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Guide to Seamless Voiceovers and Narration Using Filmora

Josh Morgan

When you look forward to improving your video content using voiceovers, you might find it difficult to execute. Provided below is a guide explaining how to record a voiceover or narration:

Key Steps of This Video Tutorial To Follow

01:50 Recording a Your Voiceover

Along with many functionalities, Filmora allows you to record your voiceover. To start recording, navigate toward the "File" tab at the upper toolbar, and from the dropdown menu, choose "Record Media." An expansion menu will appear; select the "Record Voiceover" option from there.

access the audio recorder

Accessing the voiceover option will feature the Record Audio window on your screen. After setting preferences on this window, press the Recorder button and start recording through your microphone after the countdown.

enable the voiceover recording
02:37 Editing the Voiceover

After recording a voiceover, you can edit it by making a few pauses, as they will add an elegant touch to your audio. Doing this will add a flow to your video and will not look rushed. You can do this by using the playhead and scissor icons to cut between narration lines.

make suitable cuts
03:15 Enhancing the Audio Quality

The cuts that you have created can be removed manually, or you can use Filmora's Silence Detection AI to do so. For this, navigate towards the timeline toolbar and select the "Silence Detection" option.

enable silence detection

Once you enable silence detection, a window will appear where you can remove all the silent and unnecessary pauses from your audio. After the process completes, you can export this clip to the timeline to edit further and export.

add audio to the timeline after editing

Upon going through this guide, you are aware of how simple audio editing and enhancing techniques can enhance the overall video. Voiceovers are especially useful when you are selling a product, as good communication and narration abilities captivate the audience's attention. If you want to create marketing videos or content with powerful video voiceovers, Wondershare Filmora is here for you.

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