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Best 10 collage apps for android ​in 2022 (Top Picks)

Best 10 collage apps for Android in 2022 (Top Picks)

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We all like to share the best moments of our lives on social media. Creating a collage is the best way to show many pictures in one frame and sharing them in a single post. All you need to do is, just download a good collage maker app, arrange the pics in a suitable frame and share them on social media.

Today, for Android users, there are thousands of collage making apps available on the Google store and to find a genuine and good app out of these could be time taking. So if you are searching for a good collage maker then your search ends here. This article brings you the 10 best collage maker apps for android users in 2022.

Part 1 Top 10 Collage Apps for Android

01Photo Collage Maker 

Download Cost - Free

In-app Cost (per Item) - $0.99 - $12.99

Android Version - 4.4 and above

One of the best collage maker for android users is "photo collage maker".

This app is one of the highest-rated apps on the play store. Using this app you can add up to 18 pics and make a college of your choice in a few minutes. You can also opt for Freestyle grids, backgrounds, stickers and many more. This app has been downlaoded more than a million time.

photo collage maker


Download Cost - Free

In-app Cost (per Item) - $0.99 - $59.99

Android Version - Varies with device

Second on the list is PicCollage, using which you can create perfect collages and impress your friends on social media. This app has hundreds of templates to make your collage look awesome. You can also use 'Freestyle' mode and create your own design in a black canvas like background. The UI of PicCollage is very catchy and this app is packed with a number of other features for creating wonderful collages. This app is supported in most of the android versions.

pic collage


Download Cost - Free

In-app Cost (per Item) - $0.99 - $119.99

Android Version - Varies with device

Pics art is the most popular app for creating collages. This app provides its users with tons of features like Freestyle mode, various backgrounds, templates etc. Users can make their scrapbooks in this app. Picsart has over a hundred different designs and combinations of frames to make your collage out of the world. This app has UI which is very easy to operate.



Download Cost - Free

In-app Cost (per Item) - $7.49 - $8.99

Android Version - 5.0 and above

If you want to create a collage of a bigger size using a high number of photos then Gandr is the best possible option. The other collage maker app allows about 15 -20 pics max but using Gandr you can create a huge collage using 100 - 200 pics. This app has options of 10 different aspect ratios and up to 10,000 x 10,000 resolution.



Download Cost - Free

In-app Cost (per Item) - NA 

Android Version - 3.0 and above

If you are looking for a simple and easy to use collage maker app for android then PhotoGrid app is worth considering. This app helps you to turn your pics into stunning collages in a matter of a few minutes. PhotoGrid comes packed with features like Freestyle mode, various backgrounds, templates, filters, emojis etc. This app also has to feature to create the scrapbook for long time memories.



Download Cost - Free

In-app Cost (per Item) - $0.8 - $ 11

Android Version - 4.0 and above

Moldiv app created by jellybus is a one stop shop for the best college creation. This app provides the feature to add up to 9 images in a single frame and you can share the collage to Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and all other popular social media networks directly from the app itself. Moldiv have options of Beauty Camera and the Pro Camera to have better selfies. Needless to say, other features like Freestyle mode, various backgrounds, templates, filters, emojis etc are all available at a minimal cost.



Download Cost - Free

In-app Cost (per Item) - $0.99 - $7.49

Android Version - 4.4 and above

If you want to make your Instagram profile more attractive and unique then try GridPost. This app was actually designed for Instagram itself. This app allows you to split (crop) your large rectangular photos into a number of square pics which will add more charm to your insta uploads. GridPost have over 55 filters, 120overlays and thousands of artworks, fonts, and stickers. The best features include the removal of the watermark according to your wish.



Download Cost - Free

In-app Cost (per Item) - NA

Android Version -  4.1 and above

If you are looking for an absolutely Free of cost app which has no in app purchases for advanced features then try Inframe. You can get over 100 grid layouts to choose from. You can also opt for Freestyle grids, backgrounds, stickers and many more. If we talk about UI, InFrame has the best. This app is packed with 100 layouts of photo frames to make your collages look unique.


09Square Fit Size

Download Cost - Free

In-app Cost (per Item) - NA

Android Version - 5.0 and above

Another name in the list of best collage maker apps for android is Square Fit Size. To begin the list of features, this app comes with more than 200 templates, 20 photo filters, hundreds of emojis and stickers. You can create 3D shadows collages using this app. Other features of Square Fit Size includes 'add text to your photo' and 'blurred background' to collage.

square fit size

10Square Quick

Download Cost - Free

In-app Cost (per Item) - $0.99 – $10.99 

Android Version - 5.0 and above

The last app on our list is Square Quick. If you want to create high-quality photos and grids for your social media accounts then Square Quick can be a suitable choice. This app allows you to edit/square photos to Instagram or Story with stylish effects, filters, overlays and funny stickers. It has a built-in No Crop function to create insta-sized square pictures.

square quick

Part 2 How to Create Photo Collages on Android

So now you know the best collage maker apps for android. But if you are worried about how to make a good and attractive college then don't worry, we are here for you. All you need to do is to download any of the above mentioned apps and follow the step given below. To explain to you we have used the example of the PhotoGrid app, but you can use any app and the steps and procedures are almost similar.

Step 1: To begin with you have to download the Photogrid app from the play store and install it on your phone.

Step 2: Now open the app and choose the style of your preference to make the collage. Here you can find various styles, choose according to your wish.

create photo collage photogrid 1

Step 3: After selecting the style of collage, you need to select the images to fit in it. PhotoGrid will ask you to choose the location from which you want to import the images.

create photo collage photogrid 2

Step 4: Now you have to choose the images of which you want to make collage. Select the images, if you want to replace any image from the selected ones then, select the edit option and replace the images you want.

create photo collage photogrid 3

Step 5: You will see the left and right arrows at the bottom of your screen. Press them to adjust images in the collage.

create photo collage photogrid 4

Step 6: After arranging the images in the order of your choice click on the "save"  option. You can save the collage into your SD card or internal storage.

After following these six steps your collage is ready. Now you can share the collage on social media and increase the number of your followers.

Key Takeaways from This Episode

Collages are the best way to show your images in a single frame. So in order to make your social media account more attractive and unique just download the above mentioned apps and start making the collages

Using these apps and the in-app purchase in them you can create wonderful collages and impress your followers and friends.

If you find any problem in making the college then just go through the tutorial mentioned above and you will be a pro in collage making.

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