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Top 20 TikTok Anime Ideas

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Mar 17, 22, updated Feb 29, 24

TikTok has become an unstoppable source of entertainment. Memes and videos are appealing to watch, although better ones are released virtually every day for inspiration. numerous musicians included as they acquire recognition. Their tunes and hits delighted viewers, and songs earned prominence. Most individuals obtained followers via popular videos that were often featured on the subscribers' lists. Get inspired by the newest anime TikTok trends and discover how to spot upcoming trends to boost your company or personal account.

Something that appears perennially groovy one moment might be insufferable the next — like, say, wearing fedoras or Kreepa’s anime TikTok “Oh No.” Every second, new trend is forming, and old ones are fading. It’s the cycle of life. If you’re seeking inspiration, read on: we’ve put up a guide to the finest TikTok trends of 2022. So how can we stay up with the current TikTok trends? How do we remain hip? A TikTok trend might be music, hashtag, dance, or challenge. Even how you modify your TikTok anime might become a trend like a fancy transition style. Once a TikTok anime trend begins to gather hold, people “hop on” it by duplicating a current TikTok video or theme.

Top 20 TikTok Anime Idea:

Brace yourself for the upcoming listicle. It contains all about TikTok Anime ideas; dances, songs, memes, and filters. Let’s find out one-by-one:

Let’s Groove:

This is another one of those TikTok trends where individuals show off their talents by dancing to trendy songs or music, which in this instance is a song called “Lets Groove” by an American band named “Earth Wind & Fire“. This trend began when TikToker @absolutesnacc used a remix of Lets Groove to build a fan edit montage incorporating footage of actor Jason Segel from the TV program named “Freaks and Geeks”.

Trending dances:

TikTok is recognized for artists who know their movements — and in reality, many of the highest-earning TikTokers are dancers. But due to trendy dances, you don’t have to be an expert to perform the correct choreography. TikTok dances are generally short, pleasant, and entry-level, so amateurs may learn them with minimal effort. This offers a lot of flexibility for putting your twist on it—for example, ripping up the floor in a giant teddy bear costume.

Prada Bucket challenge:

This TikTok fad is particular to the richer portion of the community, as artists join in this challenge to flaunt their costly attire when sporting a 600$ Prada Bucket hat, thus the name “Prada Bucket challenge”. Participants start by pretending to be “upset” about something, so they put their Prada Bucket hats on, and with some film editing magic, their clothing converts into more costly clothes.


At its essence, a glow-up on TikTok is a “before” and “after.” Many artists may submit a few photographs or films depicting themselves as an awkward adolescent, then a last, contemporary clip. Glow-ups also work excellent for encouraging positive interaction. (Usually, one when they appear confident and amazing). These sorts of TikToks are wonderful for the wait-for-it factor: consumers are more willing to watch the complete video to see the finished product.

Anime Edits:

If you’re an anime geek you’ve probably already heard about this trend when producers build a montage utilizing clips from their favorite anime series and add some background music simply to liven things up. Although this trend has been going on for a long now, it still doesn’t seem old since the anime fans have been keeping it alive. So, it doesn’t matter whether you enjoy Initial D or Naruto, this trend is relevant to all anime viewers.

Edgy humor:

There’s a reason why TikTok is so popular with the under-30 crowd: the brief videos and highly scrollable characteristics of the app make it excellent for comedy, snark, and sass. And although many content producers and skilled social media marketers have discovered ways to convert TikTok into a business, the platform’s core aim is to “inspire creativity and generate joy.” So don’t take it too seriously. The edgier, the better.

Making TikToks with Your Family:

This goes hand in hand with being vulnerable and genuine—there’s nothing quite like a nice cameo from Mom, Dad, Grandma, or Grandpa. Because so many TikTok producers are millennials or Gen Z, it’s refreshing (and enjoyable) to see older folks on the platform. The difficult part of this is encouraging your family to join, but if you’ve got one excellent sport, you’ve hit gold. For example, simply try to watch this family dancing blooper without your heartbreak.

Baked Feta Pasta:

This is a TikTok trend for all those foodies out there who enjoy delicious spaghetti with some cheese. This practice grew so prevalent that the grocery shops in Finland faced a scarcity of feta cheese. The technique of creating this pasta is straightforward, start by adding some cherry tomatoes and garlic in an oven-safe dish, sprinkle some salt, pepper, and Italian seasoning, and pour some olive oil before combining the ingredients. Place a block of Feta cheese in the middle and bake in the oven until soft, compress the contents to make a paste, and combine with your favorite Pasta, that’s it! Your Baked Feta Pasta is ready to be served.

Seamless Transitions:

Another aspect that’s unique to TikTok is the transitions inside movies. The in-app editing tools make it simple to flip from one clip to another in a manner that appears like magic. This might be as basic as keeping your illumination the same and maintaining your camera in the same location. They may also be more sophisticated. Think spinning your camera about, putting your phone on the ground, zooming in and out – honestly, the sky’s the limit. When someone truly nails a transition, it’s virtually hard to view the video just once.

Pet Painting:

This TikTok craze is a wonderful way to have your fuzzy companion included in one of your videos. No, you don’t paint a portrait of your pet, your pet performs the painting portion, how you may ask? it’s fairly easy, all you need is a canvas, some liquid colors of your choosing, a huge plastic bag, and a pet, of course, you will also need a paste-like food that your pet enjoys, peanut butter for instance. Start by covering the canvas with the plastic bag and spread peanut butter on the section covering the canvas, gently remove the canvas from the bag and keep the plastic aside.

