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How to Create Slideshow in LinkedIn

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Apr 29, 22, updated Jul 12, 24
How to Create Slideshow in LinkedIn

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LinkedIn slideshows are interesting means of professional content presentations in an elusive and catchy style. Stay tuned to learn everything about LinkedIn slideshows!

Part 1 Why Should You Care LinkedIn Slideshow?

Today’s IT revolutionized era has a technology infused solution to everything and employment is no exception. Defining the platform, LinkedIn is a professional social networking site that allows you to put forward your qualifications, education, skills, expertise and experience to address your job oriented concerns. The platform is a market leader in hiring professionals to a diversity of work profiles, while increasing the number of potential audiences.

The social media platform essentially works to keep the job realm informed about you with the most detailed aspects. This is why, creating a LinkedIn profile turns out to be a significant step in the professional world. Let us get into understanding some more beneficial aspects of a LinkedIn recognition in the following section:

01Establishing Professional Connections

Making yourself available on the professional front through a LinkedIn profile lets you know about the diversities of recruitment prerequisites, connect with professionals belonging to different domains, backgrounds and industries, while getting numerous opportunities to meet people who share a similar work perspective as yours.

02Being Informed About Job Postings

A LinkedIn profile caters most effectively to your concern of getting regular updates about employment opportunities in a diverse range of industrial and business corporations, companies and recruiting agencies. You can use the platform to create a professional account and follow the respective company pages that match with your qualifications and expertise, to get the latest updates of their job postings and vacancy announcements.

03Recruiter’s Search Visibility

Having a LinkedIn profile affordably means that you are entitled to a recognition in the recruiter’s search results on Google, thus giving a considerable boost to your chances of being viewed and hired. This is additionally beneficial for the recruiting agencies as well, who get the maximum fruit with the least effort.


Creating a comprehensive LinkedIn profile with the correct choice of keywords and exact content opens up employment opportunities beyond the cross country borders, thanks to the platform’s global reach and credibility. This in turn, causes your professional integrity to be presented in front of a large scale audience diversity.

05Personal Branding

Being active on LinkedIn lets you become a brand for yourself through its endorsement and recommendation features. Seeing your LinkedIn profile, your akin, coworkers and professionally senior acquaintances of the past can write a positive testimonial on your expertise, thus increasing your chances of being hired to a new job post.

06A Valuable Asset

You can conveniently regard a LinkedIn profile as your professional diary, where you can update your latest corporate or industrial achievements, awards, project undertakings and voluntary activities. This will facilitate your recruiter with the latest and exact information about your corporate capabilities, which would further aid the latter to consider on hiring you.

07Real and Trustworthy Platform

Creating a LinkedIn profile essentially requires furnishing real and authentic details of education, skills and professional backgrounds for getting relevant opportunities in their respective fields. Uploading false information and fake details will anyway result in beating around the bush, without any significant gain and hence, this practice is essentially avoided by LinkedIn users.

08Active Job Search

Instead of following the conventional passive job seeker pattern of sending resume and waiting for the HR response, LinkedIn allows you to be in regular touch with the recruiter of your chosen company for latest updates on the hiring process. If you are worried of getting the ‘desperate’ tag, rest assured as the platform will rather present you as a proactive professional.

Part 2 What Are the Specs & Dimensions of LinkedIn Slideshow?

Now that you are familiar with the credibility of a LinkedIn carousel post in the professional world, let us get into some more details of the utility with proceeding towards a discussion of the different specifications and dimensions of a LinkedIn slideshow and the professional aspects of the same in the following section:

Take Care of the File Size

The credibility of LinkedIn carousel posts lies in the engaging presentation of your static and monotonous text to make them stand out of the crowded newsfeed. True that your creative skills are sufficient enough to design a graphic masterpiece, yet you should take care to remain within an affordable limit, lest you would end up with a large file that gets difficult to upload and process. Most reliably, a 100 MB file size would easily fit into the bill.

Restrict Your Slide Count

When creating a slideshow LinkedIn presentation, it is normal to get a bit over the line while including the most exemplary and comprehensive details about your professional qualifications, skills and background. Relax, that’s nothing wrong! However, all you need to care about is limiting the slide count of your slideshow to a maximum of 300 pages. As a genuine approach, no one would bother going beyond that to read about you anyway!

Use a Commendable File Format

You would ideally want the documents and media files in your slideshow to have the finest quality. LinkedIn allows you to create and share your graphic presentations in the PDF, DOCX, DOC, PPTX and PPT file formats. If you want the assurance of your slideshows having the highest resolution and appreciable output quality, it is recommended to save them in the PDF file format.

