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[Tutorial Guide] How to Add Music to KineMaster

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published May 13, 22, updated Jul 12, 24
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Finding the right app to help you edit videos can be a bit of a chore. Finding a video editor that helps you seamlessly on the go can help immensely. If you're looking for specific functions like how to add music on KineMaster.

The KineMaster app is ideally suited for beginners who have just taken an interest in learning video editing or professionals. It's perfect if you're just in it to create a celebratory video for special occasions like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, or other special events.

It can also help you bring your A-game to the field if you're a professional video editor looking to do serious work for clients. It's easier to use than desktop video editing software.

 Part 1 Basic introduction about KineMaster

KineMaster is a video editing app available for free download. It's supported on both Android and iOS. It's packed with many editing features, some commonplace and others advanced. This is why it's the perfect app to learn how to add music in KineMaster.

You can download the app for free. It comes with a premium subscription that unlocks advanced features and tools. You can use KineMaster on your mobile to arrange scenes, transitions, and tools to cut, trim and edit videos as well as images. You can utilize layer support to create cinematic enhancements for your videos.

homepage when launching kinemaster app

You can correct colors with color grading and create vibrant videos bursting with color and life. You can use blending modes, add effects and use graphics directly on the video with customized layers. One thing to note is that the free version of the videos comes with a watermark.

As for audio, it's a simple matter to learn how to add music to video in KineMaster. Let's look at how to add music in KineMaster iOS and Android. The Play Store version can help you with how to add music to KineMaster on Chromebook as well.

 Part 2 How to add music to KineMaster

Follow these simple steps after downloading the app to your phone. After you enter KineMaster, you'll be greeted by a home page that offers the chance to start a new project or continue to edit an existing one.

If you want to load an existing video on the app, then go to the media section. This means tapping on the ‘Audio' icon option. It will allow you to browse your phone for images and videos you want to load on your phone. Tap the checkmark on the right-hand corner to add the video to the project. With the footage chosen, all that's left is to add music to KineMaster.

tap audio icon to browse for audio

Now let's look at how to add music to a video in KineMaster. The first thing you need to do is decide if you want to choose a custom track or know how to add music to KineMaster without 'my media.'

audio browser on kinemaster app

KineMaster's premium edition comes with its library. In the meantime, we'll have to use the tracks of our preference. So let's get back to how to add music in KineMaster video.

When choosing a custom track, know what file you're opting for. It's simple to do when you know how to add music to video in KineMaster. It can support audio files in mp3, wav, m4v formats.

browsing audio on kinemaster app

Once you've picked the appropriate file, you can choose the big red 'Plus' sign at the end of the file name. This will add audio to the video file. With this, you now know how to add music to a video on KineMaster.

add audio to video on kinemaster app

Once you’re done with editing your video file, you can simply tap on the export symbol on the right-hand corner of the app.

export video on kinemaster app

 Part 3 How to add Youtube/Spotify Music to KineMaster

How To Add Music To A KineMaster Video Using Youtube Audio Library

Now let's tap into the knowledge for the YouTube edition of how to add music into KineMaster. You can source the free music from YouTube's creator studio. It offers many options for copyright-free music. In all cases, you must credit the artist, and some artists may request you to contribute in exchange for their art.

audio library at youtube creative studio

YouTube allows users to download the audio file as an mp3. You can then use this mp3 file in KineMaster. To do so you. Once you've imported the video file, you can then choose how to add music to KineMaster.

Tap the 'Media' button to browse the audio file you want to include. Click on the big red plus encircled by a circle at the end of the file name.

How To Add Music To A KineMaster Video Using Spotify Audio

Unfortunately, all of Spotify's tracks are exclusively licensed for usage only within the software. It cannot simply import Spotify audio into video editors like KineMaster for additional editing.

audio library on spotify

However, if you could export the relevant files to your mobile device. We can help you know how you can learn how to add music to KineMaster on iPad or any android device.

● Tap on 'Media'

● Browse files until you locate the audio track

● Click on the encircled red plus sign.

● Edit track to fit your video

● Export video

That, dear readers, is how to add music to KineMaster.

 Part 4 Besides Adding Music, Here's What You Can Do With KineMaster

KineMaster is the best video editor app available for mobile devices. With extensive availability ranging from iPads to Chromebooks and everything in between. It's easy to edit on the go.

It's convenient when you're editing while traveling or if you hate sitting still to work. It's powerful to help you perform the tasks you need to while light enough to support on mobile.

Let's look at some of the features available on KineMaster.

Trim/Split Video:

You can customize a single clip from a longer video or trim the video for a highlights reel. Tap on the scissors option to open a window with four options.

trim/split video on kinemaster app

The first is to trim to the 'left of playhead' (cuts before), trim to 'right of playhead' (cuts after), 'split at playhead' (splits the video into two). The final option is to 'split and insert freeze frame.' These options give you a lot of control over the video.

Video Transitions

You have many transitions ranging from 3D transitions to transitions for text or picture in picture options. Once you've selected the transition, tap on the tick mark at the top right corner to apply the effect.

transition effects on kinemaster app


This lets you handwrite messages, doodles, and more as a layer on top of your video. It can add a personal and creative flair to the video. When used in conjunction with the animation effects, you can expand the scope of use. You can enrich your videos with detailed and hand-drawn assists.

handwriting effect on kinemaster app


One of the better aspects of the KineMaster app is that you can animate individual elements in your video. Each animation has its layer. There are three types of animation.

add animations on kinemaster app

For instance, 'in animation' guides how the animation enters. The 'out animation' can be used at the end of a clip or when characters exit. 'Overall animations' are sustained throughout the video. You have the option to customize animations.

Suppose you're looking for a powerful video editor like KineMaster for your desktop/PC. Look no further thanWondershare Filmora.The software program is a powerful tool for video editing available for both Windows and macOS.

It's the perfect blend of skill and automation that lets users showcase their talents. Both novices and industry professionals can use Filmora video editing with ease. It boasts a broader range of features and effects to draw on. With advanced video editing capabilities, you can never go wrong when using Wondershare Filmora.

Wondershare Filmora

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KineMaster is among the greatest Android and iPhone video editing apps. This program allows users to edit films with a few basic tricks to look sophisticated. You can learn how to add music to KineMaster easily. With or without experience, everyone can spice up a video with its simple interface and robust capabilities.

Similarly, video editing from your smartphone is another one of the many methods to expand your creative horizons. Another is to use Wondershare Filmora video editing software.

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