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Create Meme with Adobe

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Aug 02, 22, updated Jul 18, 24

Memes are a common, well-known, and succinct way to communicate various ideas to the globe on social media. Memes are typically images that refer to a particular notion. They are frequently used for humor, mocking, and ultimately: entertainment. Because one of the largest industries in the world today is entertainment. It has many different departments. In this particular article, "picture/video" information is viewed as a type of entertainment. Nowadays, practically everyone who is familiar with the internet and social media uses the term "meme."

Adobe has been making tons of tools for data processing, storing and using. These tools can be used as modern-day meme generators. Using these tools, we can be to make a photoshop meme or adobe meme. Adobe Valorant Meme is quite famous these days where an animation aspect is added to the memes. Adobe can be made use of in order to create after effects memes and also for making premiere pro memes. As under, a few methods of meme creation using Adobe applications are discussed.

In this article
  1. Meme Making using Adobe Express
  2. Using Photoshop for Meme Making
  3. Create Meme with After Effects
  4. Using Adobe Premiere Pro to Create Meme
  5. Adobe Alternative to Create Memes - Filmora

Part 1: Meme Making using Adobe Express

The task-based, unified, and online mobile app Adobe Express (formerly known as Adobe Spark) was created by Adobe Inc. Adobe Express uses drag and drop to make it simple for users to create tunning multimedia content by starting with hundreds of famous templates. It allows users to produce a variety of things, including social network posts, articles, invitations, and marketing materials like flyers, banners, and logos. You may create your own memes for any occasion using the Adobe Express meme maker.

It helps you make your meme unique with free photos, fonts, and other elements. It couldn't be easier to make memes with Adobe Express. You can give your meme a header to start. Then, changing the appearance of the text and adding backdrops to your meme to give it the appearance you desire. Adobe Express along with your creativity is all that you require to make your next popular meme.

open adobe express

Steps to Use Adobe Express as Meme Maker:

Step1 Initially, you can search for meme in the task bar. After you click on it, you will see a side window with a number of templates for the meme design. You can select the desired template.

create new project adobe express

Step2 Any desired design can be made on the meme and text can be written on any part of the template. You can also upload your own template design.

select a size adobe express

Step3 There are a number of actions that can be applied on the template, in the image below you can see taskbars on both the sides of the window. After you are done and satisfied with the design; you can save the project and download it for yourself.

video templates adobe express

Step4 Even if you do not download it, it will be stored in the Adobe cloud and you can retrieve it anywhere using your email login.

Part 2: Using Photoshop for Meme Making

Adobe Photoshop was created as a graphic manipulator and modifier; and released by Adobe Inc. for Windows and macOS. Since the release, the program has progressed into an industry standard for editing images, videos as well as all forms of digital art. Adobe Photoshop supports masks, alpha compositing, and a variety of color models, including RGB, CMYK, CIELAB, spot color, and duotone. It can also edit and compose pictures and add multiple layers to it.

To accommodate these functionalities, Photoshop uses special formats of PSD and PSB file. Photoshop has limited capabilities for editing or rendering text, vector graphics (particularly using clipping path for the latter), 3D graphics, and video in addition to make images. Along with all other incredible functions photoshop can perform, it can be easily used as a meme maker.

photoshop meme maker

Steps to Use Adobe Photoshop as Meme Maker

Step1 Launch a new Photoshop project. Set your image's dimensions to any appropriate size to provide for enough room, preferably 700 x 700 pixels for memes, especially. By pressing Ctrl+I, reverse the background into the black.

open new docs ps

Step2 Download the image you want to use and drag it onto the Photoshop workspace. Select your image in the layer panel after that, then adjust the image's size to fit in the appropriate location. Create the text and place it above the picture. Use the Duplicate Layer option to duplicate the top text rather than writing the bottom content.

drag image to workplace ps

Step3 The meme can then be enhanced by applying different actions after selection. Any layer can be accessed. By double clicking on a specific layer, you can select blending parameters like outer glow, stroke, drop shadow, etc.

