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Best Tiktok Food Accounts

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Mar 22, 22, updated Feb 29, 24

Today, if anyone has even a little bit of love for food, they become a TikTok food influencer. With so many TikTok food accounts all over, it is hard to find few that are credible and also make delicious food.

To find the best TikTok food accounts, we have ensured that they create delicious recipes and also are informational. The video content of these accounts is interesting and unique with little tidbits like humor or music. While you might find it difficult to go through each and every account to see which one is the best, we have made the job easier for you by listing down the top 15 TikTok food accounts.

Top 15 TikTok Food Accounts You Should Know About

If you are as big as a foodie as us and love TikToks equally, then you should know at least half of these Tiktok Food accounts, if not all. These accounts are the best of the best and will introduce you to new food hacks and recipes that you would love to recreate in your own kitchen. So, without further ado, let's begin:

1. Poppy Cooks

If you love to follow some professional chefs experimenting with new delicious recipes, then Poppy O’Toole is what you need. You would be surprised to know that while Poppy is a Michelin star chef, her recipes are incredibly approachable and appetizing.

One can easily make any of these at home. Apart from that, watching Poppy’s Tiktok videos is relaxing, to say the least. Unlike other highly peppy influencers, Poppy’s videos are filled with warmth and humour, and she even interacts with her followers reacting to their cooking.

poppycooks tiktok video

2. I am Tabitha Brown

If you love some wholesome content on your feed with a dose of hilarious catchphrases then we highly recommend following Tabitha Brown. Tabitha is an actress you might know from The Chi and now creates some great food content on TikTok.

Tabitha is known for making delicious and healthy vegan recipes with an infectious enthusiasm that will make your day. With Tabitha, you don’t just get a simple hack or recipe. Her videos are relatable and filled with so much warmth that you will find yourself smiling for no reason at all.

3. Cooking With Shereen

If you love quick and to-the-point cooking videos, you will surely love Shereen Palvidas. Shereen's videos are crisp and informative, always experimenting with new ideas, hacks, and recipes. With a no-nonsense attitude, Shereen believes anyone can cook if they want.

Her recipes are effortless to follow, whether it's a simple pasta or a more complicated Beef welling. She believes they are no cooking rules and gives crucial tips and hacks for beginners who know little about cooking.

cooking with Shereen-tiktok video

4. The Pasta Queen

If you love authentic, delicious Italian pasta, you must follow The Pasta Queen. Nadia Caterina Munno is a self-proclaimed pasta queen who is passionate about creating new pasta recipes. Nadia’s videos are full of excitement as well as information. Her genuine vibe, thick Italian accent and delicious pasta recipes will make your mouth water even on a full stomach and get you hooked. Follow the Pasta Queen to fill your day with positive vibes and delicious recipes.

the pasta queen-tiktok video

5. Cooking Bomb

Vivian Aronson runs her own TikTok food account by the name of cooking bomb. Vivian’s videos are highly informative, and her style makes her extremely fun to watch. With Chinese roots, Vivian specialises in Chinese cuisine, creating delicious Chinese recipes that can be made every day or for special occasions. Full of coy smiles, warmth and little jokes, her videos are a fun watch and will get you addicted. With amazing production quality, Vivian’s videos will make you fall in love with Chinese food.

cooking bomb-tiktok video

6. Thomas Straker

If you are a beginner looking for quick and easy recipes, you have to go watch Thomas Straker. Thomas Straker is a professional chef based in London who will teach you all that you need to know.

From creating simple recipes that you can make every day or even for special occasions, his videos are very informative and take you step-by-step through the process. The best part about Thomas is that he takes simple burgers and pasta and creates a fancy dish out of it that will leave you in awe.

Thomas Straker-tiktok video

7. Seema Gets Baked

Seema Pankhania is one of the most versatile cooks on TikTok, and if you are looking to impress your friends from any part of the globe, then we highly recommend visiting her TikTok account. Seema is quite proficient in South Asian cuisine, but she has taken it as a challenge to create a dish from every country. With her upbeat style and high-quality videos, you will be unable to stop yourself from stalking her account till the end.