Referencing Modern Pop Culture:

Score some likes, comments, and shares by tapping into an already-huge fan following. Trending TV series and movies frequently inspire their TikTok trends. When Squid Game dominated the globe in 2021, it prompted suspense-making instructions, musical mashups, and many tracksuits. This is just one of the millions of instances of how inventive TikTok fans addressed the program.

Satisfying Videos:

This simply possibly be the most widely accepted and least contentious genre ever: the enjoyable video. Like the day-in-the-life films, they are a celebration of the commonplace. So, the likelihood is, you’re already doing something pleasurable to watch. Whether its soap cutting or cake frosting or freezing bubbles, there’s something very relaxing and fulfilling about this type of material.

Passing the Phone:

We're going to top things off with another TikTok trend, this one is a fun way of roasting your friends or family members and, of course, getting them involved in your TikToks. The way these trend works is really simple, you just call out your friend by making funny comments about certain bad habits or characteristics they have and then pass the phone to them because it's their turn to do the same, so it's just a series of taking turns roasting your friends and the best part is that there is no limit to how many people can participate.

Challenge: Freezing Honey

Another TikTok food craze is gaining traction, and it's safe to assume that Honey is involved. One of the easiest fads to adopt is the freezing honey TikTok craze; everyone has honey and, of course, a freezer. This challenge calls for 100 percent pure honey, since non-pure honey may crystallize at low temperatures. If your honey comes in a plastic bottle, chuck it in the freezer; if it comes in a jar, pour it into a plastic container and remove any lids or bottle tops before freezing, since these may be difficult to remove after freezing.

Documenting a Day in The Life:

While grumpy Instagram users may tell you that "no one wants to see your avocado toast," the truth is that a lot of people do. Many of these films romanticize the mundane, but humor has a place in this medium as well. If you're a creative who gets a lot of questions in the comments section, here is the place to be. Seeing someone's daily routine, whether it's a second-grade teacher, a lawyer, or a couple living in a van, is a rewarding experience. Over 2 million people have liked this "actual day in the life of a vehicle."

Classical Challenges:

TikTok thrives on obstacles. For challenges, many TikTok users would all post films aiming to achieve the same thing, like the stair-step challenge, where they would dance up a set of steps in intricate ways. These are generally community-created trends; however, they may take the shape of sponsored hashtags, too. Challenges are a simple way for users on TikTok to feel like they’re part of the community.

Tell Me Without Telling Me:

The creator begins by saying, "Tell me you drive a fast car without telling me you drive a fast car" and then says, "I'll go first" to start a streak for other users to follow. Users then proceed to show the engine layout of their vehicle, the exhaust note, or possibly a flyby, so following this trend is a good way to make your TikToks stand out. This TikTok craze is a wonderful way to tell your audience what you're trying to say or to depict certain occurrences subtly.

Behind-the-scenes Videos:

We love an inside scoop, and behind-the-scenes films are perfect for teaching and for making viewers feel like they’re receiving something special. If you’re a creative who generates something tangible (like art, cuisine, or fashion) and advertises it on TikTok, a behind-the-scenes film might give your brand an added depth. You can even produce a behind-the-scenes TikTok describing how you made a TikTok. Ontario, California-based Logan’s candies attracted five and a half million followers by releasing TikToks depicting how their sweets were made—it’s a very interesting process.

Love Nwantiti Dance:

The Love Nwantiti Dance is a dance that is performed by people who love one another. If you like dancing and music, you may try filming a TikTok dance video to capitalize on this trend. Love Nwantiti is a song by CKay, a Nigerian singer and songwriter who goes by the alias "CKay." The phrase "Nwantiti" means "little love" in Igbo. This is one of those TikTok trends where content producers flash their skills by dancing to hot music or songs, in this instance a tune named "Love Nwantiti." It is more popular with young people.

Hashtags with Challenges:

Many videos will frequently add a #ForYou hashtag to be featured on the page. Just like any other app, getting to the main page is key to landing a popular TikTok video and collecting new followers. Considering TikTok is starting to look at advertising directly in the app, revenue for TikTokers isn’t far off, and leveraging hashtags to trick the system is important to gaining viewers. TikTok virtually runs on hashtags. It’s what makes the app so entertaining. Everything is shared, and everyone is encouraged to join in. Clicking on hashtags, particularly ones that are developed around challenges, is a simple method to find what others are using to get to the ‘For You’ area.

Learn on TikTok:

This TikTok trend is a spectacular method for creators to share their ideas, talents, and life hacks and a chance for viewers to expand their knowledge on particular subjects and discover new items that may aid them in their day-to-day lives. The greatest part is that this trend is for everyone since the number of concepts that may be inferred here is practically never-ending, there might be someone excellent at cooking, someone, whose fighting abilities are good, someone who’s strong at arithmetic, or maybe someone who’s good at mending automobiles.


From ramping up your posting schedule to taking part in challenges, and optimizing your hashtags, the inventive methods to get followers and develop a TikTok community are numerous. Regardless, if you find anime TikTok cringeworthy and strange, that's probably because you grew up in the period before the social web. Generation Z's enjoy the funny internet sharing platform and many now earn money from it. It's easy, hilarious, and irreverent - and a pleasant change of pace from more serious networks such as Twitter and Facebook. It's the perfect procrastination app that can lure you in for hours. Ultimately, the greatest strategy to expand your following will come down to your ingenuity, so don’t hold back and start experimenting with the TikTok anime videos you’ve always wanted to do.

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