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Create Meme on Giphy

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Aug 02, 22, updated Jul 18, 24

Giphy meme maker is particularly popular in virtual workplaces because they can make important online interactions more fun. GIF pictures are being employed as a form of expression by users of Facebook, Twitter, and other social media messaging platforms. The popularity of emoji characters, which are used to convey whatever sentiments a person may be experiencing at the time, and the usage of GIFs in social expression go hand in hand. Using a Giphy memes funny tag, users search for GIFs and then choose one of the resultant pictures.

With its enormous searchable database that draws tens of millions of visitors each month, Giphy is making GIFs popular. Funny Giphy memes is on the approach of overtaking YouTube as the next content media king as social media users and marketers get more and more used to using GIFs. GIFs, which may be far more expressive and livelier than emojis, are often soundless, looping video snippets of a character or scene from a TV program or movie that circulate on social media platforms provide its users permission to utilize Giphy. Find out the details here:

In this article
  1. How to Create Meme on Giphy
  2. Alternative Way to Make Meme Video

Part 1. How to Create Meme on Giphy

You may share the Giphy picture on social media or copy and paste it into a text message. Giphy has expanded its content production capabilities as well. Giphy's enormous collection of animated GIFS may be accessed using Mailchimp's content studio and included to your campaigns. Better still, it is totally free. Several different forms of image-based content blocks are available in the campaign builder, including Image, Image Card, Image Group, and Image + Caption. Here's a guide on using GIPHY to create a meme video.

Steps to Create Meme on Giphy:

Step1 Download and launch the app, then register for an account or sign in if you already have one. Tap on Create in the top-right corner of the homepage. Utilize the icon in the upper right corner to access your GIPHY account. It takes two seconds to create a GIPHY account if you don't already have one.

download giphy app

Step2 To upload a video to GIPHY, click Upload. To add a video from your computer or mobile device, choose ‘Choose File’ as there is an option to do so

upload video to giphy

Step3 If you wish to upload a video from a URL, you may do so. After you've submitted your movie, you'll be sent to the next page automatically so that you may cut it.

upload video url giphy

Step4 Set the sliders to the length that you choose for your GIF. Recall that shorter is always better! Click Upload Now to continue. The next page gives you the choice of adding tags, making your GIF private, adding a source URL, or adding it to a collection.

Part 2. Alternative Way to Make Meme Video

Giphy should be a desirable option for content and advertising partners due to the search engine and the thorough social integration of its content. The language of the internet is memes. Despite the fact that some of them may be somewhat strange. There is a text option in every specialized video editing program, but Filmora provides something more eye-catching for you! You may create inspiring graphics with quotes using the hundreds of other stock images that Filmora provides, as well as share personal stories, talk about current events, and more. You may also make use of your own images.

There are innumerable varieties of memes, but the ones that most people are familiar with are just pictures with a few lines of text. A video may easily have text added to it. Given that having certain video editing skills boosts the hilarity of your memes, you may employ Filmora's professional video editing options. You may want to learn how to make a picture-in-picture effect, how to add animation to movies to make animated memes, and how to edit GIFs to make GIF memes if you want to make picture-in-picture memes.

Free Download
Free Download
Step1 Install Filmora and Select Meme Backdrop

You may create your own memes for every occasion with the aid of the Filmora meme maker. Make your meme unique with free photos, fonts, and other elements. However, while making a meme, you will have a notion in mind. But if not, think up something humorous. Install this editor on the fly after that.

Step2 Import Files to Filmora

To start a new meme project, open the Filmora video meme creator and choose "New project." In the project options, choose the appropriate aspect ratio before selecting "Import" to submit your video. You may also import your favorite movies and pictures shot with mobile devices using Filmora. Simply choose Import, then carry out the following:

import files to filmora
Step3 Include Music and Subtitles

The video file must then be included in the timeline. Another option is to play well-known music in the background. You may do this by dragging and dropping the music file into the program's timeline's audio track. For the subtitles for your Meme, refer to the "Title" option, you may choose the text style you wish to use. Enter the text, then alter the caption's typeface, color, and size.

include music and subtitles
Step4 Edit the Meme

If you want to add additional text to your meme, use the features-list menu bar. Additionally, you may use the drop-down menu to move and resize the caption box using the drop-down menu.

edit the meme
Step5 Publish or Save Your Meme

Just done with it! you may now start creating as many memes as you wish. A meme has to be circulated extensively online in order to be seen and, presumably, liked. Thus, you need to distribute it across all platforms. You may now click the "Export" button to instantly upload your video meme to Vimeo or YouTube. Save your final meme and upload it right away to your email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. to share it with coworkers or friends.


Additionally, Giphy offers a Giphy Cam software that enables users to create custom GIFs from video footage captured with their smartphone cameras. Users may effortlessly upload video to the website, where Giphy offers desktop GIF creation tools, and then publish their works without any issues elsewhere. You can certainly create a new picture using your own image if you're feeling very creative. Technically, you could do all of this using an image editor on your computer. If you're unfamiliar with this kind of program, Filmora is definitely the best option.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Jul 18, 24
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