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Best Academy for Storytellers – [Top 8 Recommendations]

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Feb 09, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

To be a good storyteller, you need to have the right coaching.

storyteller academy overview picture

The art of storytelling is so crucial to your success that you can't neglect its shortcomings. Whether you're landing a new job or creating content that inspires people, a good story can truly transform your output. Unfortunately, learning this process can take quite a bit of time as resources to understand it are not that readily available.

However, there are some great online academies that could bring your storytelling to a whole new level. Today we are going to go through some of the popular ones so, in the end, you can decide which storyteller academy to enroll in. Each of them tackles storytelling in its own way, so you always have an option.

So, without wasting much time, let's get straight into the topic!

In this article
  1. Part I. Does Storytelling Matter?
  2. Part II. The (8) Best Academies to Become a Storyteller
    1. STORYTELLER ACADEMY - To Write Children's Books
    2. ACADEMY OF STORYTELLERS - For Filmmakers
    3. Pixar in a Box – For Animators & Artists
    4. Udemy - For Part-time Learners
    5. LinkedIn – For Short Courses On Storytelling
    6. MasterClass – For Professionals
    7. Acumen Academy – For Oral Communication
    8. Business Storytelling Academy – For Corporate Personnel
  3. Part III. Get Started With Storytelling Through these Amazing Tools

Part I. Does Storytelling Matter?

The most important soft skill a person could have in his life is storytelling. If you could include amazing stories in your discussion, then no matter in the field, your words will connect and even, in many cases, inspire others. These days our attention is divided into many forms, so it is not always easy to share ideas or influence others. However, if you know how to tell stories, then people will listen.

Let's suppose that you're informing your friends or family members about a hike that you did last summer. In this case, if you only told them about the raw details, then it's more likely that they won't be much interested.

When you put this information in a story's context and apply its rules 9/10 times, your details will be more engaging. So, yes, storytelling is a game-changer in any situation.

Part II. The (8) Best Academies to Become a Storyteller

With that out of the way, let's take a look at some well-known storytelling platforms and learn what makes them the best. These are under as:

1) STORYTELLER ACADEMY - To Write Children's Books

storytelling academy main image

Storytellers Academy is a popular online coaching institute that teaches you how you can create some amazing stories without much of a hustle. Their coaching platform is dedicated to amateur writers who are looking to learn the art behind children's content. With Storyteller Academy, you will be able to write some excellent children's books with a story behind them.

Everything at Storytellers Academy is streamlined, and you can fully control your learning curve. They have acquired professional grade teachers who have previous experience in the niche. This means that your storytelling techniques will be polished as you gain experience. 


  • $75 for Pro package ($750 annually) & $25 for basic plan ($250 annually)

Best for

  • Aspiring children's book writers


  • Crafting a strong beginning, Crafting picture-book stories, Making comics, Writing early readers, and so on.
Course Name Crafting a Strong Beginning
Brief Intro Guides you through writing the start of a picture book
Teacher Marcie Colleeen
Price $ 25 / month
Reviews ---------------


overview image of academy of storytellers

If you are an aspiring filmmaker who is looking to improve their craft in storytelling, then the Academy of Storytellers is the right way to start. They are another leading coaching platform that helps you understand story narration's importance in your video content. No matter your background or experience, you will definitely gain from their well-sought-out courses.

Their content is put together by industry leaders who know what works best. With their help, you can learn multiple viewpoints and philosophies in filmmaking and gain experience along the way. So, join the academy of storytellers and get ahead of the curve.


  • Free + Paid ($549) membership

Best for

  • Independent filmmakers, editors, or production company


  • Storytelling Fundamentals, Starting and growing a podcast, Narrative filmmaking
Course Name Narrative Filmmaking
Brief Intro A course where you can learn how to tell better stories while filming
Teacher Ryan Booth
Price Free or Paid membership
Reviews "The Academy has truly helped me move outside my comfort zone" - Corinne Maunder.

3) Pixar in a Box - For Animators & Artists

storytelling academy recommendation for animators

Pixar in a Box is a collaborative initiative of Pixar with Khan Academy. It allows individuals a platform where they can learn animation, simulation, character modeling, storytelling, and lightning effects all in one place.

Every course is tailored to individual needs so that you can learn at your own pace. Pixar in a Box will also introduce you to some of the fundamental concepts behind movie making in Pixar so you can land your dream job in any animation studio.


  • Completely free

Best for

  • Story artists or aspiring animators


  • The art of lightning, Simulation, Virtual cameras, The art of Storytelling, and much more.
Course Name The art of Storytelling
Brief Intro Learn about story narration in animated movie making
Teacher Pete Doctor
Price Free
Reviews ---------------

4) Udemy - For Part-time Learners

storytellers academy alternative

Udemy is a tried and trusted platform where users can learn multiple courses and enhance their skills at their speed. They offer a plethora of storytelling courses as well, which is ideal for those who are just starting out and professional employees. Each class is designed to be user-specific, so you can start your next gig without any hurdles.


  • $15 per course

Best for

  • Underemployed or part-time students


  • Storytelling to influence, The complete storytelling course for speaking and presenting, The story course - Storytelling masterclass, etc
Course Name Storytelling to Influence
Brief Intro Learn to add stories to your communication
Teacher Jeff Tan
Price $13.99
Reviews "Easy to understand courses under the right duration" Jessica B.

