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Bandicut Video Editor Download and Review

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published May 24, 22, updated Feb 29, 24

Bandicut Video Cutter is super-fast video editing software, known for its ability to cutting and join videos. It is an easy-to-use interface for small and professional users. While maintaining the video quality, Bundicut enables the user to trim parts of the video quickly. With this software, users can split videos into multiple video files or join multiple video files and as well extract audio from the video to MP3.

According to Bandicut reviews, Bandicut is one of the best video cutting and joining programs for Windows. Its free version features are limited to support AVI, MP4, and MOV but it is set to watermark the final results. If you download the Bandicut premium version you will get features that can join videos, do the fast cutting and offer high-speed encoding without watermarking the final results. It is also important to understand that Bandicut software is not just a video cutter. This tool entertains its users with a range of features that are easy to understand and use.  

Key Features of Bandicut

Crop Video: Bandicut is a video clipping program that enables its users to crop-specific sections of the video. It specifies the beginning and the end of the video and with this, you can split a long recorded video into multiple frames.

Split Video: The split video function available in the Bandicut software can help users to split a large video into many video clips. This allows the video editor to collect and join those video clips that are theme-related.  

Merge Video: Bandicut software has a merge video feature used to combine video clips of different formats and from different files to create a new file. This feature provides two merging modes; the high-speed merging mode and the conversion merging mode.

Special Section Removal: This software allows the user to delete specific sections of the video. It is easy to remove the unwanted section of the video like those advertisements inserted in the middle of the videos. The bad sections are removed with a click.

Extract MP3 audio Files: Bandicut has a “Rip MP3’ function to extract the audio of the video to an MP3 file. When you download a video and you are only interested in audio, you can extract it from the video using this function.

Convert Video Format: This feature allows the user to convert the videos that are not able to play automatically on their gadgets and those that are not editable in the video edit programs.

How to Use Bandicut

Bandicut is an easy-to-use video cutter for windows even for those who are not familiar with video editing tools. You can trim or cut your videos with Bandicut by just adjusting the start point and endpoint for the video with simple sliders. For those that want to use High-speed mode to edit their videos, they should download Bandicut software and make sure it is correctly installed then start to join the video clips.

Here are a few steps that you can take when editing multiple video clips with Bandicut Video Cutter;

Step 1: Download and Install Bandicut

install bandicut

You can start by downloading and installing the software on your computer. Then run the program and start video editing.

Step 2: Join your multiple videos into one with high-speed mode

run bandicut

1.Now that you have successfully recorded and saved your multiple videos in your Bandicam recorder, click the ‘Join’ button and then select those multiple video files. This will transfer your videos from the Bandicam recorder to the Bandicut software for editing.

2.Press the Start button and then merge the videos with high-speed mode.

Step 3: Cut certain parts of a merged video in high-speed mode

edit video in bandicut

1.Click the ‘Cut’ button, open the Merge Video file in ‘Step 2’

2.Then set the certain parts you want to use and click the add segment (+) button.  

3.Click the ‘Merge Segments’ option and click the ‘Start’ button with high-speed mode.

If you follow the above steps carefully, you can successfully edit your multiple video clips with Bandicut Video Cutter software without losing the quality of your video.

Best Alternatives to Bandicut

There are several alternatives to Bandicut Video Cutter for Windows, MAC, Linux, and Web-based. Below are some of the best alternatives and their key features;

1. Filmora

Filmora is a powerful video editing tool for windows. This popular software is intended for those users who want to concentrate on editing and making high-quality videos. It is an affordable program built with cool features for both video and audio. It can provide you with a plethora of options when you are styling, adding effects, or customizing your videos. The ‘Tilt-shift’ feature is used to blur out selective video sections when one wants to emphasize a certain object in the video.  

filmora crop video

Additionally, the tools in this software make it possible for the users to put an overlay, create animations and specific elements as well as add audio and insert texts. It is an appropriate feature to use especially for those that want to make tributes, dedications, or put stories in the videos. To help you understand this software better here are some of its key features.

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Try It Free

For macOS 10.12 or later

Filmora Features

  • Split Screen: Easily make video and photo collages with animation by applying split-screen template.

  • Speed Ramping: Adjust your video’s speed with better control of your keyframes to create unique cinematic effects.

  • Key Framing: Bring dynamism and energy to your videos with smooth animated effects.

  • Motion Tracking: Track the movement of an object in the video, and pin graphics and media files.

  • Instant Mode: Easily create a video within a few minutes. No editing skills are needed

  • Green Screen: Reimagine your world by changing backgrounds and creating special effects.

  • Speech to Text: Allows you to transcript voice to subtitles in one click. Save plenty of time on transcribing

2. Camtasia

Camtasia Studio is a user-friendly software and handy app that can make your experience gigantic and impressive. It is perfect for both amateur and professional video creators as it allows the user to generate quality videos for presentation. The Camtasia Studio possesses an easy-to-use setup that allows its users with limited experience to make polished videos and share them with the community.  


Camtasia Studio software is built with cool and unique features for ideal video editing. This app can help you create tutorial videos, YouTube videos as well as other impressive videos for your presentations or marketing. With its abundance of powerful video editing tools, all level users can create professional videos without assistance from professionals. It is easy to use, quick, and professionally built with numerous features to generate the most effective-looking videos willing to be exported. There are several features of Camtasia but we will discuss a few of them below.  

Features of Camtasia

  • Record screen.

  • Proxy video.

  • Versatile transitions.

  • Audio emphasis.

  • Include royal free sounds.

  • Apply Direct Video Effects.

  • Insert Icons, shapes, texts, or clips.

  • LUT (Look Up Table) and Media mats.

3. Lightworks

Lightworks is described as cloud-based video cutting and joining software used to edit both amateur and professional videos. This software is created with powerful tools and unique functionalities to enhance the creation of quality videos for social media uses, 4K film projects, YouTube, and other professional uses. This software can integrate with YouTube, Boris FX, Blackmagic Fusion, and Boris Grafitti. The video editors can apply the key-framing feature in this software to make smooth translations between clips.

lightworks editor

This software is highly reputable in cinema history and is widely used as a video editor to make some of the finest movies in Hollywood. With Lightworks it is easy to edit clips using the drag-and-drop method. It's color blending and grading, it is easy to enhance video images. Lightworks works with post-production image composition solutions for visual effects and the software plug-in to help users achieve visual effect solutions.  

Features of Lightworks

  • Drag and Drop interface.

  • Video routing.

  • Fusion composition.

  • Content management.

  • Color correction and blend modes.

  • Chromakey application.

  • Apply Color LUTs.

  • Edit Multicam sources.

Related FAQs

Is Bandicut free to use?

Bandicut Video editor is not a free program and it requires the regular users to purchase a Bandicut license. Bandicut Video Cutter pricing begins at $29.95 for a one-time payment per user. The license does not expire or get revoked and can provide unlimited access to the user.   

Is Bandicut a good video editor?

Bandicut is one of the best video editors available in the market today and can be used for small and professional purposes. Its results are incredible and can add audio, trim, and join video files without losing video quality.  

Does Bandicut leave a watermark?

When using the free version of Bandicut you are likely to enjoy some great features but there will be a watermark on the final results. Professionals prefer using the premium version as it does not add watermarks to the final result.


Bandicut video editor and its alternative software is a video creation solution that everyone should embrace if they aim to archive quality. They are available in the online stores, and you can download Bandicut and install it without much effort. This article gives you knowledge on the above-discussed video creators to make your video creation journey a success. Clicking on individual software websites can add some more information on the above. Other sources of information are such as the Bandicut reviews.  

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