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Top 10 Free Green Screen APPs for Android/iOS

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Sep 13, 2021• Proven solutions

The background affects you use are largely likely to determine the quality of your videos and photos. Majority of the award winning videos use green screen apps to edit their still images as well as short video clips. Have you ever asked yourself; Are the movies and photos featuring Golden Gate or The White House as their backgrounds shot at those exact scenes?

It’s surprising to see how the internet is flooded with poorly edited videos, movies and photos despite the huge number of free green screen apps.

In order to learn how to use green screen effectively in all movie and photo scenarios, this article is subdivided into the following parts:

Part 1: What Is a Green Screen App and Its Uses?

Green screen app is an application that’s used by filmmakers, videographers and photographers to create unique backgrounds. Many great apps work perfectly well with windows, Mac, Androids and iOS. Whereas a few can be used online, majority are can only be used upon download. The green screen also known as Chroma key.

So, what are the uses of green screen apps? To replace the background of your videos and photos, you require a green screen app. Other uses include:

  • During weather forecasts, television producers use green screen apps to shade regions of interest.
  • In case of extensive use of single color in videos, you can use these apps to cut the color pixels from the video.
  • Green screen apps feature many editing effects that can be used to enhance the quality of videos.

Part 2: How to Use Filmora to Edit Green Screen (Recommended Tool)

If you want to use the best green screen, Filmora video editor is the tool to use. The green screen effect involves the superimposing of different virtual backgrounds during video making process. The combination of Filmora green screen feature and the thousands of HD royalty free video backgrounds in Filmstock makes it the perfect video editor for you. Learn more from Wondershare Video Community.

How to Edit Green Screen Using Filmora?

Step 1: Launch Filmora.

In order to launch this software, start by clicking any of the buttons below to download and install to your Mac or desktop. It’s compatible with Windows7/8/10. 

Download Filmora9 Win Version Download Filmora9 Mac Version

Once you’ve successfully installed, double-click the icon to open. 

Step 2: Import your green screen video footage and background to the timeline.

There are plenty of websites with wonderful green screen videos for you to download. To select a video background, go to Filmstock on the Wondershare website and download.

For your green screen video to appear on top, drag it onto track 2 and the background footage to the track 1. 

Step 3: Start editing.

The Chroma Key editing features are hidden in this part. To open the editing effects, double click on the green screen video.

On the pop up menu, just click the Chroma key option.

best green screen vedio editor

Use the editing panel to set the appearance that best fascinates your audience. 

Step 4: Save your video.

Click Export to save your created green screen. If you don’t have an account, create one for you to be able to access the Find Target. Tap the Find Target to choose where to save the video.

Part 3: 10 Best Free/Paid Green Screen Apps For Androids/iOS

After days of downloading and testing both the free/paid green screen apps for Windows, Mac and smartphones, here is a complete comparison chart of the findings.

Here is now the detailed elaboration of the green screen apps features, pros and cons above:

1. Chromavid – Easiest for shooting and sharing photos and videos using Chroma Key 

best green screen app

Compatibility: Androids 5.0+, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad (iOS 12 or later)

Price: $2.99

This app works pretty well with both photos and videos.

If you’ve been looking for the best green screen app for iPad this is the right app for you. Despite the low pricing, Chromavid has the top-notch Chroma Key effects like more Chroma colors, unlimited recording time and image merge functions. It’s the social sharing button and the option to shoot videos on Chroma key that makes Chromavid stand out.

To access the advanced Chromavid commercial use, you need to subscribe to the specific commercial version indicated on the License page.


  • Chromavid green screen app is simple and easy to use.
  • Also, the Chromavid plus plan produces watermark free videos and photos.
  • You can save edited videos directly into your device.


  • Only real-time photos and videos can be edited using this app.
  • Too much personal detail is required to open an account.

