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20 Best Non Copyrighted PUBG Montage Thumbnail

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published May 25, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

Including a PUBG montage thumbnail on your YouTube video can help boost your views up to 90 percent. Essentially, it's the first thing your audience will see in your montage. Thumbnails are a perfect way to make other players click and watch your PUBG montage. It's, therefore, imperative that you make an impressive thumbnail that will make viewers want to watch your PUBG montage video.

This blog post will look at how PUBG became popular and list some of the best thumbnails for PUBG montage videos.

In this article
  1. How Popular Is PUBG?
  2. 20 Best Non-Copyrighted PUBG Montage Thumbnail
  3. Make Your Own PUBG Thumbnail with Filmora

How Popular Is PUBG?

PUBG, previously known as PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, is an online player versus player (PvP) shooter game that allows up to 100 players to fight against each other in a battle royal.

Battle royale is a type of large-scale LMS (last man standing deathmatch), where each player fight to be the last one alive. PUBG Studios, which is a subsidiary of Krafton, is the developer and publisher of this online multiplayer battle royale game.

In the game, players can enter the match with a team of up to 4 people, solo or duo. The last team or person alive is the winner. Each match begins with players parachuting from an airplane onto one of the game's eight maps.

Since its release in 2017, PUBG has become one of the most popular video games on Steam, with more than 500k peak concurrent players recorded every month. Its all-time peak was in January 2018, when it recorded 3.24 million players.

After its release, the game gained a loyal legion of fans within a short period, with most of the players being young people. By July 2020, cumulative unit sales of PUBG had hit 70 million. The game won the 2017 Best Multiplayer Game held at The Game Awards.

It's also free to play the mobile version for iOS and Android, released in 2018. What's more? The mobile version was nominated for the Best Mobile Game at The Game Awards in 2018. PUBG is also popular among youths because it allows them to interact with audience members before action.

Additionally, many youths love PUBG because it has engaging gameplay that forces them to think and act fast. Every decision the player makes has a massive impact on the game's outcome and their chances of survival.

Players have to set priorities and scavenge for resources. They also have to master the art of balancing stealth and aggression while being surrounded by other players who want to kill them.

20 Best Non-Copyrighted PUBG Montage Thumbnail

Thumbnails can be copyrighted. And that's why you should use a non-copyrighted thumbnail for PUBG montage to ensure it's 100% legal and avoid copyright infringement. That said, here are the 20 best copyright-free PUBG montage thumbnails.

PUBG Montage Thumbnails of Videos

1) MK24 Only Montage Thumbnail

As the name suggests, this PUBG montage thumbnail displays MK24, a bolt-action rifle weapon. It's one of the best sniper rifles in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

PUBG Montage Thumbnail - MK24 Only
MK24 Only

2) New Livik Map Montage Thumbnail

Beyond the tie-in event and new map, players should expect Livik-exclusive crates containing upgrades for five different weapons: M24, MK12, P90, M416, and AKM.

PUBG Montage Thumbnail - New Livik Map
New Livik Map

3) I always Like to Play With Fire

This thumbnail for the PUBG montage shows the player dodging bullets to save themselves from headshots before they get cover. They are also shooting the enemy back.

PUBG Montage Thumbnail - I always Like to Play With Fire
I always Like to Play With Fire

4) Ultimate Flickshots PUBG Montage Thumbnail

This thumbnail shows the game character taking no-scope flick shots. They are only using the crosshair to aim at the enemy and shoot them. This flick shot style allows players to switch targets and reflex swiftly.

PUBG Montage Thumbnail - Ultimate Flickshots
Ultimate Flickshots

5) Unbelievable Skill Set

Unbelievable Skill Set thumbnail encourages the player to click the montage video to improve their skills. It shows how the player has eliminated an opponent by headshot using M24.

PUBG Montage Thumbnail - Unbelievable Skill Sets
Unbelievable Skill Set

PUBG Montage Thumbnails With Outline Around the Subject or Text

6) Montage Thumbnail of LIVEK Is OP

This thumbnail shows the player overpowering the enemy with relative ease. OP means overpowered, and it's used to describe a particular ability, gun, or any other powerful element in the game.

PUBG Montage Thumbnail - Montage Thumbnail of LIVEK Is OP
Montage Thumbnail of LIVEK Is OP

7) Earthquake Thumbnail

This thumbnail shows Earthquake or Screen Shake Reflex on the PUBG mobile. The player uses screen shaking to aim precisely.

PUBG Montage Thumbnail - Earthquake

8) Game Sense Thumbnail

This thumbnail encourages viewers to click the montage video and get some pro tips and tricks to improve their game sense. The game sense is the speed of the player's movement and finding solutions in combat to eliminate enemies faster and effectively.

PUBG Montage Thumbnail - Game Sense
Game Sense

9) Legends Are Made OnePlus 8 Montage Thumbnail

In this thumbnail, users of OnePlus 8 mobile devices are invited to click the video and view and have a thrilling PUBG 90 fps viewing experience. The smartphone improves the gameplay of players.

PUBG Montage Thumbnail - Legends Are Made OnePlus 8
Legends Are Made OnePlus 8

10) Without You Thumbnail

This PUBG montage thumbnail displays the player character holding a sniper rifle, targeting enemies from a distance to avoid confrontations.