Step4 Finally, save the meme. Go to file and choose "save". Select any extension you want and save.

Part 3: Create Meme with After Effects

Adobe After Effects is normally used for staging of a film, video game, and television production. The key objectives behind making after effects were to make a motion graphics, digital visual effects, and compositing technology. Keying, tracking, compositing, and animation are some of the tasks that can be performed with the help of After Effects. A basic media transcoder, non-linear editor and audio editor are also included in its list of capabilities.

create meme in after effects

Steps to Use Adobe After Effects as Meme Maker

Step1 Open a brand-new After Effects document. And set your image's dimensions to any suitable size, preferably 700 by 700 pixels (for memes), to have enough space. In the image below, the file has been selected.

set image after effects

Step2 If you want to adjust the size of the background layer, you can unlock it by clicking twice. Drag the desired image onto the After Effects workspace, after uploading it.

Step3 Select your image in the layer panel and then change its size to fit in the required spot. Write the text for the top of the image. Instead of typing the bottom content, use the Duplicate Layer option to duplicate the top text and then change it, as required.

change image size ae

Step4 After embellishments, you can save the file in your desired extension: By clicking on the file button and saving it.

save meme file ae

Part 4: Using Adobe Premiere Pro to Create Meme

Adobe Premiere Pro, created by Adobe Inc. is a non-linear video editing product having a timeline working space for the assistance of the user. It was released as a part of the Adobe Creative Cloud licensing scheme. Adobe Premiere Pro is the replacement for Adobe Premiere. All typical video editing functions required to create broadcast-quality, high-definition video can be completed with Premiere Pro.

It can be used to generate new or edited versions of videos, that can be exported as a specific format required for distribution. It can also be used to import video, audio, and images. Various films, photos, and audio files can be put together to create videos using Premiere Pro. Videos can have titles and motion graphics added to them, and filters and other effects can also be used.

create meme adobe premiere

Steps to Use Adobe Premiere Pro as Meme Maker:

Step1 By clicking on ‘project’, launch a new Premiere Pro project Set the dimensions of your image to a reasonable size.

launch new project pr

Step2 After downloading the selected image, drag it onto the Premiere pro workspace. After choosing your image in the layer panel, adjust its size to make it fit in the designated area.

adjust image premiere

Step3 Create the project by clicking on ‘create’ which will complete the work.

start creating meme premiere

Part 5: Adobe Alternative to Create Memes - Filmora

An application software compatible with both MAC and Windows is Wondershare's Filmora. it is a well-known and comprehensive video editor. Designed under the guidance of professional video makers. With the help of this technology, we can easily create memes and excel in the entertainment industry. Its interface is incredibly user-friendly, and the instructions are simple to follow.

You have the option of pasting a link or uploading an image, GIF, or video from your computer. 50MB is the maximum meme size. After selecting the media file, you can enter the text you wish to appear in your meme video, GIF, or image. The text's font, color, size, and position are all easily editable. The file can be exported in a wide range of extensions.

Free Download
Free Download

Steps to Use Filmora as Meme Maker

To start using Filmora, the good thing is that this software is free and compatible with both Windows and Mac is its strongest feature. It offers a wide range of versatility: from the most basic editing and cutting to screen detection, auto crop, fisheye correction. This tool can help you connect with your audience more effectively. Here is how to begin using it.

Step1 Open the Filmora meme maker on your browser. Drag or upload your file on the center box as shown here:

open filmora meme maker

Step2 Add your desired text and put it in the right position.

add desired text

Step3 Complete your meme and download it.

complete meme and download it

The Bottom Line

There are a number of different tools available on internet for meme making. And from this article, it is clear that they are quite easily available. Adobe has been the uncrowned king of media applications. All the adobe tools which were mentioned in this article are very meticulously crafted, each tool has its own extensive detail and requires good practice to understand it. Because of this vast functionality and very detailed setting, Adobe tools are difficult to use at first but with practice they prove to be the best of all. But for a quick job or a first timer, Filmora is much simpler and easier to work with.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Jul 18, 24
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