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5 Best Apps to Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously

Today, almost everyone in the world makes use of social media platforms. And amongst these intriguing social media platforms, almost everyone has an Instagram account. However, with how digital the world has gone, some people would rather stay anonymous while online. Would you love to view Instagram stories anonymously? It will amaze you to note that you can watch Instagram stories anonymously without the account owner knows. 

Understand that viewing Instagram stories anonymously does not mean that you are trying to creep on people. Like we stated earlier, the world has gone digital, and you can view Instagram stories anonymously to research and peek at the strategy of your competitors. Note that when you learn and use the strategy of your Instagram competitors, it will assist you in continuously expanding your influence on the platform and even gain followers. If you have always wanted to watch Instagram stories anonymously, then this article is for you. 

Apps to Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously

Before we delve into how you can successfully watch Instagram stories anonymously, understand that you will not use the Instagram app itself. Some of the coolest apps to watch Instagram stories anonymously are: 

1.Story Saver


It must be understood that the Story Saver app enables its users to view Instagram stories anonymously. This app allows users to download any of their favorite stories straight from their devices.  Note that, with Story Saver, you will no longer be bothered about losing some of your favorite content from your best influencers and artists after the complete twenty-four hours. Also, Story Saver is an app that is very easy to navigate. You need to input any username of your choice once you open the app and tap on the word "Story." More so, you can view the highlights of people and anonymously download them. Most people refer to Story Saver as the substitute for Instagram as you can view posts and even use the IGTV content. While you use this app to watch Instagram stories anonymously and freely, be prepared to face ads. Using this app to watch Instagram stories anonymously, you can download images, highlights, and even reels. 



Have you been on the search on how you can watch Instagram stories anonymously? Search no further as the BlindStory app has come to the rescue. This app is popular amongst people due to its exceptional abilities. Some of such abilities include allowing users to view Instagram stories anonymously and even download stories. Note that users can do all these in HD, and the visual quality will have no issues. This app is easy to navigate as it enables users to view content from the people they follow. More so, you can effortlessly search for specific users if you are looking for a particular person. For those who have their favorite users and are interested in automatically downloading their stories, this app offers a feature known as a story magnet for this act. It is vital to note that its free version is limited. This means that you will need to buy a premium subscription to use all its amazing features. You can find this app available on iOS and Android. 



For those with iPhones, you can make use of Storized to watch Instagram stories anonymously. If you want to view Instagram stories anonymously without any interruptions, Storized is the app you made for you.  Similar to most other apps, it enables users to view the Instagram stories of public profiles. Despite its cons, it is still rated among the best apps to watch Instagram stories anonymously in high resolution. 

With Storized, users can view HD profile photos and the entire profile of an account anonymously. Since its developers are pretty active, you will receive support along the way, plus some extra features. Have it in mind that to view Instagram stories anonymously with Storized, frequent engagement with its developers does not come for free. Storized subscription comes in three levels. The weekly fee is $1.49, the monthly payment is $3.99, while the yearly cost is $19.99. However, Storized has a free version, but it is filled with ads, and its features are limited. For those desperate to view Instagram stories anonymously, this app is great to try out.

4.Anonymous Stories Viewer Pro for Instagram


Another amazing app to view Instagram stories anonymously is the Anonymous stories viewer pro for Instagram. It comes with a highly unique Anonymous mode for those interested in watching Instagram stories anonymously. All you will need to do to watch Instagram stories anonymously with this app is to activate it. Then, you will leave the app in the background and proceed to use Instagram.  Have it in mind that with this app, no one will learn about any of your moves or actions. This app is also capable of downloading the story's content straight to your phone or mobile device. 



You can watch Instagram stories anonymously is none other than Gramster. Similar to other apps in this article, you will be capable of watching the stories of all public Profiles. And, you can download both videos and pictures on your phone. While you can watch Instagram stories anonymously here, you can also set up notifications for new stories. More so, Gramster is fully protected by a PIN code. This means that no one can learn any unnecessary thing. 


On a general note, we have provided you with some of the best apps to watch Instagram stories anonymously. All you need to do is read through this article and choose the app that best suits your needs.

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