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How to capture, edit and upload videos on Android

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

If you regularly record videos on your android device you may be interested to know more about how you can better capture, edit and then share the videos from nearly any new android phone. With a wealth of editing applications and capture programs available on android devices you may be able to improve the video quality as well as the ease of sharing some of your favourite videos online. Here are some top tips for aspiring amateur filmmakers using their android smart phones to capture, edit and upload new videos online.

Best recommendation for editing Android videos on PC

Editing videos on Android device may have some limitation, if you need to edit your video footage with more features, we recommend you to try Wondershare Filmora.

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Video shooting tips for Android

In order to have an excellent video for editing you need to first address the types of video that you can shoot on android. Looking into the specifications of your phone will help you to make sure that your android device is capable of shooting in HD quality. Picking the right android phone or tablet that has cameras capable of HD shooting is very important as this will give you a higher resolution video for editing. Here are some additional shooting tips on android devices to guide you through the capture process:

Check video size features: Just because your smart phone is capable of shooting in 1080p resolution, with your current battery settings and app settings you may not have the correct resolution set. As a result you could be shooting in a lower quality format simply because it saves your battery and allows your phone to function more easily. Setting your resolution temporarily to a higher ratio can ensure that you get better quality capture when you really need it.

video size

Get the right orientation: Always film in landscape mode because this will be the most compatible format for online videos. Filming in portrait mode always leaves a lot of the film out and you can end up with a portrait video that has lots of black space. This style of video simply isn't professional and if you are interested in producing a high quality clip you should avoid vertical video 100% of the time.

Check your lighting: Lighting is one of the most important elements that you can control in any film. If you can't control the lighting during the shooting process it can be extremely tough to make your videos look professional. There is no need to buy expensive lamps or to control the outdoor environment during shooting, but you can make sure that the natural light in your scene works well on the screen before you hit record.

Audio: one of the biggest problems with filming on a cell phone is audio. If your cell phone camera is unable to pick up good quality sound you may want to consider using an external microphone for dubbing over conversations and sound later on. Adding in music or cutting out the audio can be another excellent way to mitigate a bad microphone. There aren't too many cell phones on the market that can capture professional quality sound unless you are filming very close and under perfect conditions.

Consider a mount: Holding your cell phone to film will often produce an extremely shaky video. Make sure that you have a mount or at least a table that you can use to study the shot for optimal steady camera work.

Editing Tips for Android:

There are a wealth of programs available on Google play that you can use to edit videos right on your smartphone. Rather than having to take all of the captured videos into professional programs, these programs are a great way to quickly prepare the videos you want to upload.

Filmora: Filmora is a fairly simple application for editing together photos, videos and more. If you just want to add together a few effects, dub in some music or trim a few clips for a video this is a great way to do it. You can even directly upload final videos to popular social media networks such as Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook and more!

Download filmora  Download filmora

Kinemaster: This app is one of the easiest ways that you can drag-and-drop clips from your library, mix in lighting transitions, clip them together and quickly record voiceovers. Uploading the video is also a simple as signing into your YouTube account and then clicking the post button from the save screen.

Publishing and uploading tips:

The process of publishing can also be done on your cell phone with the help of a few apps like the Vimeo and Youtube. Both of these apps feature native upload services. The two video editing applications also include uploading services to make the process of uploading your video quite simple.

Once you upload your videos you also need to be sure to edit tags and descriptions to make sure that they are viewed and relatively easy to find. If you want to see a lot of traffic making its way towards your videos you have to be sure to use tags, titles and to include all of the appropriate information on the clip.

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Download filmora  Download filmora

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