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Recommendation: Best iPhone Ringtone Makers

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Mar 13, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

People mainly prefer iPhone over Android because of its lightning-fast updates, superb ecosystem, and tight security measures. But the same security doesn’t allow easy ringtone customization on an iPhone.

In this article, we will share ten excellent tools to create personalized ringtones for iPhones and a handy iPhone ringtone maker to make customization as easy as pie!

Let’s get started with our article!

In this article
    1. Ringtones: Ringtone Maker
    2. Ringtones for iPhone! (music)
    3. Ringtones Maker – The Ring App
    4. MusicToRingtone
    5. Ringtones for iPhone: Infinity
    6. Clideo
    7. Syncios
    8. TunesGo
    9. Ringtones for iPhone: TUUNES
    10. Best Ringtones 2022 for iPhone
  1. Which is the Ultimate iPhone Ringtone Maker?

Tools for Creating iPhone Ringtones

Here are the ten high-quality iPhone ringtone makers for creating exceptional tones:

Software Compatibility Price Rating
Ringtones: Ringtone Maker iPhone (iOS 13.0 or Later
iPod touch (iOS 13.0 or Later)
Mac (macOS 11.0 or Later)
Free 4.5 on App Store
Ringtones for iPhone! (music) iPhone (iOS 12.0 or Later)
iPad (12.0 or Later)
iPod touch (12.0 or Later)
Mac (macOS 11.0 or Later)
Free 4.3 on App Store
Ringtones Maker – The Ring App iPhone (iOS 11.0 or Later)
iPod touch (iOS 11.0 or Later)
Free 4.6 on App Store
MusicToRingtone iPhone (iOS 12.1 or Later)
iPod touch (iOS 12.1 or Later)
Mac (macOS 11.0 or Later)
Free 3.9 on App Store
Ringtones for iPhone: Infinity iPhone (iOS 13.0 or Later
iPod touch (iOS 13.0 or Later)
Mac (macOS 11.0 or Later)
Free 4.4 on App Store
Clideo iPhone (iOS 12.2 or Later)
iPod touch (iOS 12.2 or Later)
Mac (macOS 11.0 or Later)
Android, Windows, Linux
Free 4.9 on App Store
Syncios iPhone (9.0 or Later)
iPad (9.0 or Later)
iPod touch (9.0 or Later)
Android, Mac, Windows
Free 3.0 on Website
TunesGo iPhone (5.0 or Later)
iPod touch (5.0 or Later)
Android, Mac, Windows
$29.95- $49.95 4.3 on Website
Ringtones for iPhone: TUUNES iPhone (iOS 13.0 or Later)
iPod touch (iOS 13.0 or Later)
Free 4.4 on App Store
Best Ringtones 2022 for iPhone iPhone (12.0 or Later)
iPad (12.0 or Later)
iPod touch (12.0 or Later)
Mac (macOS 11.0 or Later)
Free 4.6 on App Store

Ringtones: Ringtone Maker

Ringtones: Ringtone Maker is a comprehensive tool because of its rich library and attractive UI. With the “Audio Trimmer” feature, this iPhone ringtone maker works great for editing audio and setting a custom ringtone in a glimpse.

ringtone maker iphone


  • Detach audio from a video.
  • Record audio to create a ringtone.
  • Royalty-free music and wallpapers are available on the app.
  • Regularly updated with popular and trending ringtones.
  • Save your loved ringtones by making them “Favorite.”
  • Share ringtones with your friends using WhatsApp, iMessage, or email.

Ringtones for iPhone! (music)

Ringtones for iPhone! (music) is one of the most remarkable iPhone ringtone makers available on the App Store because it has millions of free ringtones. You can also record a custom sound and make it a ringtone on your device.

ringtones for iphone music


  • Handy features are available like “Start and End Marker.”
  • Adjustment of volume and fine-tuning make customization simple.
  • Free audio editing tools.
  • Easily convert to MP3 format.
  • Share ringtones via email, WhatsApp, or other social media channels.

Ringtones Maker – The Ring App

Ringtones maker - The Ring App has gained immense popularity due to its unique features and updated library. The ringtone maker for iPhone offers straightforward tools to perform audio editing directly from the app without much hassle.

ringtones maker the ring app iphone


  • Timely app updates with the latest features.
  • Easily detach audio from video.
  • Fundamental features like “Splicing,” “Fade-In,” and “Fade-Out” are available.
  • Smooth conversion to MP3 and M4R formats.


MusicToRingtone is an easy-to-use iPhone ringtone maker because of its clean UI and superb controls. The tool naturally extracts audio files from video files to create brand-new ringtones without needing a PC.

musictoringtone iphone ringtone maker


  • Top features like “Fade-In,” and “Fade-Out” provide great accuracy.
  • Ability to export M4A files and edit their metadata.
  • High-quality and updated ringtones.

