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Tutorial Guide to Animate Pictures in Canva

Benjamin Arango
Benjamin Arango
Originally published Dec 09, 21, updated May 20, 24
Versatile Video Editor - Wondershare Filmora

An easy yet powerful editor

Numerous effects to choose from

Detailed tutorials provided by the official channel

With the rapid rise of social media worldwide, animated posts (like GIFs) are becoming famous. They have become a replacement to other modes like JPEG and .Png

Famous designing tools like Canva introduced an animation feature in the light of its popularity. The feature allows you to step up your social media game and creates animated visuals in a blink! It is also efficient for both professional and amateur users.

Besides social media content, Canva is also useful to design birthday cards, event invites, inspirational quotes, and more! Let's learn about how to animate pictures in Canva in detail.

Part 1: What Canva Pictures Can Be Used For?

Be it for marketing campaigns or projects, Canva is the best tool for all designing work. It is a foolproof platform where you do not need prior designing experience. Canva is useful for

What Canva Pictures Can Be Used For

Social media/Instagram Posts: You can build your Instagram presence by creating posts through Canva. It has multiple templates and features to make alluring Instagram posts. It also has drag-and-drop free images to add customized designs to the template.

Facebook Covers: You can make Facebook covers on Canva by choosing a layout and adding other elements. You can include colors, fonts, and pictures on the cover. Canva has templates for all themes, moods, and styles!

Event Invites: Canva has hundreds of free layouts and libraries to create event invites. You can choose the appropriate template and incorporate party-oriented photos, icons, stickers, illustrations, and graphics. It also has a personalizing option to add personal pictures and artwork in the editor.

Inspirational Quotes: Canva allows you to curate inspirational quotes and dispense motivation in people. It has templates to modify the elements like font size, text size, borders, images, and more!

Collages: It helps create a collage where you can combine multiple pictures in one frame. Canva offers various grids with a capacity of 12 pictures and different sizes.

Part 2: How to Animate Pictures in Canva?

Canva helps you add instant animation in presentations, social media posts, and more. To know how to animate images in Canva, follow the below steps:

How to Animate Pictures in Canva

Step 1: Add Static Elements

Start by creating an image through static elements. To make the design attractive, you can add sample texts, illustrations, doodles, and other entities.

Try to stimulate your creativity and come up with a layout beforehand. If possible, sketch on paper and replicate the same.

Step 2: Animate Your Design

Take a final glance at the layout. Make sure it's perfect. Once all the elements are placed as per your design, it's time to animate them. For that:

  • Click on the white background page
  • Go to the "Toolbar" section
  • Select the "Animate" button

Step 3: Select Page Animation Style

Canva offers six animation styles, where five are for free users, and one is for pro users. To access the five animation styles, follow these steps.

  • Press the "Animate" Button
  • Select "Page Animations"
  • There you will find options like Block, Pan, Fade, Rise, and Tumble
  • Select the style as per your design

Step 4: Preview and Download

After selecting a page animation style, it will preview the effect. If you find it good, move on to downloading the GIF. Here's how to do so

  • Go to the "Toolbar" option (present on your upper right hand)
  • Choose GIF as the file type
  • Check the page number and verify if it's correct
  • Press the "Done" button

Step 5: Final GIF

After clicking on the "Done" button, your GIF will be downloaded. You will be able to see a display for five seconds. If you want to edit the image after this, click on the time button (near the "Animate" button).

So, that was all about how to animate a photo in Canva.

Drawbacks of Canva

Despite efficient features and easy interface, there are certain areas where Canva lacks. This includes

  • It does not have any local file storage.
  • As too many people use Canva, your template may look the same as others.
  • Some of its best features are not free to access.
  • The mobile app version lacks certain elements and features.

Out of all these drawbacks, repetitions of templates are a big issue. That's because everyone wants their posts to look unique and irreplaceable. However, common Canva templates may prevent that from happening.

