sea lions, whales, and other small fish that live in the depths of the sea.

The first clip features a cruise ship hit by huge waves, and water splashes all over the ship, but then the wave disappears, and the water starts to disappear. That was probably the only scary bit.

Following this clip, there are several clips where a pod of dolphins is seen diving in and out close to the ocean’s surface, and a whale is also seen diving among them.

Another clip shows a massive humpback whale diving out of the water to breathe in some air and diving right back in, creating huge waves. It is truly a mesmerizing and spectacular view to experience.

Towards the end, a sea lion is shown to be grabbing the deck of a boat and demanding treats. A little kid and his dad on the boat offer him some fish which he eats happily and then takes off back into the sea.

In the end, there are two clips, one of a surfer who is on his surfboard and sees a dolphin swimming right below the surface and seems to be following him.

The last video features a pet dog on the boat, which is excited to see a dolphin swimming in the waters for the first time.

All these are truly appealing and once-in-a-lifetime experiences, and we are lucky cameras exist, and someone captured these moments!

The link to the video is as follows:

Incredible Moments At Sea

How to Make Attractive Facebook Videos | WonderShare Filmora

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Firstly, you have to figure out the exact content for your videos and keep it to the point and consistent. After you have collected the content, now is the final touches and polishing, i.e., editing.

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Another tip is to make sure your video is not too long as the viewers might get bored or skip the video. You may have noticed that all these most-watched Facebook Videos were between 3 and 4 minutes in length. That is the ideal duration for a viral video so keep that in mind.


Every year amazing content appears on the internet with improved quality and unique life perspectives. These were the most-watched videos on Facebook for 2021, and there are more to come. There must be more amazing videos that lacked viewership, and your video might also be one of them.

You can always use the techniques explained earlier to make videos. Hopefully, soon enough, with the help of your vision, unique content, and editing powers of WonderShare Filmora, your videos will also appear in the list of most-watched videos on Facebook or perhaps some other social media platform.