Ringtones for iPhone: Infinity

Ringtones for iPhone: Infinity is a premium ringtone maker for iPhone that can create custom alert tones, alarm tones, and ringtones. The tool allows you to listen to trending songs and make personalized ringtones.

ringtones for iphone infinity ringtone maker


  • Songs are available with licenses for commercial use.
  • Consistent updates to add popular ringtones on a daily basis.
  • Thousands of amazing ringtone categories are available.


Clideo is an enhanced and full-fledged iPhone ringtone maker with a feature to trim a song using the slider or by putting a timing. Moreover, Clideo is a powerful video editor for fast editing without charging you a penny.

clideo iphone ringtone maker


  • Extracts audio from video.
  • Option to add the file to cloud storage.
  • Easy-to-use “Fade-In,” and “Fade-Out” features.
  • Provides support for many output formats like MP3, M4A, WAV, etc.


More than an iPhone ringtone maker, Syncios is a management tool for iOS and Android. The tool provides exceptional options to restore or back up contacts, messages, apps, and much more within split seconds. Additionally, the tool’s editing features are also matchless as it helps to convert videos to audio to make ringtones.

syncios iphone ringtone maker


  • Export SMS, call history, and contacts to a readable format.
  • Manage music files to duplicate or edit music details.
  • Allows quick photo compression.
  • Ability to convert video files to formats like M4R, MP3, etc.


TunesGo packs a solid punch as a ringtone maker for iPhone that can transfer songs, fix music tags, and remove duplicate songs. The tool can also back up your entire music library; however, it is paid!

tunesgo iphone ringtone maker


  • Supports ringtone making for Android also.
  • Convert media files to iOS and Android-compatible formats before transferring.
  • No quality loss in audio files after the final conversion.

Ringtones for iPhone: TUUNES

Ringtones for iPhone: TUUNES is your one-stop shop for making iPhone ringtones due to its diverse options available for caller tunes, alarm tones, and notification sounds. The content produced by professional labels and giant producers is available readily on the app that you can access free of cost.

ringtone for iphone tuunes ringtone maker


  • Updated ringtones with a vast library.
  • A trend section is available to explore.
  • Create your “Favorites” list.
  • Ability to search a ringtone using the title, tag, or artist name.

Best Ringtones 2022 for iPhone

From Anime, Classic, pop, and rock to Hip Hop, this iPhone ringtone maker has many categories. However, the ads remain a constant pain even though the library is rich.

best ringtones 2022 iphone ringtone maker


  • Explore 25+ categories, updated regularly.
  • Trending ringtones are available.
  • A separate section for premium holiday content.

Which is the Ultimate iPhone Ringtone Maker?

If you couldn’t make custom iPhone ringtones from the tools mentioned above, here’s a quick way to create personalized ringtones using the ultimate iPhone ringtone maker, Wondershare Filmora. Filmora is a user-friendly video editor and very affordable. It has various features relevant to audio, including Audio Detach, Audio Ducking, Silence Detection and so on. Please read further to see how these fantastic features help you make iPhone ringtone:

Free Download
Free Download

Step1 First, download its latest version. Next, launch the software, and click “Import” on the main dashboard to add two songs to make a custom ringtone for your iPhone.

Step2 Drag the songs to the “Timeline Panel” at the bottom. Then, right-click only that song whose silent parts you want to eliminate. Now, select the option “Silence Detection.” This feature detects moments of silence and automatically remove them based on the criteria you designate to craft high-end videos with no annoying pauses.

silence detection filmora

Step3 Now, a “Silence Detection” window will open up in which you can change three parameters, “Threshold,” “Minimum Silence,” and “Buffer,” by moving the slider. Afterward, you can click “Start” to roll automatic silence detection, eliminating all the file's silent parts.

silence detection parameters filmora

Step4 In this step, emphasize one song over the other. For this, right-click a particular song in the “Timeline Panel” and select “Adjust Audio.” Now, check the “Audio Ducking” feature and click “OK” to make changes to the song.

P.S.: Audio Ducking can automatically lower the volume of one track to make another track clearer when you're recording voiceovers, narrations, translations, podcasts, YouTube videos, and other productions that benefit from lowering background music under speech.
audio ducking filmora

Step5 Next, trim the file to reduce its length. For this, click on the file, and a double arrow will appear. Drag the double arrow to select a part that you want to trim. Then, click the “Split” option to remove this part.

Step6 In the last step, click the “Create” option and hit the “Export” button to save the file on your PC. Finally, transfer the file to your iPhone using a USB cable, and you’re done!

export file filmora

Now you have created your own iPhone ringtone with Filmora successfully! And if you want to know more about Filmora’s fantastic features, you can watch the video below:


In this detailed article, we discussed ten feature-rich and promising tools to create custom ringtones for iPhones.

We also mentioned a superb iPhone ringtone maker, Wondershare Filmora, to personalize tones yourself in case you weren't comfortable making them from the iOS apps.

Hopefully, you loved exploring our article and have acquired knowledge to create excellent tones for incoming iPhone calls!

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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