Fortunately, there are ways to combat such issues. Let's learn about them in the next section.

Tips: Animate Pictures In Video

You can also animate pictures in the video to make them more lively. For that, you can use Wondershare Filmora Pro Video Editor. It's also efficient if you don't know how to animate a picture in Canva:

Wondershare Filmora Video Editor

Filmora by Wondershare is a video editing software that helps you build custom animations easily. It has auto features to make epic stories and posts.

Wondershare Filmora

Get started easily with Filmora's powerful performance, intuitive interface, and countless effects!


Its drag and drop effect makes designing simple and quick. Due to its outstanding attributes, options, and styles, Filmora has 77+ million happy users!

It's a power-packed integration of functionality, performance, and more! In fact, it resolves the repeated template issue of Canva. The software has top-notch functions and innovative filters that add authenticity to the designs.

Till now, you learned about how to animate a picture on Canva. Now, let's comprehend the right way to use Filmora for animating and adding images in the video.

Before using, make sure to update the software to its latest version. Follow separate methods for both Windows and Mac.

For Win

Step 1: Adding Image to Video Track

With Filmora, adding images to video is a matter of seconds! Start by:

  • Identify the position where you want to add the image and place the Playhead there.
  • Right-click on the picture from the media library. Click on the "Insert" option. Your image will be added. Select the "Append" option, if you want to add an image at the video end.

Adding Image to Video Track

Note: How to Remove Black Bars around the Image?

  • Go to "Settings" from the File section.
  • Click on the "Editing" tab and select "Photo Placement."
  • Choose from the "Crop to Fit" or "Pan To Zoom" option. The black bars will be removed.

To add the image in between the video clip, split them. Now, add the image between the split parts.

Step 2: Add Images as Overlays

To add images as overlays, drag the image to a video track above the main track. The main track consists of your video.

Track 1 (or the track with a video clip) is the base of your video. If you add anything else, it will be displayed above this track as video track 2, 3, and so on. Overall, you can add 100 video tracks.

Step 3: Edit Your Image

If you know how to animate an image in Canva, editing images on Filmora is even easier. You can try the following methods:

Animate Your Images

  • To add animation presets to the image, click on the image twice.
  • Go to the "Animation Tab" and look for an animation preset.
  • Drag the presets to the image for its effect

Animate Your Images

Make Image Color Adjustments

  • Double-click on the image
  • Go to the "Color" tab and then the "Color" section
  • Customize the temperature, saturation, brightness, etc., as per your need.
  • Press Ok.

Change Image Duration

You can increase the image duration to more than the default timing of 5 seconds. For that:

  • Click on the image and select the "Duration" option.
  • Go to the "Duration Setting" panel.
  • Add the new duration timing.

Change Image Duration

Adjust Position, Rotate/Flip, and Opacity

  • You can resize the image position through the circles and squares at the image edges.
  • To flip or rotate the image, double-click on the picture. From the "Image Panel," go to "Transform" and then click on "Rotate." You can choose either "Horizontal Flip" or "Vertical Flip" to flip the images.
  • Double-click on the image and click on the "Composting" option to add opacity. You can choose the blending mode or adjust the "Opacity" accordingly.

Adjust Position Rotate/Flip and Opacity

For Mac

Filmora for Mac comes with a drag and drop feature to add transitions, animated titles, and effects. You can start a new project from scratch by clicking on "New Project". The entire process is the same as that for Windows users.

To apply animation in the images, use the motion effects option. For that,

  • Click on the Image
  • Go to Motion Tab
  • Select a motion effect
  • Double-click to apply the effect

For Mac Filmora


So that's how to animate photos in Canva. Hopefully, our steps will help you revamp your posts like a pro! If not Canva, you can use its alternative Filmora. It's equally prominent, user-friendly, and feature-rich.

Versatile Video Editor - Wondershare Filmora

An easy yet powerful editor

Numerous effects to choose from

Detailed tutorials provided by the official channel

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