5)  LinkedIn - For Short Courses On Storytelling

academy of storyteller competitor

LinkedIn is a communication and employment discovery platform, but it offers a couple of well-picked courses that everyone should definitely give a try. One such program is storytelling which gives beginners a platform to hone this soft skill. Whether you want to incorporate a story into your writing or create a well-narrated presentation, there will be an option for you.


  • Free + Premium subscription at $29.99/month

Best for

  • Writers, Marketers & General audience


  • Shane Snow on Storytelling, Creating a short film, The art of storytelling, and much more.
Course Name Shane Snow on Storytelling
Brief Intro Like storytellers academy, the key emphasis of this program is to tell you the basic principles behind storytelling.
Teacher Shane Snow
Price Free of cost
Reviews "I can relate a lot to what he says" - Anne Mawatha.

6) MasterClass - For Professionals

master class enrollment website

MasterClass is a place where industry leaders (celebrities) come together to teach you the ins and outs of many skills. These professionals have a well-sought-out background, so you can trust their teaching procedure. This platform was initially created for filmmakers and photographers but soon became a hub of modern-day writers and storytellers. Although their courses are paid, that's to be expected from the experience they share.


  • $180 on annual membership ($15 per month)

Best for

  • Professional producers, project managers, and business personals


  • Storytelling with light, The importance of oral storytelling, Drawing from storytelling traditions, and many more.
Course Name Discover the Art of Storytelling in Literature/Fiction
Brief Intro Learn how to communicate that influence and master storytelling
Teacher Neil Gaiman
Price $15/month
Reviews ---------------

7)  Acumen Academy - For Oral Communication

free storytelling recommendation platform

Acumen Academy is a non-profit organization that plans on building a community of social innovators. They offer a bunch of soft skills which everyone can opt for and enhance their public speaking or become a well-rounded individual in society. The courses at Acumen Academy usually range from a few hours to some weeks with on-demand access. Unlike the academy of storytellers, their enrolments are free of charge.


  • Free of cost

Best for

  • Every type of individual (both beginners & professionals)


  • Social entrepreneurship 101, Chris Anderson on public speaking, Storytelling for change, etc.
Course Name Storytelling for Change
Brief Intro Best for public communication and story narration
Teacher Greta Cowan
Price Free
Reviews "I'm thrilled to have completed Storytelling for Change. It eliminated my fear of public speaking" - Nicky.

8) Business Storytelling Academy - For Corporate Personnel

storytelling academy for marketers

The final program on our list is from Business Story Academy. This institute specializes in providing engaging lessons on the technique of storytelling so you can excel in your work-space. Once you enroll in their courses, you will be greeted with easy-to-understand concepts and decent pacing. You can choose your schedule and learn story narration on the go. Besides, some of their packages are flexible for those on a budget.


  • $140-215, depending on the course

Best for

  • Business professionals, marketers, corporate employees, etc


  • Their two well-known courses are the Business storytelling foundation course & Be a presenter.
Course Name Business Storytelling Foundation Course
Brief Intro Bring storytelling and business practices to the same table with this course.
Teacher Chris Hewitt
Price $215
Reviews "Great introduction to storytelling" - Rob Hardwick

Part III. Get Started With Storytelling Through these Amazing Tools

Understanding storytelling is a long process, one that requires quite a lot of trial and error. Even if you enroll in a storyteller academy, read books about it or attend a workshop, taking the first step is always difficult. That's why we bring you the top three storytelling resources to help you create captivating stories right off the bat. These include:

1) Filmora - A Versatile Video Maker

Wondershare Filmora is a powerful video and audio encoder to make and edit internet content. It's available on all major operating systems so compatibility won't be much of an issue. Above all, Filmora offers freemium subscription plans with a cancel-anytime policy for its new and former customers.

Everything is available with a drag-and-drop layout, so beginners won't find it overwhelming. With this tool, you should be able to implement your story narration techniques and get ahead in the industry.

Free Download
Free Download


  • Speech-to-text functionality
  • Split-screen availability
  • Auto-reframe enabled
  • Beginner-friendly layout
  • Cheapest monthly subscription plans
  • Tons of stock media & preset templates

2) Visage - A Graphics Creator

storytelling training for leaders

Visage is another visual design software that has the potential to help creators of all kinds. With this tool, you could pitch your storytelling ideas to a potential audience and gain appreciation in any form. Visage is also an ideal pick for those looking to design children's books but feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of graphic tools in the market. It isn't that complicated, so that beginners will find it to their liking.


  • Allows you to set multiple presets
  • Clean-looking main screen
  • Suitable for short edits
  • It can add layers to objects
  • Google sheet incorporation
  • Automatic resizing tool

3) Canva - Best Online Editor

best storytelling editing tool

Canva is an all-in-one tool that you can use to create some amazing visual content. Whether you want to prepare brand logos or edit short clips representing your story, Canva is the way to go. Their simple layout and dozens of onboard features make them perfect for any visual design. They even have pre-made templates, most of which can be used without paying a single penny.


  • Built-in image enhancer to give your stories a new outlook
  • Text-to-image conversion support
  • Dozens of different animation effects
  • PDF convertible files
  • Video & audio trim access
  • Variety in terms of design grids
  • No installation


In conclusion, these were some of our recommendations for storyteller academies. No matter what course you choose, it ultimately boils down to your personal needs and future goals. If you want to pursue story narration professionally, then there is no better place than the Academy of Storytellers. On the other hand, if budget is a concern, then even LinkedIn lessons will suffice. Just make sure to pick yourself a content editor such as Filmora before you start your story narration journey!

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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