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Top 10 Animated Photo Collage Apps You Should Know

Benjamin Arango
Benjamin Arango
Originally published Dec 14, 21, updated Jul 23, 24
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What if you wish to animate images, adding movement to stationary objects in time? Well, there are apps for these purposes!

Videos and GIFs are a mainstay of social media. These days it's rare to see a still photo online. The simplicity with which you can add filter and movement effects to your images has identified a proliferation of these online animated photos.

So what if you wish to apply animation to a still image? There are many apps for such purposes. Given below is a selection of the best apps you can use to animate images on both Android and iPhone devices with the help of animated photo collage apps.

 Part 1 Top 10 Animated Photo Collage Apps

We’ve compiled an index of the top 10 animated collage apps compatible with photo enthusiasts and photographers at every level of expertise. Most of these amazing apps are available for both iOS and Android, so there are numerous options no matter what device you’re using.

Before showcasing your collage-making skills, gather the perfect images from your last photography project.



The GIPHY is the mega search engine for all things related to GIFs.

Here, you can easily upload and find reaction memes for anything under the sun; GIPHY is also available with a mobile app. It also helps you to frame your GIFs and animate photos. Then, you can upload them by using the inbuilt animation tools on the platform.

It consists of a sticker maker (available for iPhone X and later), and you can also add captions to your animated images or shoot your short videos.

2. Motionleap


Motionleap is also an ideal animated photo collage app, and for a good reason. This app is highly reviewed, with 250,000 plus ratings of five stars in the Play Store.

Motionleap is a free animated photo collage app, although there's a subscription and Pro version, too. Also, it doesn't put a watermark over your image when you download it to your phone.

The app's primary goal is animating still images and converting them into short, concise, and looping videos. Programming directional cues can easily do it into your image by dragging your thumb across the screen.

You can also freeze certain image sections and apply filters on top of your picture to frame an atmosphere within your image.

Unluckily, Motionleap saves your animated still photos in video format unless you've paid for a Pro account.

3. Movepic


Movepic is almost similar to Motionleap in that it animates images, but you can make a massive chunk of this animation with its inbuilt filters and overlays.

The only limitation is that you wouldn't be able to remove the watermark without updating it to a VIP account. Movepic also saves your pictures automatically as a movie file than within a GIFformat.

4. ImgPlay


ImgPlay is another ideal animated collage maker app you can use to animate images. It creates ready-to-use animated images for the web and consists of easy-to-understand yet advanced controls. Unfortunately, it also adds a watermark on your image—one that you can't remove unless you update to a complete account.

The process of making animated images online and GIFs can be in a couple of different ways within ImgPlay itself. You can use still photographs side-by-side, use burst images, or even videos.

5. Zoetropic


If you wish to animate your photo within a few minutes only, Zoetropic is for you. Though its functions aren't as extensive as other apps we've mentioned, it does the job pretty well.

To get started, you choose your images and then select motion points. Next, you mask or stabilize the areas you want to keep still. Finally, you choose your overlays and animations. You can also change colors and add tags.

On the downside, it has limited the number of effects you can access on a free account. However, you might find what you're considering if you are looking for a prompt manner to animate a photo online.

6. StoryZ


Despite its unattractive user interface, StoryZ is one of the useful apps on this list. It works excellent with still photographs to animate them effectively via various programmed paths of movements, overlays, and color filters—a lot of which are free and unique. It also automatically saves your files as GIFs.

One of the most incredible things about StoryZ is cutting the watermark from your image if you preview a quick ad before saving the file.

7. Lumyer


Lumyer is one of the useful animated photo collage apps on our list, which lets you add hundreds and thousands of effects to your pictures to animate them. So whether you wish to include sparkle or subtle weather effects, seasonal animations for Christmas and Halloween, or all-out scene transformations like appearing on a rollercoaster, Lumyer can do it.

If you're okay with the watermark, Lumyer is a good choice, but otherwise, you may prefer one of our other recommended photo animation college apps.


vimage 3d

VIMAGE got recognized with Google Play award in 2018. It can make some pretty good-looking animated photos in just a few clicks. There's a wide variety of animations, filters, and sounds to select among a bundle of options.

You don't even need to select the object because VIMAGE detects and replaces it for you quite automatically.

Similar to these apps, you do need to pay to remove the watermark, get access to the full effects library, and you can export your photos online in up to 2560p resolution.

9. Photo Bender

photo bender

Photo Bender is an Android-specific animated photo collage app that helps you warp to animate photos digitally by coloring your image by stretching it, bending it, and using brushes. You can then export your transformed images as GIFs, JPEGs, MP4s, and PNGs.

While this app doesn't contain ratings like others on this list, it is highly rated, so it's still worth a look.

10. Werble


The primary purpose of Werble is to animate your images, and while the basic account is free, in-app purchases are also available. Most of Werble's animations come through different filter effects that you can add on top of your images.

A downside to Werble is that it saves these images entirely automatically as GIFs, so they're ready to use online. The limitation? However, you need to pay to cut the watermark that they place on your image. That watermark is huge enough to be disturbing.

 Part 2 Wondershare Filmora: The Advanced Editing App of 2022!

If you are tired of considering various animated photo collage apps, here is a section to introduce you to the best alternative with a reliable yet powerful video editor.

Filmora: This platform comes entirely loaded with advanced social integration options and editing functions. You can enjoy premium preloaded video editing services on your mobile devices with this tool. For video customization requirements, you can imply multiple caption options, title editing facilities, and advanced animation effects.


Filmora Features

  • Filmora is available for both Android as well as iOS devices without any login.

  • Filmora assists users in importing camera roll, Instagram, Google Plus, and Facebook collections with simplicity.

  • This software tool contains different advanced features and highlights the missing components of the above-listed animated collage maker apps.

  • You can add watermarks to all created videos.

  • Above all, now share videos directly shared via Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Email, Vimeo, YouTube, etc.

This advanced editing tool, Wondershare Filmora, can efficiently serve all your requirements. The good part is that it syncs well with iOS and Android devices so that you can access it anywhere with simplicity.

Also, Filmora provides is compatible with 4K videos, which is the most outstanding merit for developing informative video sessions and tutorials. Its ability to work offline with principal functions will simplify your editing tasks even when the internet connection is still an issue.

Wondershare Filmora

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The AI Portrait is a new add-on in Wondershare Filmora. It can easily remove video backgrounds without using a green screen or chroma key, allowing you to add borders, glitch effects, pixelated, noise, or segmentation video effects.

ai portrait wondershare filmora


Now that we've run through some great animated photo collage apps that can enliven your images, you can choose the ones you're wandering to try out. They all follow roughly a similar concept, so you should select the ones you think will work best for such needs.

Gone are the days when you had to necessarily use a robust desktop computer to edit your videos and images. You can go forward to efficiently perform the same operation all from your smartphone with significant effects by using the Wondershare Filmora.

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