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Best Chinese New Year Drawing Ideas

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Jan 19, 22, updated Jun 12, 24
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Make the 2022 Chinese New Year celebrations memorable with family and friends. It is the time to plan parties and get-together with your loved ones. During this time, adults have a chance to catch up with each other. Also, decorate your home with some popular Chinese New Year drawings to amaze your guests with your style. Here are some Chinese New Year drawing ideas that will be helpful for you and keep kids busy too.

Our compiled list of items lets you ward off misfortune and bring in good luck. Take a look!

Part 1: How to Decorate Space for Chinese New Year 2022

As this is the year of the tiger, it's important to take action and invoke good energy into your homes. In this section, take advantage of these ideas of popular decoration objects for bringing positive energy into your home.

1.1 Oranges/Tangerines

Using oranges or tangerines to Decorate the dinner table is an excellent idea. This is because, according to Chinese traditions, these particular fruits are known to attract good fortune. Additionally, you can artfully arrange some sweets and dry fruits on your dining table. This is done to keep the energy flowing instead of stagnating in your home.

display oranges to attract good fortune

1.2 Golden Pumpkins

Many Chinese believe that a dream with a pumpkin symbolizes prosperity and plenty. Pumpkins are a must-have for those who want to have good luck and prosperity in the coming year. Place a golden pumpkin by your nightstand to welcome good fortune in the coming year. It's also meant to protect you against ill health.

1.3 Red Lanterns

In China, red symbolizes prosperity, renown, and well-being. This is why many celebrations throughout the year have a lot of red decorations. Chinese lanterns represent joy and happiness. Many believe that the red lanterns drive away bad luck. They're a staple of the Lunar New Year celebrations.

red lantern attracts good fortune

1.4 Round Platters or Rectangular Trays

You can serve traditional sweets, oranges, and tangerines, dry sweets on round platters. You can place their guest rooms, inviting abundant happiness into your home. You can also put all these items into a rectangular tray that can represent the family's 'togetherness.'

Part 2: 10 Best Chinese New Year Drawing Ideas

Here are some Chinese New Year Drawing ideas to help your kids engage with Chinese culture. You can also use them as a way to help kids spend time together as a family. Let's look at ten of the best Chinese New Year Drawing ideas. We've also included Chinese New Year painting ideas for your kids to provide more ideas.

2.1 Chinese Dragon

In Chinese tradition, dragons reflect tremendous power, good fortune, and strength. The dragons were thought to be the ancestors of emperors. Drawing Chinese dragons can help you explain some of the folklore and mythology surrounding dragons. You can help your kids design their special dragons with different patterned scales and spines.

dancing dragon art

2.2 Coloring Chinese Dragon Masks

This drawing idea is aimed more towards younger children. You can print out images of the Chinese dragon on construction paper. Provide crayons, sketches, or color pencils to your kids to help them make cool designs on their dragon masks.

For some of the younger children, you can just print out outlines. This will let them fill in details creatively. Once they complete their coloring, you can add holes to either side of the mask. String a length of ribbon through the holes for a wearable dragon mask.

2.3 Chinese Red Lanterns

Traditionally, Chinese red lanterns are symbols of good fortune and happiness. The round shape of the lantern is used to represent togetherness or the full moon. There are two ways you can decorate the lanterns.

You can simply draw them on paper or make them out of paper. Either way, you can decorate the lanterns with decorative calligraphy. These greetings are usually blessings for a long, healthy, and prosperous future.

2.4 'Fu' Calligraphy Ornament

This is a traditional Spring Festival decoration. This character 'Fu' represents blessing, auspiciousness, and good fortune. It's a good way to represent your good wishes for your child in the coming year.

good luck ‘fu calligraphy’ ornament

Having your child decorate your home with the character for Fu would make the year more special for them. You can set them up with red construction paper and gold ink. It would also be good to have them practice the strokes beforehand. Once done, you can help them hang this on your front door. It's a great way for them to participate in the celebrations.

2.5 Cherry Blossom Art

If you're looking for a fun activity to do with very young children, this art Chinese New Year drawing idea is for you. As cherry blossoms are closely linked to spring, you can create a wall hanging with this art. Simply paint the cherry blossom branch for your child to follow along. Sit back and let them have fun painting the blossoms themselves. You can also make a case for painting plum blossoms.

2.6 Painting Hand Fans

One way to help them stay engaged with Chinese New Year painting activities is with hand fans. Chinese hand fans have been used by royalty for a long time. In ancient China, they were hand-painted with beautiful scenery and poems. You can familiarize your children with famous poems and blessings by painting hand fans. They can learn more about the folklore behind famous poems. This also gives them a chance to practice calligraphy.

painted hand fans for chinese new year

2.7 Painting Toy Rattle Drums

Kids can make toy versions of the rattle drums with paper plates. This gives them a chance to practice their painting skills. As a unique Chinese New Year painting idea, you can ask them to represent their favorite moment of the year. This allows them to express themselves creatively while participating in the spring festival.

painting toy rattle drums

2.8 Paper Cutting

You can incorporate paper cutting by cutting out 'Shuang xi.' Have your child draw out the symbol for double happiness. They can paint the symbol in red and gold. You can also have them simply draw and paint the symbol to use as fortuitous decor.

2.9 Painting Paper Bag Lion Masks

This is a fun idea for little ones. You can simply trace the shape of the lion on brown paper bags. If your kids are older, they can draw the lion's face themselves. This gives them a chance to take pride in their masks. Once the lion is painted, you can cut out eye holes to help them have fun with their Chinese New Year artwork.

2.10 Couplets

You can get your kids to make couplets with lines of classical poetry. They are typically lines with less than seven characters. You can write them in black ink, but remember to use red paper. If you hang them over doors and windows, you can attract good luck into your home.

chinese couplets for good luck

Part 3: Best Chinese New Year Drawing Ideas

In this section, we've rounded out popular Chinese New Year drawing ideas from 2021. Here are some more ideas for what you can do with your kids, adapted to 2022.

  • Chinese New Year Candle Holder: You can make this with a glass jar and some paint. You can also add decorations like Chinese characters for luck.
  • Red Money Envelopes: Having envelopes that they made and decided with gold lettering can help your kids cherish these envelopes more.

make your own diy red envelope

  • Potato Stamps: You can carve up potatoes into decorative shapes and paint them for a personalized stencil
  • Rock Painting: You can paint anything from a cute scene to dancing tigers. This can be a new experience for your older kids.
  • Paper Plate Goldfish: Goldfish symbolize wealth and prosperity. You can get toddlers to participate in this easy drawing and painting activity.
  • Creating a Tiger Headband: Welcome the year of the tiger with a tiger-themed headband. Before assembling the headband, you can get your kids to color them in.
  • Tiger Finger Puppet: You can use a printout of a tiger and paste them on a cardboard sheet. Cut out holes for the fingers. This is how you can make adorable Tiger Finger puppets.


These were some Chinese New Year drawing ideas to keep your child entertained while you catch up with loved ones. One benefit of going through this list is to help you stay in the spirit of celebrating the spring festival. You can use these ideas as ways to help your child learn more about home.

These drawing ideas can help you segue into stories and myths you learned from your parents. It can also give your children a common activity they can do with their cousins. These Chinese New Year painting ideas can breathe new life into your new year.

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