PUBG Montage Thumbnail - Without You
Without You

PUBG Montage Thumbnails without Text

11) Female Player Character Thumbnail

The thumbnail doesn't have text, but it shows a female character holding a frag grenade in her right hand. Because many players like choosing female characters in PUBG, this thumbnail will get more clicks, which means more views.

PUBG Montage Thumbnail - Female Player Character
Female Player Character

12) Space Suit Thumbnail

The player character is seen wearing a spacesuit and a space helmet in this thumbnail. He's carrying a blue M16 rifle.

PUBG Montage Thumbnail - Space Suit
Space Suit

13) Night Mode PUBG Thumbnail

The player character is wearing a pair of night-vision goggles in this thumbnail. Players can use these goggles in the Night Mode game.

PUBG Montage Thumbnail - Night Mode
Night Mode

14) Woman With a Pistol Montage Thumbnail

The woman in this thumbnail is holding a pistol in her left hand. You can use this handgun when you've depleted ammunition in your main weapon's magazine.

PUBG Montage Thumbnail - Woman With a Pistol
Woman With a Pistol

15) Kneeling Montage Thumbnail

This thumbnail shows the player character bowing and kneeling. They are wearing an Asian conical hat, and they don't have any weapons in their hands, showing they have surrendered.

PUBG Montage Thumbnail - Kneeling

Montage Thumbnails With a White Background

16) Throwing a Punch Thumbnail

The player character in this montage thumbnail is a throwing punch. She's wearing a face mask, and the shoulder carry is balancing the rifle on her shoulder.

PUBG Montage Thumbnail - Throwing a Punch
Throwing a Punch

17) Surrender Emote Montage Thumbnail

As one of the oldest emotes in PUBG Mobile Lite, the thumbnail shows the player character raising their hands, enacting a show of surrender. She has a falcon on her shoulder.

PUBG Montage Thumbnail - Surrender Emote
Surrender Emote

18) High Carry Thumbnail

This PUBG thumbnail displays the character carrying a rifle in a high carry position. The stock of the rifle is locked between the elbow and the core.

PUBG Montage Thumbnail - High Carry
High Carry

19) Rage Emote Thumbnail

In this montage thumbnail, the player character is shaking with rage.

PUBG Montage Thumbnail - Rage Emote
Rage Emote

20) Dance Emote Montage Thumbnail

This thumbnail shows the player character dancing like she is celebrating. The subject has an outline around it.

PUBG Montage Thumbnail - Dance Emote
Dance Emote

Make Your Own PUBG Thumbnail with Filmora

Filmora is a popular video editing tool that allows you to make impressive thumbnails that will make people click and watch your PUBG montage video. The software is easy to use and has tons of editing tools that you can use to create thumbnails.

Filmora allows you to choose the video resolution suitable for YouTube thumbnails (1980 x 1080 or 16:9 aspect ratio). It also helps you create mobile-optimized thumbnails, meaning that more people with mobile devices will watch your PUBG montage videos.

With that in mind, let's look at how you can make a colorful, bold, and attention-grabbing PUBG thumbnail with Filmora.

Step1Launch Filmora

Launch Filmora and click on the New Project option.

Wondershare Filmora11
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Filmora Windows Filmora Mac
Step2Import Media File

Drag and drop the file with the PUBG image into Fimora's media library. Drag the image from the media library to the timeline.

Make PUBG Montage Thumbnail with Filmora - Import Media
Dance Emote
Step3Crop and Zoom

Right-click on the image on your timeline and select Video, and select the crop and Zoom option. Use the Crop tool to crop the corners of your image and ensure your attention is in the middle.

Make PUBG Montage Thumbnail with Filmora - select crop and zoom Make PUBG Montage Thumbnail with Filmora - crop and zoom
Crop and zoom
Step4Add effects

Once you have cropped the image, hit the OK button to save the changes. Next, go to the Effects tab and select Filters on the right-hand side menu. Filmora has tons of Filters that can enhance the mood, feel, and look of your PUBG montage thumbnail.

Make PUBG Montage Thumbnail with Filmora - Add Effects
Add Effects
Step5Customize Your Thumbnail

Choose the filter effect you like, then drag and drop it on top of the thumbnail in your timeline.

To add text to your thumbnail, go to the Title tab. You'll see loads of built-in presets for titles. Choose the title pack you want and drag and drop it to your thumbnail in the timeline. You can also right-click on the title and select Apply to add the effect to the timeline.

Move the title where you want it to appear on your thumbnail, and adjust your text accordingly to suit your montage video. You can change the font size, color, and style. Filmora allows you to install fonts. Keep in mind that big text stands out on mobile devices. You can also add a border or shadow to your text to make it more eye-catching.


Once you are happy with the edits, click the snapshot button (camera icon) below the preview screen. Filmora will save your PUBG montage thumbnail in the default directory and import it to the media library.

You can right-click on the thumbnail in your media library and select the reveal in Explorer to find where it's saved.

Make PUBG Montage Thumbnail with Filmora - Reveal in Explorer
Reveal in Explorer
Closing Thoughts:

PUBG montage thumbnails are the viewers' first impression of your video. As such, you must make sure it's impressive. Use Filmora to create professional-like montage thumbnails for PUBG.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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