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How To Track and Blur Faces in Premiere Pro

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Feb 21, 23, updated Jul 12, 24

Many times, while making videos, you may capture strangers’ faces in the background. This can divert the attention of viewers or may ruin the overall impression. To solve this issue, you can use professional video editing tools to blur the faces in the video. By reading this article, you can learn how to blur the face in Premiere Pro efficiently. Moreover, we will also provide an alternative to Premiere Pro for your further assistance.

In this article
  1. Why Do You Need to Blur Faces in Videos?
  2. How to Track and Blur Faces in Videos with Premiere Pro?
  3. Bonus Tip – The Alternative to Photoshop to Blur Face in Videos

Part 1: Why Do You Need to Blur Faces in Videos?

Do you know what the actual reasons for blurring faces in videos are? Read this part of the article to find out the main causes of blurring faces in the videos:

1. Keeping Privacy

Invasion of privacy is both morally and ethically wrong. If you are making a video in some public place, you should ensure the complete privacy of strangers. For this reason, you should blur the faces in your video’s background to protect the privacy of others.

2. For Commercial Ads

If you are creating a commercial advertisement to sell your product, it may be possible that the video may contain some unwanted people in the background. To make your commercial advertisement look professional, you must hide the unnecessary people from your video.

3. To Create Social Media Posts

While running social media campaigns to raise awareness of any social issue, you must ensure to hide the individual’s face. The reason is that showing someone’s face on your social media post without their consent can be legally or morally wrong.

4. Hiding the Minor’s Faces

Many parents don’t like to expose their children’s identity over the internet. If you have created a video including a minor, you should blur his face to display a sense of responsibility. Thus, you must know how to blur the face of people efficiently.

Part 2: How to Track and Blur Faces in Videos with Premiere Pro?

Do you have any experience using Adobe Premiere Pro? This tool is one of the industry-leading platforms through which professionals can edit their videos effectively. Using this tool, you can edit your videos according to your preferences to express your emotions in a compelling manner. You can add music tracks to your videos to add more engagement for your viewers.

Besides being a great video editing tool, you can use this tool to add various modifications. For instance, you can add vibrant backgrounds and other elements to your videos. Moreover, you can also use Adobe Premiere to blur faces efficiently.

Steps to Blur Faces Using Adobe Premiere Pro

Are you ready to learn how to blur faces in Premiere Pro? Read this part of the article to learn how to track and blur the selected faces in the videos effortlessly:

Step1 Navigate to Adobe Premiere Pro and upload the desired video. Now head to the “Effects” option by selecting the “Windows” tab.

choose effects option

Step2 Afterward, type the word “Mosaic” in the search box and select this option in the results. Now drag and drop this effect on the timeline. It will add a blur effect to your complete video.

search for the mosaic effect

Step3 Now go back to the Windows section and select "Effects Controls". From its menu, turn off the applied Mosaic effect. From the same menu, select the “Circle” shape and apply it to the face that you want to blur. Afterward, you can turn on the toggle of the added blur effect.

draw a circle on the face

Step4 To adjust the blur strength, you can modify the Horizontal and Vertical blocks. To track the blurred face, you can go to the “Mask Path” option displayed in the left section. Just hit the “Play” button to track the selected mask forward. After some time, you can see the end results on the preview window. You can also adjust the keyframes to blur the selected mask efficiently.

hit the play icon

Bonus Tip – The Alternative to Photoshop to Blur Face in Videos

Do you want a simpler solution to blur the faces in your videos? No need to worry, as Wondershare Filmora brings an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that allows you to blur the faces with few clicks. It’s one of the most reliable platforms that you can come across to edit and modify your videos. It also offers preset templates and an Instant Mode that can help you to create a video from scratch efficiently. Also, it provides fast rendering speed so that you can see your final results instantly.

Free Download
Free Download

Step-by-Step Guide to Blur Faces in Filmora Video Editor

Are you wandering how to easily blur faces in a video? Follow the steps mentioned below to blur faces using the Filmora video editor:

Step1 Select Motion Tracking Tool

Once you are done launching Filmora, select "Create New Project." Afterward, import and drop the video into the timeline. Now place the play head at the start and proceed with the "Motion Tracking" tool.

tap on the motion tracking option
Step2 Start Motion Tracking Process

Now adjust the motion tracking space from your preview window. Once done, hit the “Start Tracking” button. Within a few minutes, you will be able to finish this process. Click the “OK” button to proceed.

start the motion tracking process
Step3 Choose the Mosaic Effect

To proceed, head to the “Effects” section and locate the “Video Effects” section. From there, search for the effect called "Mosaic." From the results, drag and drop the effect to the timeline and extend it according to your clip.

select the mosaic effect
Step4 Adjust the Blur Settings

Now, double-click on the effect to open settings. You can choose your desired “Blur Type” for your Mosaic effect from the settings. Also, you can change the opacity and blur strength. Afterward, adjust the blurred space on your preview window. Press “OK” to continue.

customize mosaic blur settings
Step5 Choose Mosaic in Motion Tracking

Double-click on the video clip on your timeline and select "Motion Tracking." On the drop-down menu, select "Mosaic." Afterward, press "OK," and you can see the final results in the preview window.

select mosaic in motion tracking


Have you accidentally captured the strangers' faces in your video? No need to worry, as this article can help you to blur the faces in the video with professional tools. By reading this article, you can learn how to blur the face in Premiere Pro instantly. You can also try our recommended alternative to Premiere Pro, known as Filmora, to get fast and high-end results effortlessly.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Jul 12, 24
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