2. Kinemaster – Best app for smartphones and a powerful tool for video editing 

best green screen app

Compatibility: Androids 5.0+, Chrome OS, iPhone, iPod , iPad

Price: Free

Kinemaster’s Chroma Key function can be used to overlay texts, photos and videos.

Any person searching for the top free green screen app should consider Kinemaster. The supported multilayer effect allows users to lay video clips, images, texts and many more at once. The alpha mask feature found in this app can hardly be found in other apps. To eliminate the watermark and get unlimited export of 4K resolution backgrounds, just subscribing to Kinemaster premium plan.


  • Good for sharing to social media platforms like Instagram, Youtube, TikTok and Facebook.
  • 100s of weekly updated stickers, video backgrounds, video clips, transitions and music clips.
  • Can create multiple layer videos.
  • Availability of EQ presets, speed controls and preview features.


  • The current versions is malfunctioning
  • Not compatible with PCs and mac

3. Green Screen by Do Ink – This is probably the best green screen app for iPad users 

best green screen app

Compatible: iOS 9.0 or later and iPad

Price: $4.99

Its best for both photos and videos.

Green Screen by Do Ink prides in simplicity and is highly suitable for beginners, experts and even doodlers. When using the green screen editor, you’ll find the interface to be more friendly and easy to understand. It has only four simple elements that include:

  1. Source selector -Where to export images and videos.
  2. Preview window -For reviewing completed projects.
  • Timeline – For arranging exported images and videos.
  1. Toolbar – This is where you’ll find all the Chroma Key tools and buttons.


  • Supports any videos aspect ratio.
  • Plenty of drawing tools.
  • Ability to import images and videos from the camera.


  • The pricing is a bit high compared to other apps.
  • Only limited to iPhone and iPad.

4. Veescope Live Green Screen App – Highly suitable for editing real-time videos and creating QuickTime videos.

best green screen app

Compatible: iOS devices

Price: Free

The green Screen feature/ Chroma Key allow editing of real-time images from camera, photos and videos.

Any journalist specializing in weather forecasts should use Veescope Live to bring live forecasts and change backgrounds to fit any location. For high-quality videos, use the Remote feature to switch backgrounds as you desire. With the camera, shoot or record Ultra HD and 4K resolution photos and videos.


  • Easy to use the adjustable white balance and light exposure.
  • Ability to overlay up to 20 different backgrounds.
  • The new Pinch Zooming feature helps preview every detail of the project.
  • Best for any background green screen color.


  • The free plan has a permanent watermark.
  • Cannot undo or redo on the timeline.

5. Stop Motion Studio - This is the most versatile green screen app

best green screen app

Compatibility: Mac, iOS, Android and Windows

Price: For iOS-$4.99, Windows- $1.99, Mac- $9.99 and Android - $4.99

Suitable for both photos and videos.

Finding a green screen app for Windows and Mac with stunning features that are easy to use has been the most daunting task. With Stop Motion Studio, you can export edited videos directly to YouTube, work on a single project from mobile, export it to a computer, and create 4K Ultra HD videos. When using the Chroma Key/ green screen feature, you can automatically change the background by importing from any source.


  • Can enhance videos quality by using different backgrounds, foregrounds and transitions.
  • The built-in music helps improve the sound quality of the created green screen.
  • Can be used by beginners and is also suitable for all family use.
  • The Rotoscoping feature helps create unique videos.


  • No free plan

6. Chroma key Studio Pro – Highly recommended for TV productions and cinematic movies

best green screen app

Compatibility: iOS 7.0 or later (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch)

Price: $4.99

Used for creating green screen for both photos and videos.

Chroma Key Studio pro is probably the easiest green screen app for iPhone to understand and the simplest to use due to its limited number of features. The Intelligent auto enhance filter, color keying and the selfie mode camera feature make this app good for creating quick green screen images. Other top features are a huge gallery of photos and videos, 100s of effects and filters and high quality backgrounds.


  • Faster video editing.
  • Easy color separation.


  • Limited to only iOS devices.

