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LinkedIn Live: The Most Detailed Guide

Richard Bennett
Richard Bennett
Originally published Dec 30, 21, updated Feb 29, 24
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Like most social media platforms, LinkedIn also rolled out the Live feature in February 2019 for individual users. It then became available to business pages barely a year later. Live video LinkedIn lets you stream live videos in real-time to your audience. However, this feature can't be utilized for selling or promoting your offer during a stream.

More so, you must have at least 150 connections and have previously shared some original posts on LinkedIn. But all the same, this feature is powerful when it comes to engaging your followers in real-time, managing to iron out any queries or concerns they may have about your content.

linkedin live

To come out with LinkedIn Live?

You can use LinkedIn Live to engage your audience and promote your brand.

  • Be strategic.
    You can achieve more results when you are strategic about the whole idea. Take enough time to generate ideas and push your brand to a high level. Also, make sure that you create perfect videos that educate and attract viewers.
  • Engage in real-time.
    That’s the goodness of live videos. Ensure you respond in real-time as you try to tackle any questions or comments. That will increase the level of trust and show expertise in your work. It will also increase the level of trust from your audience.
  • Educate your audience.
    Besides airing your content, let your audience learn a few tips from your posts. Concentrate on live videos that educate your audience. You'll, in turn, solve problems and probably attract more viewers to follow your brand.
  • Build a lasting conversation in your video.
    The conversion should not end when you aren’t alive. Make it easy for viewers to come back for more solutions. You can include a call to action to ask viewers what they think of the video and whether it needs improvement.

What are the requirements for being a LinkedIn Live broadcaster?

You have to fulfill some requirements to be a LinkedIn Live broadcaster.

  1. Be approved
    Check if you are active on LinkedIn and have a large following. You need recent activity sharing original content such as images, published articles, and other posts.
  2. Participate in other LinkedIn live streams
    It is wise to participate in others' posts before you decide to go live. Just check your network for those who have gone live and join the conversation.
  3. Abide by Professional Community Policies
    Follow the rules and policies that govern the use of LinkedIn videos to qualify as a live broadcaster.
  4. Live stream on other platforms
    Just don't dwell on LinkedIn; you ought to be on other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Besides, you should have published some live video content on these platforms. That's the sure way for LinkedIn administrators to trust that you can pull it off on LinkedIn as well.

ecoming a LinkedIn Live broadcaster

Here are the steps you need to follow for a live video on LinkedIn.

1. Set up your page on LinkedIn

As a LinkedIn live broadcaster, you must first set up a LinkedIn account. LinkedIn supports streaming from either your profile or from a page. For a personal profile account, add different information about your personal and professional experience. Meanwhile, to stream from a page requires you to create your page. Go to the "Work" section and choose the "Create a Company Page" option. Then fill in the needed information about your company.

how to live on linkedin

2. Review of live video access criteria

Now check that you fully meet the required qualifications to stream on LinkedIn Live. First, check that your page has more than 150 followers or connections. Secondly, you need experience creating original content on LinkedIn, such as posts, videos, images, etc. Your professional experience on LinkedIn matters, according to the Professional Community Policies. If you qualify, then you are capable of using LinkedIn Live Content.

review linkedin live video criteria

3. Submit application

The next phase is to submit your application. To do so, submit an alternate email and specify whether you are streaming as a member or a page. Then paste the URL of your profile. Likewise, see to it that the activity section of your profile is set to "Public" and that two-factor authentication is also enabled.

4. Settle on a streaming solution

Wait for your application to be accepted. You’ll then have access to LinkedIn Live. Remember, LinkedIn will need the support of a streaming solution. You can settle on their preferred partners like StreamYard or Vimeo, among many others of your choice.

5. Configure the broadcaster settings

Once your application is accepted, you can go ahead and configure your broadcaster settings. Just follow the prompt setup instructions.

configure linkedin livestream setting

6. Go live to stream

Finally, you can go live streaming once your settings are properly in place.

What Are the Advantages of Being a LinkedIn Live Broadcaster?

Technological advances are on the rise, and being able to engage with your consumers online is a great achievement. Live LinkedIn video is an effective way to disseminate information and elicit real-time responses from viewers. Here is what you achieve when you use this marketing feature.

• Your audience will appreciate your effort.

As compared to other content and posts, live streaming carries the day. It directly engages your audience and puts your content immediately in their news feed through notifications. Your audience will appreciate your effort and pay more attention to the live stream compared to watching a video.

• Understand your devoted fan base.

Going live-stream will help you connect with the audience that cares about you. You’ll manage to capture their attention as you respond to real-time comments and see their reactions. This is a direct way to analyze your performance and also learn about what your audience likes. You’ll instantly know if you've met the audience’s expectations or not.

• Your LinkedIn live will be available for a longer time.

Your LinkedIn live doesn’t disappear immediately after you end the show. Hence, it stays on your feed, and hence, your followers can still see it even after your broadcast. It even becomes easy for you to share it with those who missed your event. Furthermore, you can check back and review the areas that you didn’t perform well in and probably improve on them next time.

• It is easy to set up.

You don’t require tons of equipment to set up your platform. In addition to your mobile phone or computer with a camera, you just need a good light source and a mic. Then you can use them without any additional technical knowledge. It’s quick and works instantly. But remember to tag guests and ask for audience input as you set up your platform.

• It boosts event registration.

Use live video from the LinkedIn brand to do other advertisements as well. The brand can post about several sessions at one event as long as it engages the audience.

What Is the Difference Between LinkedIn Live, TikTok Live, and YouTube Live?

Linkedin Live

This is an exclusive tool for streaming LinkedIn videos live to an audience on Linkedin. It opened its doors for usage in February 2019 and has so far been a dedicated platform for driving engagement with audiences. Because it combines the power of live-streaming and LinkedIn, it lets you talk to your professional network and other audiences in real-time. It promotes activities such as hosting live events, conducting interviews, selling products, sharing expertise, among others.

LinkedIn Live

TikTok Live

The TikTok platform harbors about 800 million active users. It launched the live feature in 2019, in which content creators do live-streaming of their videos from the platform. The feature is a gem that ensures real-time conversations with content creators and their followers. With TikTok Live, users can easily discover live streams via the "For You" page. Additionally, they can follow the creators and keep updated with all the upcoming and posted streams.

TikTok Live

YouTube Live

With YouTube live streaming, you can host a live charity event, a press conference, discuss any content with viewers, and even form new social communities with your followers. You just need to confirm that you have no live-stream restrictions and that your YouTube channel is also verified. YouTube offers you three options to start live streaming; you can use the "Stream now" option, "Events" or start a live video on your "Mobile".


● Live-streaming is rapidly gaining popularity among online users. You can broadcast anything in real-time and connect with your followers for prompt response and engagement. What gives live-streaming an upper hand is being in the moment and interacting with your audience. From YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, and Linkedin Live, the choices are endless. However, the live LinkedIn video gives an open ground for business and professional engagement as compared to other streaming platforms. For a greater impact, ensure you have complied with the site’s policies.