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How To Animate Graphics in Canva

Benjamin Arango
Benjamin Arango
Originally published Jan 13, 22, updated Jul 12, 24
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Canva is a graphic design platform that allows users to create stunning designs for social media posts, presentations, assignments, recipe cards, birthday videos.

With the introduction of Canva's animation feature, a whole new world of possibilities are open to the public. Also, with pre-designed templates from professional designers, content creation has never been easier than Canva.

Animations themselves have the option of being individually customized element by element. Canva animated graphics makes it easy to unleash your creative potential.

This article will explore how to animate graphics in Canva that can suit every occasion.

 Part 1 Animate Your Graphic In Canva

People can create animations in Canva in one of two ways. You can select an animation from one of the pre-existing animated templates. This is a time-saving option as it lets you customize ready-made templates to suit your needs

With the pre-set animation templates, you have the option to choose from among

● Invitations

● A4 Documents

● Instagram Post

● Facebook Post

● YouTube Thumbnails

● Presentation

● Flyer/Poster

● Instagram Logo

● Infographic

These options generate the ability to be presented in both portrait and landscape mode. The multitude of options makes it an ideal medium for you to create your animation. The animation options at Canva also come with the opportunity to animate an existing image.

Free Animated Presentation

You can choose to animate an existing design. With a few minor edits, you can have a polished and sophisticated post that's bound to draw viewer attention and earn you kudos.

If this is the case, then you benefit from saving time and the expertise of a professional design team through Canva.

The second option is creating an animation by yourself. Creating your own animation offers you greater flexibility in executing your vision for the design. Without further ado, let’s look at how we can help this happen in the how to make a moving graphic in the Canva section.

 Part 2 Make A Moving Graphic In Canva

Making a moving graphic in Canva is easy. Canva offers an “Animation” button that allows users to animate each element in the content. There are four areas that the graphic can touch upon for content. These areas are text, image, audio, and video.

Here’s how you can animate individual elements in Canva.

2.1 How to animate text in Canva?

With text, Canva offers three options. You can choose to create either a title text, a sub-heading text, or regular text for use. Play with different styles and fonts to find one that suits your design. You can also add details like stickers or illustrations to customize the design.

You are now ready to animate once you’re happy with the design. Text animations will help your text jump out from the background. Then choose the "Animate" option in the sidebar after clicking on the selected text.

Animating Text in Canva

Allow your font to move around your design with motion. Thanks to "animate," you can choose between subtle, smooth movement and jagged and sudden motion. You can even mix and match animations for each word.

In Wondershare Filmora, a premier video editing software, the texts are available according to use. For instance, opening and ending credit texts as a template. With options for choosing subtitles, lower 3rds, and call-out templates.

Additionally, users can also save a particular setting as a “preset’. Which makes it easy to reuse the settings in future projects. You can also adjust the duration of the individual text display. It also has an animation option that allows animation of the text according to given presets.

2.2 How do you animate a picture in Canva?

Users have the ability to choose to animate just the image or animate other elements of the picture. They can also make use of options to edit the image using background remover. This allows seamless integration into the presentation.

Animating Images in Canva

Users can simply upload their photos. Choose a stock image or upload an image through your photo gallery to use in your design. You can also choose to use “frames,” which are available under the “Elements” tab in Canva.

Make your photo come alive by animating it. Choose from a variety of innovative animation possibilities by selecting the Animation tool. The duration of the animation can be changed using the stopwatch animation icon. It uses a slider to help in setting the duration of each animation. You can also adjust this manually.

2.3 How do you add music to animation in Canva?

Users can find a section dedicated to “Uploads,” allowing creators to use their audio content. The users can use a soundtrack from one of Canva’s audio libraries. This gives users control over their animation’s impact.

One difference between Canva and Wondershare Filmora is that Canva users can only use one audio per presentation. Filmora allows users to overlay multiple soundtracks to their timeline.

Users can also make use of the Audio Effects feature to create audio for “Echo,” “large room,” “small room,” “lobby,” and “phone.” The preview function can help users experience it live before applying the effect.

Filmora Pro’s Auto-Normalization of audio allows intelligent audio analysis and volume adjustment.

2.4 How do you animate video in Canva?

Canva offers presentations that are similar to the explainer-style videos on Youtube. With more modifications, you can convert the presentation to a video format. You can edit individual elements in the presentation to reflect the project details and outcomes.

You can also introduce transition effects to make the presentation a smooth video. Incorporating the three other elements will be a breeze to make a video with animation.

Video Animation in Canva

Another noteworthy thing in Canva is that users can upload their videos or use videos provided in the video library. You can also embed videos within a frame from the “Elements” section in Canva. You can trim the video input on the slide for time. It can be presented as a “loop” video.

Filmora offers all the essential video editing tools in addition to AI-powered features called Auto-Highlight and Auro-Reframe. Auto Highlight is a feature that extracts the highlights from a video clip autonomously.

This will save you time while cutting your movie. It also makes it easier to extract the best moments from the video.

Auto Reframe recognizes as well as crops the focal point of your footage, constantly retaining it in the frame. Your film’s primary action or object will never be out of focus within that technique.

 Part 3 Pricing for Canva You Should Know

Canva can be used among a multitude of users and companies. The range of access is from a single person use to teams of fifty. It also allows for a custom selection of a number of people.

Canva can be used as free graphic design software. It does display all available options with a few possibilities marked off for Canva Pro users only.

Canva Pro allows up to 5 users per team. A subscription to Canva Pro costs US $119.99 per annum or US $12.99 per month. Pro users have access to unlimited content and newly released tools.

The only difference between Canva Pro and Canva Enterprise is that Canva Pro is for smaller teams. Canva Enterprise allows collaboration between larger teams and franchises.

Canva also offers free Canva Pro subscriptions to non-profit organizations. Students and teachers are offered a special discount for those in educational programs.

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Final Words

We've covered how to animate graphics in Canva. You can animate individual elements in Canva or automate it on the whole. Canva's animate button is an automatic tool that revolutionizes the way traditional animation works.

Wondershare's Filmora is the video editing tool that is easy to use and offer various animation options.

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