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Imgur meme generator

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Aug 02, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

Memes are the photos or videos that are posted through social media handles for fun and entertainment. They have been a constant attraction for netizens across the world and in recent times their popularity has risen a lot. Also, with such a constant demand for trendy memes across social media, the applications used to generate memes are also in high demand. Imgur meme generator is one such meme-creating platform that is very easy to use and has all the trending as well as famous meme templates.

These templates are ready to use and they can be edited as per the preference of the users. Another thing that sets Imgur apart from other similar meme-generating platforms is that it provides free texts and fonts as well as meme tracks to add to the meme instantly.

In this article
  1. Part 1. How to create a meme with Imgur online?
  2. Part 2. How to use Imgur on iPhone and iPad?
  3. Part 3. Create Meme with Imgur on Android
  4. Part 4. Imgur Alternative for Computer

Part 1. How to create a meme with Imgur online?

Often the meme creators are required to generate memes instantaneously with a new trend and in such situations, installing a meme generator on the device and then editing and creating a meme is very ineffective. To solve this issue, you can use the Imgur meme maker which is an online platform that lets users create memes on the go. There are plenty of categorized meme templates available in this web app and you also get a search bar for searching the trendy meme template. And if you want to edit your meme and post it on any social media, then Imgur is the best choice. You can follow these steps to create a meme with Imgur online:

  • First, open the official website of Imgur, and then in the website interface, you will see the option to create a new post.
open imgur website
  • Click on that and then select "Select a default meme" to set the default meme template for editing. Alternatively, you can also click on "Upload new background" to add your image template for generating a meme.
select default meme imgur
  • There is also a "search tool" where you can find any specific meme according to its keywords. And below it, there is the option for "Browse memes" where you can select meme templates from thousands of memes categorized on the website.
search memes from imgur
  • Select the meme template you want to go with and then a new interface will appear on your screen that will have text boxes on the right-hand side of your screen. Click on the text boxes to add texts to your meme. You can select between the top text and bottom text to create your meme.
  • After you are done with the changes, click on the "make this meme" option and the meme will be saved to your device after it gets downloaded successfully.

Part 2. How to use Imgur on iPhone and iPad?

As discussed earlier, Imgur is one of the most efficient ways of creating memes through its online platform. But if you are an iPhone or iPad user, then you must be wondering how you can use Imgur on your device for free.

Well, Imgur is also available on iPhones and iPad and it is completely free to use which means you will be able to edit and post your favorite memes on the go. Like all other Imgur users, you also have access to thousands of meme templates available on Imgur. The complete process to use Imgur on iPhone or iPad to generate memes is as follows:

  • First, go to the app store and download the official Imgur application to your device. After it is downloaded, open it and click on the big "+" icon available in the interface.
  • Then click on the camera roll icon to select the photo that you want to edit. Alternatively, you can also go to "browse" to select any meme template from the default categories and the trending one available on the Imgur application interface.
  • After you have selected any template or image from your iPad or iPhone, you will be available with an editing screen where you can add texts and stickers to your meme. Pan or zoom and position it where you want the text.
  • When you are satisfied with the changes, click on the "Make this meme" option to save the meme to your iPad or iPhone or you can click on the "Upload" option to share it to any social media handle instantly.

Part 3. Create Meme with Imgur on Android

For Android users, creating memes with Imgur is very convenient and easy to use. Android users can go to the web app. They make their memes by selecting a meme template from dozens of categories and then editing it to post on social media handles. The Imgur application for Android users provides features like text editing, panning, and meme download. It's in high quality that too for free. The search bar provided in the Imgur interface lets Android users search their favorite meme templates. This is done with the help of specific keywords. If you are also an Android user and want to create your meme with Imgur, then here is how you can do it:

  • First, go to the Play Store application and search for "Imgur" in the toolbar. Then download the official Imgur application to your device. Open the application when the download process is completed and click on the "New post" button available on your screen to the top left.
create meme with imgur android
  • Click on the "make a meme" option from the three options available to you. Then select the meme template from the available categories. Here you can sort the memes according to their name or popularity. You can also add your meme template by uploading an image from your camera roll.
  • After you have selected a meme background or template, click on the "text" to add text contents to your meme. You can select between the top text or bottom text. Then, you can add the required texts by clicking on the textbox available on the screen
  • Once you have finished up the meme-making process, click on the "make this meme" option on the Imgur meme maker. The meme will be saved to your Android device instantly.

Part 4. Imgur Alternative for Computer

If for some reason you are unable to use Imgur on your device, or you want to use any other efficient meme generator for creating meme videos, then Filmora is an excellent choice for that. Filmora is a video editing platform that has tools to crop, split, and edit videos by adding texts and music and then exporting them as memes. Most of the amazing features from Filmora come with a paid subscription. However, it is also available for a free trial for users who want to access it on the go. And the free tools available are effective enough to create high-resolution meme videos. Below is the stepwise process following which you can edit and create meme videos on your own:

imgur alternative for computer
  • To make a video meme with the help of Filmora, first, go to the application interface. Now, click on the "+" sign to add media files to your project.
  • Then select the video file or video meme template that you want to edit. Now, Filmora will import it to its interface. You can either select one single file from your camera roll. You can also add multiple images or videos to make a meme.
  • Now after the video files are loaded into the interface, add on the "Effects" tab and then select "Texts" to add text to your meme video. Drag the timeline to the bottom of your screen to place the text where you want it to start. You can also pan or zoom the text available on your preview window. This is to adjust its placement on the final video.
  • After you are done with the text editing for your meme video, you can add music and voice effects through the "Effects" option and then select "Music" from the available tools.
  • After you are done with all the editing, click on the "export to device". The video will be saved to your memory drives in a few moments. Then you can share your meme to any social media handles that you prefer.


Memes are a path for fun and entertainment in this technological world. Meme generators are the tool to create them. The article discussed a detailed stepwise process following which any user can create memes on their smartphone. For the convenience of the users, I also separated the different meme generating processes for android as well as iPhone and iPad users. I also discussed Filmora as an alternative for creating meme videos. I hope that it helps you in generating your desired meme easily.

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Free Download
Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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