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How Can I Use Twitter Archive?

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Mar 03, 22, updated Jul 22, 24
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Twitter came up with an amazing feature of the Twitter archive that can benefit users in many ways. Through this feature, Twitter users can download a ZIP file that will include all their tweets, sent messages, photos, and videos in one place. Beginning with your first-ever Tweet, all of your data could be seen through this file.

Twitter users need to request a Twitter archive to open and browse it to access all your information and data. This article will guide you to request, open, and browse the Twitter archive step by step. Afterward, you would see your digital diary saved on your device.

Part 1: Why Do I Need to Use Twitter Archive?

Not all users are known of Twitter Archive and the services it offers to the users. However, before realizing the guidelines of using this function across your Twitter account, it is essential to be aware of why it is required in the first place. This section will find the reasons and benefits of why you should download and use a Twitter archive.

Save your Memories

Even if you have lost the DMs, photos, and videos on your Twitter account, you can still save your memories through Twitter Archive. The archive file will contain all the memories you have created on Twitter. It would surely act as your digital scrapbook that would comprise of all important events and instances in your life that you would like to cherish in your older ages.

Save your Tweets

Some regular Twitter users use third-party tools to download tweets and posts from Twitter. However, it may involve some risk factors in the third-party software. That’s why downloading the tweets directly from the Twitter archive is safe and reliable.

Transfer your Data

The best thing about the Twitter archive is that it has made Twitter data portable. By downloading the information, data, and photos from the Twitter archive, you can transfer them to other platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Make a Virtual Diary

Twitter archive will contain all the moments you have curated through Twitter. Also, you will have a backup of all your Twitter activities and data. So you can make a virtual diary from these memories and information and share it on online platforms.

Recover your Data

If you have deleted any important post or picture on your Twitter, you don’t need to worry. All the data that you have shared across Twitter is recoverable. Through the Twitter archive, you can easily retrieve the lost post and save it permanently on your computer.

Part 2: How to Request Twitter Archive?

Once you are aware of why the Twitter archive is considered to be used across an account, it is now time to understand the process of obtaining one. This part will guide you with the ultimate steps to request a Twitter archive manually. Just follow our below guidelines:

Step 1: Firstly, sign in to your Twitter account by entering your name and password. Once open, click on “More” from the left side menu. Now tap on "Settings and Privacy," which will open another menu. From there, click on "Your Account."

access settings and privacy

Step 2: In the menu of your account, click on "Download an archive of your data." After clicking on it, Twitter will ask you your password. If you have enabled two-factor verification, a code will be sent to your mobile number. After entering the code, you can proceed.

tap on download an archive option

Step 3: Now select the option of “Request archive” by tapping on it. The platform approximately takes 24 hours to return back with an answer to your request. After 24 hours, you will receive your Twitter archive link via email.

request your twitter archive

Part 3: Open your Twitter Archive

Once you have requested a Twitter archive, you will receive a mail saying that you can download your Twitter archive. At this point, you have two options to access your Twitter archive. Firstly, you can download the archive either from the link in the email or consider going through your Twitter account. To download the archive from Twitter directly, the steps are:

Step 1: Open your account and tap on "More." Select "Settings and Privacy" by clicking on it. Go to “Your Account” and select "Download an archive of your data." Provide a password and two-factor verification code if you have enabled it.

initiate archive download process

Step 2: Now, you will see the option of "Download Archive." Click on this option and then tap to download the ZIP file on your computer.

tap on download archive

Step 3: Once your ZIP file is downloaded, unzip the file by going to the folder where it is saved. Drag the file to a new location and tap on “Extract Here” by right-clicking on the file.

unzip your archive

Step 4: Inside the archive, there would be many files and folders such as “tweet_media," which will contain all the photos and videos you have sent and uploaded from your account. "Your archive.html" is another important folder comprising all of your important data, such as the tweets you have posted, sent messages, and liked posts. Through "README.txt," you will find what every folder contains.

twitter archive files

Step 5: Make sure to download your archive file within a week before it expires. The perfect way to read your archive is through an HTML file.

Part 4: Browse Your Twitter Archive

In this section, we will learn how to browse and check your Twitter archive properly. Your archive file will be open as a web page containing many options for exploration. Through the following listed guidelines, you can browse these tabs by clicking on them:

Step 1: From the left section, the first tab is "Account," which will explain all the account details for you. Through this tab, you can explore the following options:

  • Tap “Profile” to see your profile details at the time you requested the archive file. This would comprise all the followers and the followings that the account would have at the download request.
  • Tap “Contacts” to check the list of contacts to whom you have uploaded across Twitter from the phone or the device that you’ve connected with the platform.
  • Tap “Connected Applications” to see all the applications you have given access to to access data from Twitter.
  • Tap “Sessions” to check the apps that have accessed your account at different instances.
  • Tap “Account Access History” to evaluate all of your login histories across Twitter.

twitter account information

Step 2: The second tab is "Tweets," which will show all the tweets you have posted. You can also find your retweets from this tab. Also, on the search box, you can search about particular Tweets. On the third tab, you can click “Likes” to see all the posts or tweets you have liked.

twitter tweets data

Step 3: The fourth tab is "Direct messages," which will contain all the messages you have sent and received. You can also search particular DMs from the search bar. At the “Safety” tab, you can explore all the accounts you have blocked or muted.

twitter direct messages

Step 4: The “Personalization” tab contains all the information and interests Twitter has about you. By clicking on this tab, you can find other tabs like:

  • Advertiser lists will show the Twitter advertisers who have added you as the audience.
  • The Interests tab will contain all the activities that Twitter predicts you like. This is highly based on the kind of searches that are performed across the account.
  • Saved searches will show any searches you have stored in your Twitter account.

twitter personalization data

Step 5: The “Ads” tab will display all the advertisements Twitter has shown to you. By clicking on an ad, you can find its target audience and will also contain the reason why it was displayed to you. Another tab is "Lists," and by clicking on it, you will find the Twitter lists you have ever subscribed to or created.

twitter lists data

Step 6: The last tab is "Moments," comprising your Twitter moments. Twitter moments are created through Twitter's moments' tools, and if you have created any, it will show in this tab.

moments of your twitter


Do you seek a method that would help you assess all the data that has been shared or viewed across your Twitter account? Though it sounds difficult to go through your home profile across the platform, Twitter does provide other techniques as a progressive alternative.

The Twitter archive is an excellent feature through you can thoroughly check and evaluate all of your Twitter data. The archive file will be like a digital diary containing your Twitter activities, contacts, DMs, and tweets. Carefully read the instructions given in this article to request, open, and download the Twitter archive.