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10 Best Audio Editor in 2024 [Windows, Mac]

Have you ever used an audio editor before? You might have but was it the best one? To learn about the 10 best audio editing software, read the article below.

Max Wales
Max Wales
Originally published Feb 28, 22, updated Jun 12, 24

We often need to edit audio files, but the only thing that matters is using a good audio editing app. The question here is, how do you know an audio editor is good or not? The most basic requirement for good editors is a clean and understandable interface. If the interface of the audio editor is cluttered, you will never be attracted. Isn’t it right?

Does your song editor support multi-tracks? This is because the next thing that matters while selecting a good editor is the facility of multi-track to handle complex projects. Like this, many other factors are essential to consider. For now, let’s move on and share 10 audio editors.

Part 1. 10 Best Audio Editor for Windows and Mac

Now that you have a little idea about what a good audio editor should have, let's share something new now. The following section of this article will introduce 10 great songs editors. So, let’s start without further delay!

1. Ocenaudio

Compatibility: Windows & Mac

Let’s start the discussion with Ocenaudio audio editor, as this is a powerful, fast and easy editor. The interface of Ocenaudio is very clean and interesting because of the colorful buttons. This audio editor is an open-source platform. Is Ocenaudio efficient?

Yes, it is! This editor offers keyboard shortcuts that make the tool easy and efficient to use. What features do you get from Ocenaudio? Along with basic editing features like trimming, cutting, you also get noise reduction, filters, 31-band equalizer, pitch adjustments, etc. Sounds great!

ocenaudio interface

2. Audacity 

Compatibility: Windows & Mac

Are you ready to know about an open-source song editor? We are pointing towards Audacity editing software. Audacity is an open-source, free, cross-platform audio editing software that provides various features. This audio editor is a multi-track, and apart from editing capabilities, it also has recording functionalities via a microphone, mixer, etc.

This editing software supports different sound qualities like 16-bit, 24-bit, and also 32-bit. For editing audio, you get features like Cut, Delete, Copy, Paste, etc. Audacity supports different plugins, including LADSPA, Nyquist, VST, Audio Unit Effect, and LV2. You can import and export various file formats to Audacity. Looking forward to it?

audacity open-source editor

3. TwistedWave

Compatibility: Mac

What cool features does TwistedWave song editor has to offer? Let’s explore! This editing software is not just an ordinary editor; you get a lot more than that. For instance, features like Recording, Mastering, Batch processing of files, Converting Files, etc., are offered. Moreover, with the TwistedWave editing tool, you can get Pitch Shift technology, Time Stretch, etc.

This editor also offers Silence Detection, Video Sync, and many more cool audio editing features. Do you know what else TwistedWave has? Well, apart from all this, this editor also has Speech Recognition capability and supports multichannel audio editing. Perfect, right?

twistedwave mac

4. WavePad Audio Editing Software 

Compatibility: Windows & Mac

Can you name a software with advanced tools? It's WavePad Audio Editing Software with advanced tools like Spectral Analysis, FFT, and TFFT. This audio editor supports almost all file formats like MP3, FLAC, OGG, M4A, etc. This editor provides great ease; do you know how? It allows batch processing of files, which means everything is applied to multiple files at once. This is quite interesting.

Features like a scrub, search and bookmark audio are available for precise audio editing. If you want to use the Noise Reduction feature, you can also get access to that from Audio Restoration. WavePad Audio Editor supports sample rates ranging from 6 kHz to 192 kHz. Looking forward to using it?

wavepad audio editing software

5. Fission Audio Editing

Compatibility: Mac

Do you think editing is a chore? Try Fission Audio Editor, and this will change your mind. This audio editor comes with features like cut, trim, join audio, split files, and much more. Unlike other software, this audio editor promises to retain the original quality of the audio file even after editing. Additionally, this software provides fast, streamlined editing. Pretty awesome, right?

Are you ready to learn more about Fission Audio Editor? This editing software allows Smart Split, Quick Audio Removal, and much more. It supports various formats, including FLAC, AIFF, MP3, WAV, etc. Should we share something remarkable about the editor? Well, it lets you create unique ringtones.

fission audio editing

6. Sound Forge Audio Editor 

Compatibility: Windows

Editing features like Mastering, Recording, and also Audio Editing have been made easy and fun with Sound Forge Audio Editor. The interface of this song editor is very clean and understandable; do you know why? This is because the left side of the screen offers all the tools and different editing options from where you can select and move on. You would be surprised to hear about it.

This editor has a lot of new features like Modern Reverb, Modern EQ, Resampling Engine, Optimized Multichannel handling, and so much more. For audio editing, you get functions like cut, move, and edit; this software also offers professional effects and 64-bit power up to 6 different channels.

sound forge audio editor

7. Logic Pro

Compatibility: Mac

What should we share next? How about Logic Pro? This audio editor is incredibly powerful and very creative. You can do wonderous audio editing, beat making, audio mixing, and much more with Logic Pro. It supports a massive collection of plugins and sounds like instruments, effects, etc. Do you wish to know more?

How to best use the tools? Well, with Logic Pro, use multi-touch gestures to adjust the instruments, track mixing, control features, etc. The interface of this software is loaded with different features and editing options.

logic pro mac interface

8. Ashampoo

Compatibility: Windows

Which song editor offers keyboard shortcuts? Its Ashampoo. This editing software provides tools for easy audio trimming, audio splitting, mixing, cutting, etc. Along with this, it also offers tempo analysis and smart synchronization. Curious to hear more about it?

How do you organize songs? Ashampoo organizes songs efficiently with different templates. This editor works perfectly because it has an optimized workflow. It surely is among the best.

ashampoo music studio 8

9. Acoustica

Compatibility: Windows & Mac

Acon Digital made Acoustica, which is an audio editor. It is available in two variants, Standard and Premium versions. Both the offered editions are powerful audio editors. It allows you to edit and navigate a single track. You can also edit multiple tracks at once while maintaining the quality. There is a lot you can find in this.

Acoustica provides you the facility to add processing tools and chains through plugins. It has made it capable for the users to use timer and input level triggered recording. Acoustica also has an ultra-fast, non-destructive editing engine that can be used as a song editor. Make the best use of this tool for your tasks.

acoustica audo editor

10. Adobe Audition

Compatibility: Windows & Mac

Have you not found any audio editor that can help you make what you want with full freedom? Adobe has made that possible. Adobe Audition is a platform available for everyone to use. It has a sophisticated and eye-catching user interface that you will not find among others.

You have always heard about Adobe being among the best tools. This professional editor provides top-notch facilities. Apart from editing, Adobe Audition is an audio clip editor that allows you to clean and restore your pre-recorded audio.

adobe audition interface

Final Words

What if we ask you to name an excellent audio editor? Can you name any? After reading the above article, we hope that you have learned something as we shared 10 amazing song editors along with their impressive features. Are you a content creator? You must also need a video editor along with audio editors to edit your videos. One great video editor is Wondershare Filmora.

This software not only offers editing tools but also provides editing elements, video effects, sound effects, transitions, titles, and whatnot. What else do you get from Filmora? The advanced editing section is packed with features like AI Portrait, Auto Highlight, Normalize, Video Stabilize, and much more than you can imagine.

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