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An Easy Guide for How to Add Photos on Instagram

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Jul 28, 22, updated Jul 18, 24

Are you bothered about how to add photos on Instagram? Don’t worry; we have got you covered! Instagram is a platform that makes sharing pictures easy. You can upload photos and share them with the people you care about most.

But one thing stands in the way of how you can use Instagram like an expert. You need to know how to add photos to Instagram posts. This article will outline the steps to take to upload photos on Instagram.

In this article
  1. Steps to add photos on Instagram
    1. Use a Selfie App
    2. Use a Filter App
    3. Overlay photo/Add stickers
    4. Add Border or Frame to Photos
  2. FAQ

Part 1. Steps to add photos on Instagram

Utilize Layout

You must utilize the layout option to add photos to Instagram posts. You have various collage options to pick from when using the Layout tool.

In addition, it is straightforward to use. The advantage is that you may upload a picture straight away or choose one from your phone's gallery.

Step1 Add photos to Instagram posts by swiping right to open Story on your Instagram home page. As demonstrated below, press the tiny arrow on the left.

add photos to instagram

Step2 Next thing to do to add photos to Instagram posts is to select Layout from the list, then select Change Grid. Choose the grid you choose.

select layout from list

Step3 The next thing is to upload photos To choose pictures from your phone's gallery, click on the photo icon in the lower-left corner.

Step4 Simply hit the Tick button in the center once you're finished.

hit tick button

Part 2. Useful Methods to Grace Your Instagram

Whether you're looking to switch up your Instagram game or get a fresh look, there's no doubt the best way to do this is by adding some flair and uniqueness.

It takes effort, preparation, and creative vision to create a stunning Instagram feed and make your Instagram stand out. Some tools can assist in making your Instagram posts stand out.

Use a Selfie App

Make your Instagram stand out by using a selfie app. Using a selfie app will add glamour when you want to add photos to your Instagram.

1. Facetune

Facetune is an easy-to-use program that will enhance your appearance in every selfie you take and make your Instagram stand out. With the app Reshape tool, you can alter your jawline somewhat, the shape of your nose, and even the appearance of your entire face.


With the Vivid Makeup option, you may add color to your lips and eyeshadow, and you can emphasize these features even more by using photo-editing capabilities like background blur and customized effects.

Download: Facetune for Android (Contains ads, In-app purchases) | iPhone (Free, Offers In-App Purchases)

2. TouchRetouch

Photos often contain a lot of unwanted objects and persons that can't be easily removed, but the TouchRetouch app makes the removal of literally anything look easy.


What's more, it doesn't even require you to be too precise when designating the element in the photo you want to remove.

Download: TouchRetouch for Android (Contains ads, In-app purchases) | iPhone (Free, Offers In-App Purchases)

Use a Filter App

You can make your photos stand out by using a filter. Filters make your photos clearer; on top of that, filters offer another level of control over your images regarding how they look, which is why many people use them across social media. Below are some filter apps you can check out.


Vsco is an app you make use of to filter your photo. The app has capabilities for altering both photos and videos. Although options and a premium membership are available to buy, the free mode will be helpful for most people in an emergency.

It features several editing tools and a preset library for users who want to let the program handle the work for them.


Download: VSCO for Android (In-app purchases) | iPhone (Free, Offers In-App Purchases)

2. Picstich

Even though Pistich is used more frequently to make photo collages for Instagram feeds, the app offers a lot of filters that can be used for editing.


The app offers a range of layouts and allows customers to design their own as well. After making their collage, users can add various filters, making it simple to crop photographs to fit in the appropriate space.

Download: Picstich for Android (In-app purchases) | iPhone (Free, Offers In-App Purchases)

Overlay photo/Add stickers

Overlaying photos and adding stickers transforms your photos into something beautiful and creative. There are numerous apps that you can utilize in doing so. Let’s take a look at them

1. Picsa

The benefits of this APP include high-quality templates and all the options for adjusting sizes and making minor tweaks.


You are allowed to use as many frames as you want. This app's free content consists of over a hundred templates.

Download: Picsa for Android (In-app purchases) | iPhone (Free, Offers In-App Purchases)

2. Photo Sticker

The Photo Sticker app is ideal for adding stickers to Instagram photos. With this app, you have the option of creating your own stickers or using pre-made sticker templates.

photo sticker

Users of the app may then drag and drop those stickers onto photos—whether they were taken using the built-in camera or ones that were pulled from the photo library. Stickers can be rotated, scaled, or moved by users.

Download: Photo Sticker for Android | iPhone (Free)

Add Border or Frame to Photos

Adding a border/ frame to a photo makes your Instagram more beautiful and attractive. It is not a big deal, it is just a simple thing, but it makes your Instagram look like a magazine. There are numerous apps that can make that possible.

1. PicStich Stitch

Add border/frame to your photos with the use of PicStich app. PicStitch is an app that offers layout and college options for your Instagram photo. The app has over 32 unique layouts and some excellent filter and editing options.

picstich stich

The interesting part is that it is completely free and easy to use. You can download the app on iPhone and Android.


Can I add more photos or videos to an existing Instagram post?

No, you can't add more posts to an existing Instagram post. Instead, you can simultaneously upload more than one video/ picture (up to 10), as we have stated in this article.


You have learned how to add photos on Instagram in this post. Instagram has become the go-to social network for most people over the past few years. As such, it's a great place for brands to upload photos, posts, and updates that millions can view daily.

To get your content seen by the largest number of people, you should leverage the power of the tools listed above.

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Free Download
Liza Brown
Liza Brown Jul 18, 24
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