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Top VHS 80s Effects to Use in Video Editing

Are you looking for famous VHS effects and a reliable video editor to apply to videos? This article got the perfect solution to this problem.
Larry Jordan
Larry Jordan Originally published Jul 10, 23, updated Jul 22, 24

If you wish to mimic old analog and textured video, there is no better option than the VHS effects. It gives the feel of video recorded on the tape cassette. When you are working on a video that requires adding a bit of distortion in videos, VHS 80s got you covered.

If you are a videographer, move everything aside and keep your focus here. Why? Because this article is going to give you reliable information about 80s VHS filters. Other than this, you will also discover the top-rated video editor to apply VHS effects to videos.

In this article
  1. Part 1: How Has the Use of VHS Effects Improved Through History?
  2. Part 2: Some Top-of-the-Line VHS 80s Effects That You Can Use in Videos
  3. Part 3: Wondershare Filmora: Using VHS Effects to Create Videos

Part 1: How Has the Use of VHS Effects Improved Through History?

The VHS effects are not a technology but a technique you can use in post productions. It is used to stimulate the visuals and has also evolved with the passage of time. Other than this, it has also gained popularity over the past few years. The usability of VHS 80s which has improved through history is also discussed here:

Advanced Editing Tools

Along with the advent of video editing software, the procedure through which you can apply VHS has become more accessible and advanced. It is an optimized and efficient procedure and integrates several plugins to boost your productivity. The advanced editing tools also let users fine-tune the look and manage preferences.

Quality of Effects

As technology evolves, the quality of effects also progresses. The innovative plugins help to replicate the visual artifacts, which add the VHS effects with greater fidelity. These effects may include color bleeding, scan lines, glitches, and distortion.

Preview and Playback

One of the best things about using VHS effects in this age is you can also preview the video after applying VHS effects. You can do this without any restriction on downloading videos on your device. Above all, even if it is the distortion effect, it never compromises the quality and playback speed of the videos.

Customization and Integrations

In the VHS tools, you can experience a considerable number of customization and integration options. From opacity to time limit, you can customize every bit of VHS effects with modernized video editors. As for the integrations, they can lead to compelling results once combined with VHS. You are also free to incorporate effects like motion graphics, color grading, and several other elements.

Part 2: Some Top-of-the-Line VHS 80s Effects That You Can Use in Videos

The number of 80s VHS filter effects on the web are not limited. You can find the VHS effect for every occasion on the web. This can add a vintage and nostalgic touch to your videos to make them more unique. Don't worry about the selection of effects because this discussion is a full fledge package for you. To find the most unique and intuitive effects, have a look below:

1 - VHS Transition 2 - VHS Glitches Music Video
3 - VHS Madness Logo Reveal 4 - VHS Toolkit for After Effects
5 - Retro Rider 6 - Glitch Opener VHS
7 - VHS Horror Trailers and Titles 8 - Wicked Urban Opener
9 - VHS Noise 10 - Rampant VHS Effect
11 - 80’s Intro 12 - TV Distort Loop Pack

1. VHS Transition

Do you want to add a funky touch to the video? Nothing to worry about because VHS Transition got you covered. It contains approximately 16 funky transitions, specifically themed on VHS. You don't have to do everything, as you just need to drop the effect in the video and customize it.

vhs transition

2. VHS Glitches Music Video

VHS Glitches Music Video is known to be the simplest and most significant effect in the videos. As the name indicates, you can use it to add glitch effects to the videos. Moreover, this effect can also be used in animation videos. This effect also offers the capability to sync with the audio in the video.

vhs glitches music video

3. VHS Madness Logo Reveal

VHS Madness Logo Reveal is one of the reminiscent packages which you can find in the VHS effect category. With this quality integrated effect, you can add grainy and noisy effects to the videos. It also helps to surprise users with its dramatic, revealing features.

vhs madness logo reveal

4. VHS Toolkit for After Effects

VHS Toolkit for After Effects is a feature-packed VHS effect that you can use to create engaging flashbacks in the videos. It is integrated with the text and logos through which you can engage a large number of users. You can use the higher engaging capabilities of these effects in your documentary videos.