Make a Careful Upload

When you are ready to upload your presentation, consider taking a close preview of its contents to make sure that you have not missed out on anything. This becomes all the more necessary, owing to the fact that, you are not allowed to edit your post in anyway after it gets uploaded on your LinkedIn profile.

Bonus Tip

To include the latest and up-to-date information within your presentation, consider visiting the LinkedIn official webpage directly from your platform account.

Part 3 Examples of LinkedIn Slideshow

Creating a LinkedIn slide show can be both, exciting as well as advantageous on the professional front. After having an insight of the significance, dimensions and specifications, let us now move towards browsing through some of the most excellent examples of LinkedIn slideshow presentations in the following section:

Share Numbers, Infographics and Statistics

The utility of the LinkedIn platform to share documents has been worked upon by Brian Wallace, an infographic agency owner, to present his professional excellence in front of the target audiences through useful statistics and examples. Opening his work profile, you would firstly get to see an infographic PDF export, which are later uploaded as document files on a LinkedIn post that speaks in favor of the statistics.

Share Action Oriented Business Modules

Travis Lachner, the CEO of a renowned business enterprise, has worked upon the clever idea of designing appealing, call to action presentations to encourage the participation of his potential audiences in the business module through a graphical arrow desisgn, asking them to share their opinions via relatable comments.

Stepwise Instructions and Design Frameworks

This LinkedIn feature is utilized by Demodesk to present a stepwise demonstration of its newly launched ‘One Feature Framework’ through a slideshow presentation. You can work with the facility to share documents comprising of market oriented case studies, business reports, frameworks, etc., from your company’s official webpage.

Conference Presentations and Event Contents

LinkedIn slideshows are indeed the most expressive means of sharing conference essentials and event marketing. Such presentations have been perfectly put to use by Jens Hilgers, the eSports creator and entrepreneur, to help viewers and players in navigating through his game landscapes. You can also choose a simple task of creating a buzz of your upcoming event among your audience, like Garter did to inform about the CFO & Executive Conference.

Content Promotion

You can use a LinkedIn slideshow post to effectively promote your content among a global audience like Matheos Simou, a graphic designer cum recruitment strategist, who utilized LinkedIn presentations to educate his target audience about the significance of graphic desisgn and product branding outsources through his slideshow post titled ‘Flipping Pointless Brand Identity’.

Part 4 How to Create Slideshow in LinkedIn?

Having talked enough about LinkedIn slideshows and their market credibility, let us now make an attempt to try hands at creating professionally useful LinkedIn presentations. The following section describes a detailed, stepwise tutorial to adhere to the aforesaid purpose within a quick time span and utmost ease:

User’s Guide to Create a LinkedIn Slideshow

Step 1: Open Your LinkedIn Profile

Start with logging in to your LinkedIn profile in any preferred device.

Step 2: Create a Google Slide Deck

Launch Google Slides in your device and proceed to design a slide deck on the same.

Making a LinkedIn Slideshow Presentation- Creating a Google Deck

Step 3: Add Content to the Inaugural Slide

Populate the first slide of your presentation with the opening content, like the titles and subtitles of slideshow creation objective, company name, profile and expertise, etc.

Making a LinkedIn Slideshow Presentation- Creating the First Slide

As far as designing the subsequent slides is concerned, it would be a smart idea to clone the first slide to maintain an overall homogeneity.

Making a LinkedIn Slideshow Presentation- Designing Subsequent Slides

Step 4: Save Your Work

When you are done with creating the presentation, choose to save it on your profile in the PDF file format for ensuring a high output quality.

Making a LinkedIn Slideshow Presentation- Slideshow Save Interface

Step 5: Sharing Your Creation

Create a document post on your profile to share the slideshow presentation with fellow LinkedIn users.

Making a LinkedIn Slideshow Presentation- Document Sharing

Step 6: Describe Your Post

The last step is to supplement your post with a suitable description and a few catchy hashtags. When you are happy with your work, navigate to the bottom right of the profile screen and tap ‘Post’.

Making a LinkedIn Slideshow Presentation- Creating a Post

Creating LinkedIn Slideshows with Wondershare Filmora

When looking for a convenient and easy to use slideshow creator to design your LinkedIn presentations, you can rely on the Wondershare Filmora Video Editor Slideshow Creator software program to make high end, professional quality slide shows in a commendable resolution, and supplement them with a diversity of cohesive graphic effects.

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Ending Thoughts

LinkedIn slideshows are highly useful in creating a notable impact of your professional skills and capabilities in front of job recruiters.

There are some essential aspects of LinkedIn slideshows, which you should consider while designing your presentation.

Wondershare Filmora is certainly one among the best software solutions to create LinkedIn slideshows with high end professional excellence.

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