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Guide On How to Understand YouTube Analytics in Depth

Josh Morgan

It’s important to be able to analyze the YouTube video to understand audience needs and create better content. Below is the guide you can follow to make it happen.

Key Steps of This Video Tutorial To Follow

00:23 Look at The YouTube Video Overview

Go to the “YouTube Studio” and then to the “Overview” of your analytics. Your views and watch time are the first thing YouTube watches when monetizing your channel. The more people watch your videos, the more recommendations you will get on the home page. This gives you a basic overview of the video.

a general overview of youtube statistics
01:02 Analyze Your Video Content in Depth

To understand more about your audience requirements, click on the “Content” option. Here, you will see a more detailed analysis of your video with views, impressions, impressions, click-through rate, and average view duration. The impressions show how many people saw your video in the suggestions, and the click-through rate shows how many of them watched it through the suggestions.

check video content analysis

The average view duration shows how long an average viewer watches your video. This is however another necessary point to focus on. You should want the audience to watch your video for a long time. That's when you know they're interested in your content.

01:55 Analyze What Videos Are Getting the Most Engagement

When you scroll down to the content analysis, you will see the topics and videos that are getting the most attention. Look at what topics caught the audience's interest and work on it. Your engagement will automatically increase when you focus on the topics that more viewers are watching.

analyze audience interest from top videos
02:17 Look How Audiences Are Finding Your Videos

Scroll down even further to see how your viewers come across your video. It can be through YouTube search, external sources, video suggestions, browsing features, or some other direct or unknown way. This insight will tell you how viewers approach you so you can work more on that strategy.

analyze your viewer choice
03:01 Post Videos Based on Audience Availability

The time you post videos is more important than you would think. If you take an in-depth look at your YouTube channel insights, you will find the time your audience is mostly available.

The most active time frame is coloured light purple, and the rest is dark, depending on the audience's availability. When you post a video at a time your audience is active, your video will immediately come on their home screen or in their suggested video.

track viewers time
03:31 Gender and Subtitle Analysis

If you go even further, you will see what gender and age of the audience are more interested in your content.

analyze gender and age of audience

On the right side, you will see language analysis showing how many audiences are using subtitles and which language they prefer the most.

analyze subtitle value
03:53 Generate Interactive Thumbnails and Introductions

Creating interactive thumbnails can increase click-through rates, so you should work on producing a thumbnail most likely to get the viewers' attention. Furthermore, catchy introductions will make them stay longer on your videos, increasing your watch time.


Understanding the insights of your video is crucial if you want to become a successful YouTuber. These insights can help you do a better job. This guide has the best tips for you to increase your YouTube channel's overall engagement.

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