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Top 10 Best Screen Recorders for PC

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Sep 13, 2021• Proven solutions

Screen recorders are software programs that are used for the purpose of capturing whatever you are doing on your desktop. It is urgent and important to choose the best screen recorder on PC.

You can use it to capture video games, while recording your audio. Besides, you can also record tutorials, and then share it with your friends, or upload it to YouTube. Some recorders even support live streaming. For some people, the recording process is very easy. You just need to press the record button. However, some of you may not be that lucky.

The silver lining is that we have picked up 10 best screen recorders on PC after weighing various screen recorders on the Internet. Following are the best screen recorders we recommend on PC.

Part 1: Best Screen Recorders on PC That You Should Know

Below is the comparison table of the 10 best screen recorder for PC. Check it out!

Number Best Screen Recorders for PC Price Operating System Features for Recording on PC
#1 DemoCreator $59.99/lifetime Windows/Mac Up to 120 FPS on PC; Support recording 4K videos; Various annotations to use
#2 Xsplit $199/lifetime Windows Powerful live streaming; 24/7 support; Easy to use
#3 Snagit $49.95/lifetime Windows/Mac Includes templates for PC; Make slideshow from images
#4 Windows 10 Game Bar  Free Windows Built-in for Windows 10; Supports various games
#5 Movavi $59.95/lifetime Windows/Mac Doesn't include editing features; Schedule recording time; Share videos to YouTube
#6 Icecream $29.95/lifetime Windows/Mac Record audio and webcam; Add logo to be a watermark on PC
#7 AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro $39.95/lifetime Windows/Mac Record anything on PC screen; Add text to recordings; Safe to use
#8 QuickTime Free Mac Simple to record on Mac; Limited features for users
#9 Loom $4/month Windows/Mac/iOS/Chome Speey communication for business; Share recordings quickly
#10 OBS  Free Windows/Mac/Linux Various features for live streaming; Many gamers use it; Not intuitive for beginners

1. DemoCreator - Easy-to-use screen recorder for all users on PC

The first in the list of best screen recorders for PC is DemoCreator which comes Windows versions and allows the users to avail many amazing benefits. The hardware acceleration and the simpleast user interface make DemoCreator exceptionally good in all aspects. This is the most trustworthy software and is recommended by many game lovers.

The Plus:

  • Gives facility of recording two devices at the same time
  • Able to import 50+ file formats and export the recorded file into multiple formats
  • Allows recording all or just a particular part of the screen
  • Powerful editing tools like PIP mode
  • Supports HD and even 4k recording
  • Frame rate from 15 to 120 FPS

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

2. Xsplit - best screen recoder for enthusiasts

Further in the list is Xsplit. This is one of the best screen recorders on Windows 10/8/7 because it contains two different flavors which are “Broadcaster” and “Gamecaster”. The former is intended to use for general purpose screen recording while the latter one is for gamers mainly. Xsplit Broadcaster comes with three tiers namely free, personal (designed for eager streamers), and premium (for commercial purpose). This screen recorder for PC leaves watermark on recordings which are over 60 FPS and have resolutions more than 720p. The software is able to support all capture cards and can be used for professional production features.

The Plus:

  • Comes with the ability to capture input from any sources
  • Good quality recording and live streaming
  • Fast and helpful technical support

The Minus:

  • Limited output format with only MP4 and FLV
  • Unable to support Diamond CG500


3. Snagit - Screen recorder for gamers on PC

Snagit is a premium PC screen recorder which is very popular among professionals who love to capture gameplay. The best thing about this software is the excellent tech support which is offered for free. The powerful editing tools, ability to set hot keys and seamless integration with cloud based services make Snagit the best screen recording software in the game market. Although there is a free version of the software available, the majority of its tools cannot be used without buying the premium edition.

The Plus:

  • The recording process is effortless with the quick access toolbar

The Minus:

  • The price $49.95 is a little expensive as compared to others
  • Email setup while registering or installing to work with the program is a little complicated
  • Snagit lacks in protection with a secure FTP connection


4. Windows 10 Game Bar - Built-in screen recording tool on Windows 10

If you are a fan of Xbox and looking for the best screen recorder to record the games, Windows 10 Game Bar will be an ideal choice. Game Bar is an inbuilt game recorder in Windows 10 and is part of Xbox. You can record and share your Xbox games via Windows 10 with ease. Also, it can help in taking screenshot.

The Plus:

  • Shows great compatibility with Windows 10 for PC
  • Privilege to add custom hotkeys
  • Helps in recording multiple gameplay

The Minus:

  • Sometimes, Windows 10 Game fails to work with other games than Xbox games

Windows 10 Game Bar

5. Movavi - Business screen recorder on Mac

When looking for the best screen recorder to capture a tutorial, you can opt for Movavi which designed specifically for business tutorials. You can share your Skype interviews or conference call to enhance your business work. Also, Movavi can help you making business tutorials for convincing customers by effective proposals containing demos of what your company does.

