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Recmaster Screen Recorder Review

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published May 24, 22, updated May 20, 24

RecMaster is a recorder that has the unique capability of screen recording in 7 different modes. The recorder provides you with a simple and interactive interface to record your computer screen. Just with a few clicks, you can start recording your computer screen. The good news is that the application provides a free trial so all you have to do is download it and try it out before buying its paid version.

The program comes on both windows and mac users so if you are using mac then they got you covered too. The application is full of features such as one-click for multimode recording, editing capabilities, cursor functionings, and a wide reputation over the internet. This recorder has alone made a lot of positive reviewers who admire the application. So if you are an engineer, salesman, YouTuber, or a teacher then this application can be proved very vital for you in making many things in your easy. So before going to further tiny details and making it boring to read let's come to the main basic points to learn about this application.

Part 1: What made RecMaster the best?

Before deciding to label this application the best one it's important to play the fair game. In this article, we will provide the fantastic features and other stuff of the recorder to prove that it is the best one we got here for the screen recording. So let's dive in!

It is the features of the application that make it good over the other. Recmaster is equipped with amazing features that the screen recorder should have to suit every professional. Some of the features are these:

Multi-Modes: RecMaster includes several useful functions, including HD recordings, up to 4K capturing, auto-start capturing, the image in image recording, scheduled capturing, and more. When capturing all you have to do is choose one of them and start capturing. It will provide you with the greatest screen video capture experience.

Editing: RecMaster includes comments and editing features, so you may annotate while capturing or modifying your video afterward. You may also quickly apply a custom watermark to your photo. Make certain that your recording video is flawless and informative to your audience. The editing capability makes it worth over many other recorders on the internet.

Cursor Movement: The pointer can have many movement effects and colors. You may also customize the right and left click sounds and colors. As a result, it provides more effective guidance to your reader. This helps while delivering online lectures, notes, meetings, and any tutorial guide, which makes it suitable for all professional people out there.

Game Mode: The gaming mode of the recorder makes it ideal for gamers out there. It automatically detects a game by pressing the “Alt + Tab” to enable detection. This will continue to record the gaming screen when the recording is started.

Custom Area Recording: Custom area recording is a very important feature in a screen recorder. It makes the user record a certain area instead of recording the whole screen This not only saves the latter cropping of the video but it also helps in storing videos from non-downloadable sites.

Task Scheduling: With the task scheduling feature, you can plan your tasks with dates and times. You can even decide recording of a screen according to the schedule, which you would have set up with a calendar to pick up an exact date and time. The scheduler will inform you of the scheduled task by the alarm.

User-Friendly: The application comes with a very simple GUI to operate different operations. Even a beginner can easily catch up with this simple GUI and start with complex functions of screen recording, web recording, or audio recording with just a few clicks.

Part 2: How to download and use recmaster?

In this section, we will go through the downloading procedure of the recmaster recorder, after that we will see how can we install the application without any hurdles. The recmaster application is available on its official site to be downloaded for free under a trial version. Therefore, it is recommended to try the trial version for a good experience. So let's start with the downloading part.

You can download the RecMaster at its site. Click on the free trial version if you are a mac user click below and download the mac version as shown in the figure.

After clicking on the downloading button the installation file will start downloading. After the download is finished it's time to check the download tray of the browser as shown otherwise check the downloads folder.

download recmaster

Click on the installation file and start installing it as shown in the figure.

install recmaster

Click on the custom install in case you want to change the installation folder. After that click install and your program will start installing. Once it's completed you are ready to launch the program. You will find a desktop icon double click to launch and you will the below GUI.

run recmaster

Part 3: Recmaster In-depth Review

Now let's come up with a very important discussion about this application. We will have a little review about its performance, easiness to use, and quality of the video. Let's start with the first one.

Performance: RecMaster desktop screen recorder has an advantage over the competition due to its high points from the reviewers in performance. Different review has been performed to judge the performance of the application and the good news it has never or very rarely been reported to have glitches, bugs, or any performance degradation.

Easy-to-use: Looking at the simplest interface of the RecMaster, it is no doubt that it is very easy to handle and operate all these operations with just some clicks. If you are a beginner then using RecMaster is highly recommended to you because it will take less than a minute to learn. The user-friendly interface of this application gives it an edge over other screen recorders.

Video Quality: Recmaster is known for its capturing of video at very resolution and fps. You can record HD/1080p video as a recording from the screen with just a simple click. Moreover, exploring its settings strongly indicates that one can take a video with very high fps up to 120 fps, and up to 4k resolutions. So its of no doubt that this application is a beast in its role.

Part 4: Best Alternative to RecMaster

Many screen recording applications on the internet can easily screen record your display but there are many problems associated with them either they have features issues or they are very glitchy having a low performance. However, there is one application that is a strong competitor of a RecMaster or says it’s a great alternative to RecMaster, which is Filmora Wondershare Screen Recorder.

Filmora Wondershare

Wondershare Filmora is a video editing software that allows users to quickly and easily produce professional-looking films and GIFs utilizing a variety of advanced editing features. The popular Filmora comes with amazing tools and applications. One of them is screen recording software, you can screen record your PC display with very high resolutions and even edit it with its vast variety of tools.

Furthermore, Wondershare Filmora is a video editing application that allows users to swiftly and easily make remarkable videos utilizing a variety of advanced editing features. It is a free video editing software to download and use. So go ahead and get yours for video editing. To enjoy the full benefits of the application you can buy the latest version. Due to its amazing capabilities, this application can be considered an alternative to the RecMaster. Filmora screen recorder can capture at higher resolutions, and edit the videos to their best, having all the capabilities that RecMaster is having.

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Try It Free

For macOS 10.12 or later

Step 1. To screen record with Filmora its very easy all you have to do is launch the application and choose the “PC Screen” from its main menu as shown below.

filmora screen recorder

Step 2. After launching you will end up with a screen recorder shown below. Check for the recording settings and click start recording by clicking the red recording button.

filmora record button

Step 3. After pressing the red button, your recording will automatically start. When it's time to end the recording click on the stop button as shown below and the recording will appear in the videos section of filmora to be exported.

filmora screen recorder

Part 5: Related FAQs of RecMaster

1. How much does RecMaster cost?

You can only record for a restricted length of time in the Basic Version. For $19.95 a year, you can capture for an infinite duration of time along with all the functions and receive free new versions. You may purchase it for $29.95 for lifelong use on two PCs, which appears to be a good deal given that both deals are now on sale.

2. Is RecMaster legit?

RecMaster can be trusted due to its wide and positive reputation all over the internet. The users have very positively rated this application. Moreover, according to the reviews, there are rarely any glitches mentioned by its users. So yes it is legit!

3. How does RecMaster work?

RecMaster works perfectly what is claimed. You can download it now and try its free version of recording with its simple GUI. The application records your screen in different modes, we have tried it ourselves and it works without any issues.

Before winding up the topic, it's been clear that the best application available for screen recording in very high quality with a very easy GUI is RecMaster. The application has been widely used by many professionals who have been very happy with it. I hope after reading this article it will help you to get yourself this cool application or its alternative Filmora Screen Recorder if you are not a fan.

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