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Top Places to Find Background Music for Videos

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Aug 25, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

One of the things that the viewer is looking for are the creativity of the content creator, how to make the video lively and how will the video be catchy to the viewers.

Video is one of the most popular ways to reach people today, whether it’s through promotional content for a business or as an outlet for creative expression. Also think if how the content information really good, you should also think of your editing, most especially the choice of background music to set the good mood in the video and also to your viewers who watches your video. Putting background music to your video’s specially of the silent part of the video will give you and your video a unique vitality. But also remember to be very careful on using background music or sites where you take to use the music for your vlogs because not all the application software has passed YouTube’s partner programmed, your channel might be down or disapproved for monetization.

In this article we’re going to give you an idea on where you can get a free background music without worrying of copyrighted issue.

In this article
  1. Why Background Music is Important
  2. What is Royalty-Free Music
  3. Places to find Background Music
  4. Selecting the right Background Music for your video
  5. Editing software with Royalty-free background music

Why Background Music is Important

  • Music is a huge part of what makes this content so engaging
  • Music takes your video to the next level
  • Background music is a smooth way to fill in moments that would otherwise be silent
  • Fill dead air when you have a visual but no sound.
  • Music sets the tone and inspire emotion
  • The music can help make a video feel long and sad or useful and informative
  • Help to boost the production value and cohesiveness of your video content
  • Help connect to your viewers with the content.
  • It add a little extra flavor and spice to your learning experience
  • Music is efficient to induce positive emotion and modulate mood

What is Royalty-Free Music?

Royalty-free music

Is music that can be used without having to pay royalties. This music requires a one off payment or, as in the case of Epidemic Sound a recurring subscription fee.

However, royalty-free music is not cost free. The term just means that users don’t have to pay a royalty each time they use the music. Royalty-Free music simply helps users avoid the pitfalls that can result from trying to navigate complex licensing requirements.

Places to find Background Music

YouTube Audio Library

If you have a YouTube channel then its good to go, in YouTube Audio Library you can access more than 150,000 free tracks. It also has an excellent search capabilities, including the ability to filter songs by how often they’re downloaded. You can type on the search type the genre or artist you like then you can play it before downloading. Perfect for your next YouTube video V logs

youtube audio liarary


Provides sheet music, recordings and educational materials for free to the public. They have a focus on classic music, and have recorded and released collections by composers like Beethoven and Chopin.

They have a large collection of copyright-free recordings, which can be used by anyone for any project. You can search by composer, instrument, arrangement, or mood.

musopen royalty free music


Is a collection of music in the public domain, which means you can use it however you want without attribution.

Everything on the sire is free to use and download, although Free PD offers the option to bulk download all the MP3’s and WAV files for a small fee. The site is minimal and easy to explore.

Tracks are organized into categories, like Romantic Sentimental, the tracks are label with 1-4 emojis to give you sense of the mood. This is a fun way to scan the listing of music and find it more descriptive than any title.

freepd music

All the music on this site was created by Kevin MacLeod, who has licensed it all under CC-BY. That means you can use everything provided you give him credit. He even has an attribution template for you to use on his FAQ page. If you don’t want to provide attribution, you can purchase a license.

Music here focusses on music for film, so many of the categories and description refer to film genres, like Western or horror. If you’re working on a cinematic project, you might find the perfect track here.

preview music freepd

Epidemic Sound

If you’re also looking for high quality background music for your videos consider Epidemic Sound. With a library of 35,000+ tracks updated every week. You can easily search music by different genres, moods, lengths, tempos, or vocals to find the perfect fit for your video. 

Epidemic Sound bundles all the legal rights you’ll need into one main license that works across all social media platforms.

epidemic sound

Free Music Archive

Owned by fair trade music licensing business tribe of noise, Free Music Archive hosts more than 150,000 songs from singers and songwriters across the globe in its music library. I personally love their commitment to supporting independent artist and their FAQ guide that breaks down the different attribution requirements for Creative Commons licenses.

free music archive

Licensing is from Public domain and Creative Commons and all tracks are free, but Creative Commons licenses require attribution.

Selecting the right Background Music for your video

This is always my struggle personally but if you know how to find fit music for your video your enjoying every moment while editing because finding or selecting background music that suits to may video creations is a must to create a quality content.

When it comes to selecting songs for background music, think if it like you’re enhancing your own content by reinforcing some emotion or feeling. There are so many things to consider when it comes to what makes good background music. What’s the tone of your content, and who is the audience?

Consider if you are a Product reviewer or explainer use subtle music to maintain the attention of your viewer to the information and product demo. If you are action Vlogger or doing daily lifestyle Vlog, use clear music to explain and advance the plot.

Remember choose music that speaks to your audience, the more you know about your audience’s age, affiliations, and preferences, the more specific you can be about your music choice. If your viewers cover wide swath of professionals in business, it’s best to play it safe with corporate tones. Classic rock, and ambient music. But if you know that they’re younger hip hop and dance music might be more appropriate.

Editing Software the has Royalty-free stock music

Background music is the bridge that allows the video to transition smoothly between different ideas or scenes, especially when you have a jump cut

Editing software with Royalty-free background music

Video editing is essential to all vloggers or content creator, you need to find a software that has license and won’t ruin your channel someday. Especially when your using background music to your videos you should only use application that has licensed and will not lead your video to have copyrighted claims that sometimes end up blocking your video.

For my Royalty-free background music I only trust Wondershare Filmora. You can edit your background music with powerful editing tools with no worries of copyrighted claims. In Filmora you can also insert your own choosing music to the video directly and can edit the background noise removal, cut, trim, and crop your videos. You can also do some editing such as speed up and slow down, fade in and out the background music.

Free Download
Free Download
edit royalty free music filmora


Make sure to always choose a software with licensed to avoid any claims. Because if you are using editing tools that are not approved by the YouTube Partner Programme (YPP), you will have a claims and if you will not fix those problem in your channel, you might get any problem in the long run, especially when you are applying for monetization So only use a software that is approved and licensed specially regarding on background music. Now you know how to add background music to YouTube videos without getting into trouble.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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