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How to Create A Free Father’s Day Slideshow?

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Apr 24, 22, updated Feb 29, 24
Father's Day Slideshow Maker - Wondershare Filmora

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Parents have a very special place in the heart of every individual. Their role in the success of our lives is commendable and unmatchable. While our mother has a very special role, a father has an equal responsibility to take care of us. As we get older, a shift in responsibility also comes across it. To remember our father's role in making us successful, we look for different methods.

One such method is to make a Father’s Day slideshow on a special day. It is a great gesture to display our gratitude to them. This article shall guide you on making a Happy Father’s Day slideshow to perfection.

Part 1: Preparation for A Father’s Day Slideshow

Whenever you are going to prepare a Father’s Day slideshow, there are some key points that you should follow to make it a perfect display for the viewers. These pointers are very important in preparing a slideshow for your father. You should definitely follow these for appropriate guidance in this sector:

preparations required for slideshow

Use a Proper Editor

The selection of a video editor to create a slideshow is important. Figure out if you wish to use a desktop or an online editor for this purpose. Check if the editor contains the right set of tools that can be used to make a good free Father’s Day slideshow.

Selecting Music

You should be very careful about the elements you use across your Father’s Day slideshow. The music that you find good for your father should fit the motive. Since the idea is about inspiring and cheering the viewers, the music should be something that definitely evokes the emotion of the people watching it.

Look Over Good Images

Images should be clear and display the love you want to show across the slideshow. You should be careful in its selection since you must show how your father has given his best in your growth. These images should fit the idea of the slideshow.

Make Use of Titles and Transitions

As a slideshow contains a set of images throughout the video, it should contain proper titles and transitions for the viewers to understand. The selection should be awe-inspiring, as the slideshow that you are about to make are extremely important and are not casual in any case.

Part 2: Best Father’s Day Songs for Slideshow

To make your Father’s Day slideshow interesting, you need to add up proper music that can perfectly depict the emotions. Look across these options for songs that you can use across your slideshow.

Godfather Festival – A Father’s Day Tribute Sad Emotional Piano Cinematic Dramatic Slow

This song is the perfect way to express emotions and evoke sad emotions in the viewers. If your slideshow content has the effectiveness, this instrumental piano song is a perfect portrayal of it. The song is a two-part emotional display that ends with a hopeful vibe.

Father's Lullaby – Heartful Theme

A thematic song that has the right heartful theme for the listeners. This song is a development of a simple orchestral piece that is very moving for people. With a different depiction of mood, it can be quite good on Father's Day.

Petit Maman – Cheerful Music

The song holds a collection of several instruments, which are combined to bring up cheerful melodies. Perfect music that can build up a good mood for the viewers. It shows a lot of utility for setting up a mood and melody for the slideshow.

Father In the Forest

Slideshows can be of many types. If your trend and theme depict a style of a movie, you can consider this song. A build-up of a guitar and orchestral music will surely look great across your Father’s Day slideshow.

God Knows

You can find this song perfect across motivational videos. A piece of music that inspires and motivates viewers, there are many use cases associated with this song. It can be perfect for slideshows to display motivational content about your father.

New Boy

This sound holds completeness in tune for a Father’s Day slideshow. You can consider this song if your video is based on inspiration, motivation, and success. These are some traits that define your father's journey in life perfectly.

Tropica Summer House

Another full-length song that holds great stature in inspiring and motivating users. If your father has had a journey full of rough days, which eventually turned into a success, you can surely use this song to show them the gratitude you have for being there for you at all times.

Home Town

If your slideshow is short and quick, this song will perfectly fit your requirements. Add this song to show your love for your father and the growth of your relationship with him.

Part 3: Best Father’s Day Images for Slideshow

In this part, we shall focus on some appropriate images that can be used across a Happy Father’s Day slideshow. Go through these images to know how you can perfectly create a slideshow for yourselves.

