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Version 1.3

May 9, 2019
Screen Recording
Improved support of screen recordings created with VLC and Mixer.
Orientation Handling
Improved orientation handling of media from mobile devices.
Software Update Checking
Software update checking is now working properly.
LUT Setting
LUT now has a strength setting to adjust the mix with the original image.
New Multi-language UI
Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Japanese.

Version 1.2

March 20, 2019
Improved Playback Performance
Better looped playback.
Better performance with certain media formats: MP4, MOV and game recordings.
Better general performance of Viewer playback.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes
Fixes for improved stability, media handling and UI issues.
Improved Crash Handing
On some systems, the graphics driver may be incompatible with FilmoraPro, immediately causing a crash during launch. We now detect this situation and alert the user if hardware is totally unsupported, or to upgrade driver if necessary.
Improved Merge Audio/Video
Works as expected, regardless of time offset between video and audio files.

UI Changes
Animation timeline is now hidden by default for cleaner UI and less distraction during playback.

New location of editor track options button for better visibility.
Fixed double menu bar on some older Windows systems.

Version 1.1

February 20, 2019
Timeline Performance
Improved timeline performance for better playback experience.
Bug Fixes
Miscellaneous bug fixes.
LUT Presets
New library of LUT presets for cinematic looks.

Version 1.0

December 18, 2018
Unlimited Tracks
Apply effects and transitions to all audio and video tracks. Work freely with no limits.
Range Markers
Mark in and out points to select the best segments of your shots. You can also use them to export just part of your timeline.
Grouping Timeline Clips
Apply color labels to organize clips in complex projects and make group edits quickly.
Add Only Audio or Video
Control what you add to your project. If you only need the audio or the video of a clip, Filmora Pro makes it easy to drag just what you need into your timeline.
Advanced Editing Modes
Advanced editing isn't about increased complexity; it's about increased efficiency. Tools like slip, slide, rate stretch, and ripple edit let you quickly draft your story and edit with precision.
Hot Key Editing
Use keyboard shortcuts to accelerate your work.
Split Edits
Create more sophisticated transitions with J and L cuts.
Insert & Overlay
Quickly add clips and reduce the amount work you need to do afterwards.
Envelope Editing
Fade your project's audio up or down at the clip, track, or master level.
Audio Mixer
Adjust and record volume settings on the fly with audio mixer faders.
Audio Noise Reduction
Powerful noise reduction algorithm analyses the audio in a clip and suppresses unwanted background sounds, like hum or wind.
Automatic Audio Sync
Automatically sync your cameras and audio devices with one touch
Audio Compressor
Enhance your audio like a pro. Use convenient presets or make your own adjustments to improve the sound of your audio.
Color Wheels
Make rapid and precise color adjustments with intuitive color wheels.
Shadow, Midtone, and Highlight Control
Draw out details from the shadows or change the overall exposure of your shot.
Verify your clips' exposure and balance with scopes. Histogram, parade, vectorscope, and waveform scopes let you make color decisions with confidence.
3D Luts & Color Grading Presets
Cinematic color presets you can apply to your videos easily.
Auto Color Correction
Quickly fix shots with auto color, auto contrast, and auto levels.
8-Bit Integer & 16-Bit Float
Reduce color banding or clipping by working in higher quality 16-bit float colorspace.
Hollywood-Style Effects
Access a library of quality visual effects including lens flares, distortions, and motion blurs to give your projects a cinematic feel.
High Quality Keyer with Matte Enhancement Tools
Create convincing greenscreen composites with a complete set of keying and matte enhancement tools.
Customizable Panels & Windows
Customize your workspace to suit your project and your editing style. You can rearrange panels across multiple monitors to see all of your project's elements at a glance.
Multiple Monitor Support
Takes advantage of all your displays to let you work better. See a fullscreen preview on one monitor while you edit your project on another.
Customizable Keyboard Shortcuts
Work faster with keyboard shortcuts, and customize your most used commands for ease of use.