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How to write an attractive Vlog Script

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Aug 11, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

Hello Guys, most people are working on making vlogs in the present day. It is one of the most popular types of videos on YouTube and many other social media platforms. But have you ever wondered how you could professionally write a script for your vlog? How can you make your vlog stand out in the huge field of competitors? No worries, as we will discuss how you can write a vlog script in detail with best tips to follow. Let's get started!

In this article
    1. Determine the theme of the video's content
    2. Determine the basic script
    3. Write your lines
    4. Refine your script (Transition, express the frame you want to shoot in as much detail as possible)
    1. Choose a narrative style
    2. Define your personal style
    3. Attractive title
    4. Creative Intro and Outro or Video Effects and Filters
  1. Make an attractive Vlog by using Filmora

Part 1. How to write a Vlog Script?

It would be best to keep a few things in mind while writing a vlog script.

1.    Determine the theme of the video's content

First of All, you should need to determine the theme of your vlog video. It is one of the primary steps toward a successful vlog. You should have a great idea and unique theme to attract audience. Moreover, the theme of your video should be interesting.

2.    Determine the basic script

To write a basic script, you must understand the script's demand and the medium of the screenplay. The procedure of writing different stories is all about writing the movement, actions, and various types of expressions with and without dialogues and, above all character of that screenplay. The basic script is the words of a video to deliver the message to the public.

(Every small scene)

Shooting scenes Lens serial number Scene content Field of view Lines Duration Sound Others
Kitchen 1 Make breakfast,
grind coffee beans…
Whole scene I'll make a cup of coffee… 2 min bgm 1 Pay attention to reception

3.    Write your lines

Depending on the type of vlog, the lines are very important while writing a vlog scrip. For example, an educational vlogger should write his script like:

First, he must introduce himself and mention his qualification and experience in the education line. A tutorial vlog must contain some instructions to define technical points and to make the vlog more attractive for the viewers, highlight the main points so that the viewer must watch the video till the end to understand the central theme of the topic.

4.    Refine your script (Transition, express the frame you want to shoot in as much detail as possible)

It's time to polish your written script at this point. Transitions and the specific images you want to capture, such as the ones with the most impact, must be taken into consideration. Additionally, it would be excellent if you were aware that your script needs to be engaging from beginning to end. It also follows to your idea, has a suitable theme, and is suited for the target audience.

Part 2. Tips for writing an engaging vlog script

1.    Choose a narrative style

The best tip while writing a vlog script is using a narrative style. The narrative style makes your script more exciting and attractive for the viewers.

Choosing a narrative also determines the key to your vlog's content. Is it about your daily life? Or an important event?

2.    Define your personal style

In the era of making videos for all, the unique personal characteristics are the best bottom card. In simple words, you should define your own style while writing a vlog script without copying others. As the unique vlogs are best set to become popular.

3.    Attractive title

This is another critical feature of success. The title is the most prominent thing you should need to think about. A large number of vlogs with only attractive titles have become successful.

4.    Creative Intro and Outro or Video Effects and Filters

It would help if you wrote an intro that makes your audience stick to the end of the video. Your intro should be interesting, probably defining what you will do in this vlog. On the other hand, you should also need a concise outro. Moreover, using video effects and filters rather than just a simple video draws the audience's attention.

Part 3. Make an attractive Vlog by using Filmora

Now let's make your dream Vlog comes true using the Wondershare Filmora. We can add multiple effects and transitions to make the vlog more fantastic.

Free Download
Free Download
  1. Download the Wondershare Filmora and open it to begin a new project.
download filmora software
  1. After importing the video clips, you can drag the video and then drop it in the timeline, wherever you want it to add.
  2. Click the green screen video and then tap the Chroma key You can adjust the settings of Chroma Key to make the green screen effect more realistic.
drag and drop video in timeline
  1. Choose one of Filmora's Preset Templates if all you want to do is record your life in vlogs; these templates include alternatives for travel, gaming, and sports to suit your various requirements.
choose preset templates
  1. When you finish all editing, select your preferences, and then tap the export button again. Filmora will export it to your device.
tap on export button


So here, the conclusion is that vlogs are a great way to attract an audience on different social media platforms. However, while writing a script for a vlog, you should keep in mind the above tips and techniques. They will be beneficial in writing a fantastic vlog. Moreover, if you want to add professional effects and filters to your vlog, then Wondershare Filmora is a good choice. Thanks for Reading.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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