vhs toolkit for after effects

5. Retro Rider

VHS never forgets any type of video and offers - Retro Rider this intuitive effect for night riders. Along with adding the stunning effect, it can also replace the text and colors in videos. It also integrates numerous plugins which can control the visuality of effects.

retro rider

6. Glitch Opener VHS

For old-school kids, Glitch Opener VHS high-quality effect can add amazing effects to videos and can refresh your memories. There is no need to use external plugins to get creative with this effect. The distortion of this effect is so smooth that you will not face the need to add other elements in videos.

glitch opener vhs

7. VHS Horror Trailers and Titles

Are you creating a real-life horror movie? Do you wish to make it unrealistically horror? You can use VHS Horror Trailers and Titles effect without any second thought because it can make the trailers and titles of your horror movies more breathtaking. Above all, it’s easy to edit, so you don't have to master any skill to use it.

vhs horror trailers and titles

8. Wicked Urban Opener

Wicked Urban Opener is an ideal VHS 80s effect because it can give a vintage feel to all types of movies. You don't have to compromise the overall appearance of the videos as it can keep the original style. The dimension of this effect is 1920x1080.

wicket urban opener

9. VHS Noise

If you are looking for a noise-flexible package, you can use VHS Noise this extraordinary effect. As this is stock footage, you can use it by adding its layer to the existing video. Moreover, this effect can be used in almost all types of videos.

vhs noise

10. Rampant VHS Effect

In Rampant VHS Effect template, you can find tons of cool VHS effects to give a cinematic look to the videos. As it is compatible with both Mac and Windows, you will not face any restrictions with this. Moreover, it is also available in HD quality, so the video integrated with this effect will have reliable quality.

rampant vhs effect

11. 80’s Intro

The VHS-integrated videos are not completed without the 80s effects. With 80’s Intro, you can create the intros just as they were created in VHS launch years. It also works as a perfect video opener and can be used in business videos. It can be the perfect addition to an explainer video for some products having old ties.

80s intro

12. TV Distort Loop Pack

Many videographers use 80 VHS filters to create smooth distortion in videos. Luckily, you have the TV Distort Loop Pack through which you can add distortion lines in videos. It is perfect for movies displayed on big screens. This turns out to be an ideal addition for those who intend to create videos while expressing nostalgia.

tv distort loop pack

Part 3: Wondershare Filmora: Using VHS Effects to Create Videos

Now that you are aware of the VHS effects, you must be looking for a video editor to apply this. The industry-grade video editor through which you can apply 80s VHS effects in videos is Wondershare Filmora. One of the best things about Filmora is it comprehends more than 100 VHS effects for the ease of the users.

Moreover, it is also feature-rich software, which you can use to modify your simple videos to a further extent. The built-in templates of Filmora let you create optimistically impressive videos without investing extra time and effort. You can also access all your previous projects from its Cloud Project feature.

How to Add VHS Effects in Videos with Filmora

Here is the procedure for adding the 80s video camera effect in videos with Wondershare Filmora:

Add VHS Effects in Videos
Add VHS Effects in Videos
Step 1Launch Filmora and Add a Video

To get started, launch Wondershare Filmora on your computer and click "New Project." After this, select the "Click here to import media" option or directly drag and drop your video into the Filmora interface. After adding the video, drag it to the "Timeline."

open filmora and add video
Step 2Apply the VHS Effect

To continue, go to "Effects" and write VHS in the "Search Bar." Once you see all the VHS effects, select one of your likings and drag it to "Timeline." Following this, double-click the "VHS Effect" and customize its metrics.

apply and adjust vhs effect
Step 3Export Video to Device

Finally, click the "Export" button from the above right panel and manage the "Name," "Format," "Preset," and other aspects of videos. Again, hit the "export" button to save the video on the device.

export vhs effect video


In the following article, you have learned all about VHS 80s video effects. These effects are widely used nowadays, and you can learn more about their usability from the above discussion. Other than this, the number of VHS effects is not limited. However, the most intuitive and unique ones are listed above for you.

To apply the 80s VHS effects, you can take assistance from Wondershare Filmora. The information about Filmora and the procedure to apply effect are also available in the above context.

Add VHS Effects in Videos
Add VHS Effects in Videos
Larry Jordan
Larry Jordan Jul 22, 24
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