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A Complete Guide to Use Instagram Video Chat

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Dec 17, 21, updated Jul 17, 24
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Instagram is a free photo and video-sharing social networking platform. Since its inception, Instagram has grown in popularity as a method to engage with brands, celebrities, thought leaders, friends, family, and more. The launch of Instagram's IGTv function was a great success, and the platform isn't stopping there. Soon later, in the summer of 2019, Instagram added a new feature: you may now video chat with one or more of your friends in direct messaging without having to leave Instagram. This innovation will help Instagram to retain its users on the platform for longer than before, obviating the need for third-party programs such as Skype and Facetime.

What Is The Most Important Information You Should Know About Instagram?

Instagram is a photo and video-sharing social networking platform with a smartphone app. You may create, modify, and share visual content so that your followers can interact with it through likes, comments

instgram video chat

When Is It Introduced?

Instagram is the most popular social networking platform in the world. It was a huge hit right away, with over a million users only two months after it went up. Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger created Instagram in San Francisco.

Instagram was started on October 6, 2010, and it grew almost instantly. From a small number of users, it quickly grew to become the most popular photography app, with 100,000 users in one week and one million in two months. According to Kevin Systrom, the software took only eight weeks to develop yet was the culmination of a year's worth of work. Facebook eventually purchased it for $1 billion in 2012. It now has over 600 million active users and continues to grow rapidly.

How Many People Can You Video Chat With?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, with millions of users regularly. Users can share their photos, stories, and other content with their followers on a private or public account. Like other social media programs such as Facebook Messenger and Microsoft Skype, Instagram allows users to video chat with one another. So that you may keep in touch with your friends, family, and teammates. The best part is that you don't need a phone number to make an Instagram video call; all you need is excellent Internet access. You can even invite someone to join a video chat that is already in progress.

Now, if you're wondering how many individuals you can video chat with, the answer is, Instagram allows you to video chat with up to 6 people.

Will Instagram Video Chat Show Your Face?

If you're in an Instagram Direct group discussion and there's an active Video Chat, the camera icon in the top-right corner of your thread will become blue. You only need to tap the camera icon to join in the fun! You can also talk for as long as you want on Video Chat because there is no time limit. Remember that when you minimize a Video Chat, you will be the only one who can see what's on your screen! And unless your pals also limit their chat, they'll be able to see your face as you browse.

You may wonder if you can turn off your camera on an Instagram video call. Those who want to use the features can find them at the bottom of their screens while doing an Instagram live. Users will mute the audio by tapping the microphone button or turning off the video camera by tapping the video camera button.

Will You Get Charged For Making A Video Call On Instagram?

Instagram is another of the best free international calling applications. Finally, you may use Instagram to make free audio or video chat with that person and have an uninterrupted conversation. Furthermore, you may minimize the video chat and multitask on Instagram, sending messages and photos in Direct, surfing your feed, creating a story, and more while on the video chat.

What Will Show On Your Phone When Somebody Calls You On Instagram?

When someone video calls you, you will receive notifications on your phone similar to regular ringing, and when you pick up or accept the call, they will be able to speak with you through video call.

You might be thinking, "How do I get Instagram video call notifications?" Go to your profile's gear icon and look under Push Notifications for the new video chat settings to update your video chat notifications.

How To Use Instagram Video Chat?

You can use video chat on Instagram by following this step-by-step guide. But, before you depart, keep in mind that Direct Messaging allows you to video chat with up to 6 people.

If you don't have access to video chat on Instagram, go to the App Store or Google Play Store and upgrade your app to the newest version. Follow the steps outlined below to start a video chat on Instagram.

Step 1: Go to your device's Instagram app.

Step 2: In Feed's top right corner, tap the Paper Airplane icon.

Step 3: Tap the Video Camera icon in the top right corner.

Step 4: Select persons from the list below or search for someone by tapping Search.

Step 5: The person or group you're calling will be notified that you've called.

Your screen will change to a video chat as soon as the recipient receives your video call. During a video chat, you cannot resize your screen to look at other things on your screen, but you can add someone to an ongoing video chat.

how to start instagram video chat

You may add someone to an ongoing Instagram video chat by following this step-by-step guide.

Step 1: To add someone to your video chat, press Add while in it.

Step 2: Tap Add next to their username in the list below or search for them if their username isn't listed.

You'll get a notification that you're calling the person you've added. A new Direct group topic will be opened once you've added a new participant. You can add people to Video chat by following the steps above; they will be added to this thread, but keep in mind that only 6 people can be in the video chat at the same time.

Remember that anyone who has sent you a direct message can video chat with you. You can simply ban or mute someone who is video chatting with you if you want to prevent them from doing so.

Things You Should Pay Attention To While Using Youtube Video Chat

  • Set up your gadget or camera so that it can see you clearly and unobstructedly. Sit as far away from (or as near to) the camera as possible. If you're using a different camera, situate it close to your screen, ideally at eye level, so that while you're looking at the screen, it appears as if you're looking at the person you're talking to.
  • Before you post personal information, think twice. This could contain things like where you reside, where you go to school, and your home address.
  • Protect your account information, and don't give out your password to anybody else. You will never be asked for your password by a YouTube employee. Don't be deceived if someone claims to be from YouTube and contacts you.
  • First and foremost, obtain authorization. Before shooting or posting other people's personal information, get their permission first.
  • Gor a list of tools to manage your content and experience on the site, go to the Privacy and Safety Settings page.
  • Take a look at some of the best practices for keeping your Google Account safe.
  • Google account security is improved so, Keep your accounts safe.


Making an Instagram video chat allows you to experiment with new ways to remain in touch with your friends while using the app. While Instagram video chats aren't likely to replace WhatsApp or FaceTime, they are a terrific way to remain in touch with friends while reading through your Instagram feed. We expect businesses to experiment with using video chat to communicate with customers as Instagram develops. It can undoubtedly become a new approach to communicating with your followers to keep them involved and satisfied with your services.

Keep in mind that anyone who has sent you a direct message can video chat with you. You can easily block or mute someone who is video chatting with you to prevent them from doing so. Video conferencing is ideal for groups. You can video chat with your buddies for as long as you want if you have a good internet connection. Simply tap the red phone icon at the bottom of the screen to exit the video conversation.

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