7. PocketVideo – Preferred for Video Blogging

best green screen app

Compatibility: iOS 12.0 or later and Android 4.4 or later, PC and Mac

Price: Free

PocketVideo can only be used to edit videos and photos.

After years of searching for apps that can create YouTube vlogs, video bloggers have something to smile about -PocketVideo green screen app. Even though the number of features is innumerous, this green screen app for Mac and other devices is simple and highly suitable for videos making experts and beginners. The Animated Doodle Tool is the childrens go-to tool.


  • Can record and edit up to 10 minutes Ultra HD video.
  • Self-explanatory user interface.
  • Huge collection of free stickers, PNGs and GIF.


  • No training tutorials.

8. Green Screen Wizard Pro Studio Editor - Best for professional photographers

best green screen app

Compatibility: Windows7,8,10, Mac, Android and iPhone

Price: Windows/Mac- $199.95, Android- $4.99

This app is more suitable for editing photos.

Even though Green Screen Studio is costly, professional photographers continue to applaud it for its extra ordinary features. There are currently over 25,000 users. Using the color and brightness correction features for foregrounds and backgrounds, you can create stunning silhouettes and green screens.


  • Advanced Chroma Key features.
  • In-depth tutorials for each version.
  • Suitable for all children and professional experts.


  • Extremely expensive to PC and Mac users.
  • No image resizing feature.

9. Green Screen Studio - This is the photographers’ photo green screen app

Compatibility: iOS 9.0 or later

Price: $4.99

Works pretty well with both photos and videos.

Besides the obvious effects and transitions, this app has Extra photo editing features, blemish, red-eye and additional photo effects for editing photos. It also has an automatic green screen feature. To preview every detail of the edited video, use the Zoom feature.


  • Simple and easy to use.
  • You can manually apply backgrounds in this app.
  • Friendly interface.


  • Not compatible with PCs and Mac.

10. iMovie – Best for making Hollywood-style trailers 

best green screen app

Compatibility: iOS 13 and MacOS

Price: Free

iMovie green screen app was developed to create photo and video green screen.

iMovie is the most popular free green screen app. Using the AirDrop or iCloud Drive features, you can share your videos to any social media platform in a second. Its 10 Apple-designed photo and video filters are enough to make your edited videos win every award.


  • Has the best Apple designed features.
  • Free to all iOS users.
  • Has Dark mode features and 8 unique themes.


  • Requires an expert to perfectly use this app.
  • Only limited to iPhone and iPad.

Comparison Table of Top 10 Green Screen Software

No. Product Name Compatibility Pricing Rating
1. Chromavid Android 5.0+, iOS 12 or later, $2.99 /year 4.0
2. Kinemaster Androids 5.0+, Chrome OS, iPhone, iPad Free 4.4
3. Green Screen by Do Ink iOS 9.0 or later, iPad $4.99 /year 3.9
4. Veescope Live iOS 11.0 or later (iPod touch iPhone and iPad) Free 3.8
5. Stop Motion Studio Mac, iOS, Android and Windows iOS-$4.99, Windows- $1.99, Mac- $9.99, Android - $4.99 4.5
6. A Chroma key Studio Pro iOS 7.0 or later $4.99 /year 4.0
7. PocketVideo iOS 12.0 or later ,Android 4.4 or later, Mac and Windows Free 3.2
8. Green Screen Wizard Pro Windows, Mac, Android and iPhone Windows/ Mac - $199.95, Android - $4.99 3.0
9. Green Screen Studio iOS 9.0 or later $4.99 3.3
10. iMovie iOS 13 and MacOS Free 3.9


There are many green screen apps claiming to create the award winning Hollywood-like videos and the most admired photos. Caution: If you are not using the any of the above listed green screen app, kindly read user reviews and research widely!

Using tried, tested and proven apps on your PCS, Mac and smartphones is the only sure way of protecting your device. Which of the above apps have you used? Or, which one would you prefer? Share your comments or opinion on our social media platform.

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