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How to Make a Split Screen Music Video on Mac?

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Jun 16, 2023• Proven solutions

Split screen is a video technique in which the screen's visible area is divided into many portions, each presenting something comparable or completely different. A split screen simply inserts many shots into the frame; this technique can yield a variety of results.

With so many individuals working from home or simply staying at home, even if they aren't working, online collaboration films have become increasingly popular as a way to pass the time and be creative. You're going to need a split screen music video editor.

Benefits of using split screen:

  • One of the most common uses of the split screen effect is to present many perspectives simultaneously. It can be used to depict the same action from many perspectives or illustrate multiple activities occurring simultaneously. The split screen effect can be used to create a direct comparison between two different elements or actions on the screen at the same time.
  • Using the split screen video effect to produce another effect, such as a clone of a person, is arguably the most creative method to apply it. In other words, you might make a movie of someone conversing with a copy of yourself. You'll need to record two independent videos of the person and then position them side by side in the split screen to make a clone using the split screen effect.
  • A split screen effect may be a great tool for telling a story, whether it's for dramatic impact, offering instances of a point, illustrating what two or more people are doing at the same time, or numerous other possibilities.

Allow me to walk you through the process of creating your own split screen music videos on Mac in this article.

Part 1. Create a Split Screen Music Video on Mac with Wondershare Filmora

The finest split screen music video editor for Mac is Wondershare Filmora. The detailed procedures for making a split screen video with this split screen video editor are listed below.

Step 1. Add Media Files from Your Computer

Create a new project in Filmora for the split screen music video, then click "Import" to import your media files into the Media Library.

Step 2. Select a Split-screen Mode

At the top of the screen, click the Split Screen button. The library then allows you to browse and preview various split screen layouts. Drag & drop your favorite onto the timeline. Alternatively, you can add a preset to the timeline by right-clicking on it and selecting "Apply".

Step 3. Toss in Some Videos to the Preset

To access the advanced split screen edit panel, double-click the split screen preset on the timeline. Then, drag your videos to each screen in the preview box to create a split screen video. You can alter the starting timing of each video clip in the timeline by trimming the split screen video here, or double-click each clip to pan and zoom if necessary. To save the adjustments to the split screen video, click OK.

Step 4. Make Audio Edits

You can hear all the audios from the video segments if you play the split screen video in the Preview window. By pressing the Volume icon in this scenario, you can silence the audio in the clip. You can silence one or all of them, then replace the background audio in this split screen video.

Step 5. Save the Split-screen Music Video

You can save the split screen video in a variety of ways with Filmora. After you've completed the project, click "Export" to save the split video in several formats. You can choose to upload it to YouTube/Vimeo, or burn it to DVD.

Wondershare Filmora has also created a set of stunning split screen templates that are perfect for sharing on social media like Instagram and Facebook. You may instantly triple your fun by using many displays to convey your tale in a unique way.

Part 2. Make a Multi-screen Music Video on Mac with iMovie

With iMovie for Mac, you can make some really cool multi-screen music videos. You may tell any form of story with images and sounds, whether you're using an existing video or arranging photos. Split screen in iMovie is a cool effect that you should try. This allows you to simultaneously display two images/videos on the screen. To produce a multi-screen music video with iMovie, just open your iMovie project on your Mac and then follow these steps.

Step #1. Go to your movie's timeline and find the first clip you wish to use in the split screen video.

Step #2. Drag that clip to the top of the second one you want and release.

Step #3. At the top of the Viewer, click the Overlay settings option and select Side by Side from the drop-down menu.

Step #4. Now, your videos should now be shown in a Split Screen mode.

To change the layout, go to the viewer's Overlay settings and select Position from the drop-down menu, then rearrange your clips.

Step #5. Add your favorite music to power up the video.

Now that you have the knowledge of how to make a split-screen music video on Mac with iMovie, just give it a trial.

Part 3. Make a Split-screen Video on Mac with Final Cut Pro

Split-screen videos are not only a great style choice for a number of video kinds, but they also allow you to display more information on-screen than a single clip. With a little keyframing and split screens, you can make compelling motion graphics videos. In this part, we'll show you how to make dynamic split-screen music videos in Final Cut Pro.

While you may be tempted to jump right in and start designing a cool layout, it's a good idea to prepare ahead. A split-screen effect is achieved by stacking footage and altering the shape and scale of your video clips so that they appear side by side. As a result, knowing the layout you want to achieve will help you figure out the sizes for each video.

1. Horizontal and vertical splits

Split screens, both vertical and horizontal, are when the screen is divided into two areas, each displaying a distinct clip. You may use the same procedure for both sorts of split-screen layouts; the only difference is the cropping settings. Change the left and right controls for a vertical video and the top and bottom controls for a horizontal video.

Step #1. Place two clips in the timeline and stack them one on top of the other.

Step #2. Make a selection of the top layer.

Step #3. Find the Crop settings in the Inspector and reframe your clip by using the Top/Bottom or Left/Right sliders.

Step #4. Move the clip to cover half of the screen using the Transform tool.

Step #5. Carry on with the second clip in the same manner.

Step #6. Fine-tune the clip positioning and cropping until you're satisfied with the overall effect.

2. Video splits into multiple parts

You can utilize the vertical/horizontal method to make several splits, but you'll need to add more layers. It might be difficult to use the split screen effect with more than two layers of video, especially if you want to be accurate with your placement. For this example, we'll divide the screen into four halves.

Step #1. To begin, choose and stack your four clips in the timeline.

Step #2. In the scale setting, each clip you import should be set to 100%. Because we'll be dividing the screen into four sections, we'll need to divide the scale by two. Change the scale setting on each of your clips to 50%.

Step #3. Move each clip to a corner of the screen using the Transform tool.

3. Splits that are free-form

The freehand split screen is another type of split screen frequently used in music and motion graphics productions. The freeform approach consists of films grouped in any way you wish, rather than carefully lined out in equal proportions. It'll take some experimenting to get it right, but it'll be well worth it!

Step #1. Stack as many layers as you need.

Step #2. Adjust the Crop and Scale parameters for each clip individually.

Step #3. Arrange the clips in the layout you want on the screen.


The split screen effect basically fills your screen with many shots. It is a wonderful way to exhibit or highlight how one item connects to another. In this article, we have shown simple steps on creating split screen music videos on Mac. Always feel free to refer to them any time!

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