A Man Standing On A Beach Holding A Surfboard

A fatherly figure always leads from the front. In our childhood, whenever it came to teaching something about life, our fathers always were the ones that did it first for demonstration. This picture is just the right thing for you to show such an idea. It would surely look great across your Father’s Day slideshow.

father and son on beach

A Group Of Baseball Players Standing On Top Of A Field

This picture displays a father holding his son on his shoulders across a field. A picture says a lot about how a father takes care of his children's needs. This image can be used across the slideshow to explain to viewers how important your father's role was in your life.

son on father’s shoulder

A Man and A Woman Walking Down A Street

Your father has brought you up from a toddler to an adult. Throughout this period, he has sacrificed, loved, and taught you to become a good human. He has been with you when you started walking, and he has been with you when you were sick. This image speaks for itself, which can be perfect for a slideshow.

son and father walking

A Person Standing Next To A Body Of Water

This image brings meaning to your slideshow. If you are presenting something about your father, such images can be used perfectly for showing how he listened to all your requirements and took you wherever you wanted. This is surely a great image for your Father’s Day slideshow.

son and father near water

A Group Of People Sitting Around A Fire Hydrant In Front Of A Lake

It is always your father who takes you across the adventures of life. Being a child, the energy you have is always acknowledged by this figure. Not only this, but your father also makes sure that he is with you across all such journeys. For this, you can use this image to show gratitude to your father for being there for you.

father and son sitting near water

A Stack of Flyers On a Table

This image can be a perfect use for starting or ending your slideshow. If you want to show how great your father is, you need to build up momentum for it. This image surely brings that to you. You should definitely use this across the Happy Father’s Day slideshow.

best dad ever image

Part 4: How to Make a Happy Father’s Day Slideshow in Minutes?

Once you are aware of what makes a perfect Father’s Day slideshow, it is now time to understand how to make one in no time. Wondershare Filmora provides you with the perfect set of tools that can be essentially used to make a slideshow of your choice. If you are looking forward to making a slideshow to present love to your father, you should look at these steps in detail.

Step 1: Download and Launch Tool

You should download and install the latest version of Wondershare Filmora across your desktop. Once done, launch the tool.

launch filmora 11 editor

Step 2: Access Instant Mode

Select the “Instant Mode” option on the left-hand side of the window. You would be directed to a new window.

access instant mode

Step 3: Find Out the Appropriate Slideshow Template

On the new window, you will find the " Slideshow " option across the provided list of templates. Click on "See All" to lead into a detailed list of templates. From there, you need to navigate to the "Photo Memory Slides" template and select it to edit for your slideshow.

select photo memory slideshow

Step 4: Import Images for Slideshow

Once you have launched the template, click on “Import your media” and add at least five photos for your Father’s Day slideshow.

import your father’s day photos

Step 5: Auto Create Slideshow

After adding the images, click on “Auto Create” to automatically create a slideshow with the template and images.

auto create filmora slideshow

Step 6: Edit Necessary Elements

The automatically created slideshow appears on the new window. From there, you can add and edit the text of your choice. Along with that, you are also provided the option of changing the music of the slideshow according to your requirements.

edit your slideshow

Step 7: Export Edited Slideshow

After completing the edits, click on “Export” on the bottom-right section of the screen to save the slideshow on your desktop.

export your slideshow

Part 5. Best Examples for Father's Day Slideshow

This part comes up with some examples of slideshows that you can take inspiration from.

This video contains content about a father’s journey who has gone through a whole lot of difficulties to have their child stand at such a professional forum. It shows his excellent role in making their child’s journey successful.

father’s day slideshow 2019

This contains some exceptional examples of fathers who have been giving their best in making sure that their children get the best in this world. This video contains images of a lot of fathers who have been taking care of their children of all ages.

father’s day slideshow video

This Father’s Day slideshow is a collection of different images that have been taken with the idea of showing how a father gives their best in making the best haven for their child. We can see many exceptional images surrounded by good music that gives a great idea of how to make a slideshow.

father’s day slideshow 2020


This article has essentially covered the important steps to creating a free Father’s Day slideshow. After going through many samples of songs, pictures, and the steps to make one using Filmora, you would be aware of making a perfect slideshow for your father. Show your love to your father and thank them for their effort in making you a great person with a good Father’s Day slideshow.

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