Seema gets baked-tiktok video

8. Scheck Eats

Jeremy Scheck has dedicated his TikTok account to university students who love good food but do not want to spend so much, featuring delicious recipes on a budget. From creating beautiful looking plates of food and baking heavenly goodness, this skilled home chef has all the hacks you might be looking for. If not anything, one thing is for sure your mouth will water once you start watching videos by Scheck Eats.

Scheck eats-tiktok video

9. A Cook Named Matt

While there are a lot of home chefs on TikTok, there are only a few who are professionals, and the accounts are dedicated to creating high-quality, delicious food. Matt Broussard is one of the most professional TikTok food accounts creating everything from Wagyu steak and spatzle.

The videos are very easy to understand and follow, allowing anyone to recreate the recipes at home. This TikTok food account is for the real food connoisseurs who love quality and extravagant taste.

A cook named Matt-tiktok video

10. Chef Chris Cho

Chef Chris Cho’s TikTok account has a whole vibe of its own, unlike any other food account. While others are peppy or serious, his account reflects a complete uber-cool and punk vibe as each video begins with, “ Yo! This is how you make..”

If you want to learn more about authentic and fusion Korean food, then we highly recommend Chef Chris. Filled with delicious recipes, hacks and fun, his videos have a class of their own. The way he talks into the camera makes you feel part of his crew, and you feel like you are standing right next to him in his kitchen.

chef Chris Cho-tiktok video

11. That Dude Can Cook

Cooking food is a lot of fun especially when the person in the video is full of energy. Their energy easily transfers in us and in no time we are enjoying cooking with them. One such person is Sonny Hurrel, a professional chef who makes delicious new recipes everytime.

The videos are packed with fun, interesting hacks and very easy to follow.

Sonny does not use too many intricate ingredients and neither uses complicated moves. His recipes are very simple for beginners and his sense of humor certainly adds to the fun.

that dude can cook-tiktok video

12. The Moody Foody

Don’t we all just love satisfying videos, so imagine a satisfying food video account on TikTok which has two of our favourite things in it? Fabrizio Villalpando is an expert in cooking delicious food. He gets you addicted to his fantastic recipes and slow chopping videos.

The videos by The Moody Foody will envelop you in a calm and peaceful vibe. With light music playing in the background and smooth pealing and chopping sounds, you won’t be able to stop yourself from watching them. This is such a nice change from the hyperactive vibe of TikTok.

the moody foody-tiktok video

13. Thisisiona

There are very few accounts on TikTok that show the importance of comfort food and how cooking and eating can be beautiful and enjoyable. If you love healthy food and enjoy making new recipes in the kitchen then you will love Iona’s whole vibe.

The videos are informational as well as fun. You get to learn a lot about cutting down toxic food choices and how to make healthy and delicious food. In case you are just a beginner, Thisisiona is a great place to start your new healthy cooking lifestyle.

thisisiona-tiktok video

14. What Willy

There are certain food accounts on TikTok that are funny, but nothing matches what WhatWilly has in store for you. Will Huges not just cooks some tasty food for you but also is a great comedian, making you laugh while you are trying to follow the recipe.

His videos are the perfect balance of information and jokes that will make you laugh out loud.

So if you are a little bit down, we highly recommend you go to Will’s account and enjoy some comfort food and some laughs.

what willy-tiktok video

15. Eitan

If you have ever seen any of Eitan Bernath’s videos then it might be shocking to hear that the boy is only 19 years old. Looking wise beyond his years and with a passion for cooking, you will instantly be hooked to Eitan’s videos.

Other than cooking yummy new recipes, Eitan delves in recreating popular TikTok food trends and recreating popular restaurant chain food at home. Eitan started his journey when he was 12 and has been gaining followers since then with his fantastic energy and genuine vibe.

eitan-tiktok video

So, These are the fifteen most popular and fun TikTok food accounts. While many other chefs are also doing a pretty good job we wanted to narrow down the list to just 15.


TikTok food accounts are a great way to learn about cooking, new hacks or how to make comfort food quickly at home. These tiktok accounts have also become integral in promoting a healthy lifestyle and healthy food choices.

You can recreate recipes by any of the above chefs at home. The list contains a variety of chefs some home chefs and some professional ones that can help you make any type of food from any cuisine. And if not anything, simply watching delicious cooking videos is a great way to beguile your time. Watching TikTok food videos is just as satisfying as it is interesting.

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