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Amazon Product Videos: How to Use Video to Make Profits

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

The videos are the most important marketing tool for any business today. When you use videos to showcase your products on Amazon, the buyers get more engaged. It attracts more clicks and helps you earn more money. When you sell your products on Amazon by promoting your products using a video, you can attain unlimited exposure to new clients; reach untold heights of success, and your business can grow by leaps and bounds.

Do you know how to use Amazon product videos? In this article, you can learn how to use the videos as well as how to make profits on Amazon by displaying your product through videos.

Part 1: Why you should use video on Amazon to promote product

It is a common question that why Amazon product videos are needed when the images can also solve the purpose of the videos. Why Amazon videos are used to promote products?

You can find several data to back up the fact that product videos make the best impact on online shoppers. Above 96% of consumer reports show that product videos help consumers in making the final decision while buying products. It is commonly seen that out of 5 shoppers, 4 of them buy the product instantly after checking the Amazon product videos, whereas, 1 out of 4 customers leave the site to search the same product on YouTube and Google. Amazon now allows the brands to upload product videos which in turn help boost their product sales.

You may wonder how to make a perfect product video in the first place, see this article: Make an Impressive Product Video

Part 2:What You Need First Before Uploading Video

There are certain things that you must take note of before uploading the Amazon product video request. The Amazon product video needs-

High-quality video: It is important that all the criteria of the Amazon product videos are fulfilled while you upload a video request. The foremost point is high-quality video. Without supreme quality, your video gets rejected. In order to avoid any kind of rejection, you may buy the Amazon Product Video Creation Package that takes care of all the specifications mentioned by Amazon. The accepted video formats are- 3GP, AVI, FLV, MOV, MP4 and MPEG-2.

Thumbnail Image: The thumbnail image must be 16:9 aspect ratios with a dimension of 1920 x 1080px. PNG and JPEG formats are accepted. You can make thumbnail with these image makers.

Video Title: It is important that the title of your Amazon product video is short yet easily identifiable. It must be within 100 characters.

Summary: A summary within 400 characters must be given to help the customers learn what they will be watching or what your video is about.

Video Type: You must mention what type of video you are uploading. Is it an interview, an advertisement, review, comparison or just unboxing?

Related ASINs: How many ASINs or ASIN is referenced in the video or that it relates to?

As soon as you fill the blanks and complete product checkout, a form’s link will be sent to you to collect the assets you have noted. Always host the video in places like Dropbox with the thumbnail to get the Amazon product video link.

Part 3: How to Add Videos to Amazon

1. A+ Detail Pages

Many great example of a A+ Detail Page on Amazon you may have seen. Amazon Vendor Central is the only way for the addition of enhanced content and getting access to the A+ content. You need to get an invitation to Amazon Vendor Central and only sellers with $1 million sales and amazing customer reviews are considered for Amazon Vendor Central. It is also a costly mode as Amazon charges $1500.

amazon product videos great page

2. Enhanced Brand Content

Amazon’s Enhanced Brand Content is a new addition in the Amazon features for the 3rd party sellers and is a lighter version of A+ detailed pages in Vendor Central. All the private label sellers registered under the Amazon Brand Registry program can avail this feature. It is a low key affair.

3. Ask Customers to Leave Video Reviews

Getting video reviews can be quite a difficult task and might need a few requests before you finally start getting it. Garnering reviews can help in impressing potential or future customers. It can also motivate them to leave reviews for the video.

amazon product videos review


The Amazon Product Videos are a great way to acquire customers’ attention and enhance sales. Now, you are aware of how to use the Amazon videos and also know how important it is to promote the product on Amazon with videos. So, make your business flourish by promoting your products with Amazon product videos.

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