The Plus:

  • Can record streaming videos, Skype calls, games, applications etc on Mac
  • A lot of advanced tools such as slow motion effect or green screen effect

The Minus:

  • Users can only export MP4 format
  • Users may experience crash issues sporadically


6. Icecream - Best Screen recorder for beginners on Mac

If you want to make a tutorial and share it with your friends and family on Mac, Icecream Screen Recorder is just made for you. It can help in representing your tutorial in a better way by graphically listing the tutorial steps. This best screen recorder will ultimately make your friends understand the video well. Also, you can draw, zoom or add watermark to your tutorial videos for PC. This editing will give an improved look at your files.

The Plus:

  • Provides various functions like drawing, outlining, adding arrows or text to the captured videos
  • Webcam and screen can be recorded simultaneously
  • Can zoom in and zoom out recording
  • Also able to set multiple screen captures on a timer

The Minus:

  • Free version allows only 5 minutes of recording
  • Only WEBM format is available with free version


7. AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro - Record audio and screen at the same time on PC

AceThinker is another screen recorder for Mac. Its best part is it offers scheduled recording feature. This means you can set a start time and recording duration and leave the rest on the program. It will automatically begin to capture at the arranged timing. This tool is ultimately going to help the people who are going out and need a specific time to record the video.

The Plus:

  • No restriction on size and time while recording tutorials
  • Easily able to record real-time videos such as presentations or live webinars
  • Sound editing features for enhancing video quality prior to sharing

The Minus:

  • You have to buy the product in order to avail full features
  • Video capture encoding cannot be changed


8. QuickTime (Mac) - Built-in screen recorder with limited features on Mac

The Mac users can get recording fun with QuickTime in view of the fact that it is quite easy when used. It is popular software for Mac where the users can not just record but edit their videos and even audio files. With the help of QuickTime, you can directly upload your files to social media platforms such as YouTube, AirDrop etc. However, sometimes, people will require using Soundflower in order to record audio.

The Plus:

  • Plugin can be added to QuickTime
  • Unlimited recording offered according to the availability of storage space on your hard drive

The Minus:

  • The software is only able to export MOV format
  • Two devices sometimes can’t be played simultaneously via QuickTime


9. Loom - Free to use screen recorder on PC

Loom is yet another best screen recorder you can use to capture your videos on PC. It also has a plugin for Chrome and makes itself a convenient product because of its ease. It can help in taking screenshot easily wherever you want. You can share your recording videos on Mac easily.

The Plus:

  • Very simple and straightforward to use
  • No limitation on recording time
  • Can easily help in writing comments in the recorded file
  • The file’s link can be simply shared

The Minus:

  • No availability of editing tools
  • Limited recording functionalities


10. OBS - Professional screen recorder all systems

Another best screen recorder on PC is OBS which also has some great features to make the recorded video a high-quality one. The users can enjoy multiple themes and filters for videos. With the help of OBS, the users can stream live to Twitch or YouTube gaming and also encode them in FLV formats. You can take advantage of this software’s compatibility with Windows, Mac or Linux. This best screen recorder offers various configuration options like adding fresh sources, duplicating existing ones or adjusting their properties easily.

The Plus:

  • No limit on length of the videos
  • No watermarks on the exported videos
  • Provides video filtering with Chroma key, image masking and image correction

The Minus:

  • Take more time while setting up beacuse of its primitive and complicated interface
  • Doesn’t have advanced editing features as in the case of other software


Part 2: FAQ about Screen Recorders for PC

1. Can you screen record on PC?

Yes, you can record the screen easily on PC. However, you need to use recorders to capture screen. Some tools support multiple screen, which means you can record your screen and webcam at the same time. If you have speaker, you can also record voice-over. So, the answer is you can record the screen on PC.

2. Which is the best free screen recorder for PC?

Speaking of the best free screen recorder for PC, it depends on what's your purpose. You can use the traditional recorder OBS if you want to record games for PC. It supports stream to the game platform directly. If you only want to record tutorials, Screencast-O-Matic is an option for you. You can make basic editing for recordings like cutting. If you want to record a video conference for PC, Loom is a great choice. It is easy-to-use and offers a choice for Chrome without installation. However, if you want a screen recorder to record PC screen and featured with powerful video editing functions, you can not miss the Wondershare DemoCreator Recorder! The DemoCreator can meet all of your screen capturing and tutorial video making requirements! You can download it to have a try!

3. Does Windows 10 have a built-in screen recorder?

In fact, Windows 10 does have a built-in screen recorder. It is called game bar. It is designed for gamers, but you can also use it for all purposes. Here is a tutorial on how to use the Windows 10 Game Bar.


We offered some refined and best screen recorders available in the market offering different features and options. The point has come where you need to figure out and make your mind on which one is the best screen recorder on PC and which one will go according to your preferences. Some has many useful features while some has limited. So, it’s your call now! Make the best choice and get the screen captured with the desired and best screen recorder. We hope that you got the results you longed for. Thanks for the time given to read this article! 

Download Filmora9 Win Version Download Filmora9 Mac Version

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