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Tunefab Screen Recorder Review

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Apr 20, 22, updated Jun 12, 24

Screen capturing is a helpful mechanism that can come in handy. Maybe you provide some information to your colleague or make a personalized video that requires screen capture. The Tunefab screen recorder comes in to give excellent services, including screen capturing and many more. Maybe you are making a quick tutorial and need to register the actions. Or perhaps you record every action on the PC so that it saves any vital thing that you can refer back to later. When talking about screen recording, it is one of the best currently.

It provides multiple facilities, including screen recording, video editing, video saving, etc. The edit functionalities are not just the basic ones but also have features like drawing arrows, adding notes, etc. Additionally, it supports a wide range of file types, including MP4, MP3 AVI, WMA, GIF, and many more. This tool is available for both Windows and Mac and, unfortunately, not available for devices like Android phones, iPhones, Linux, Chromebook, or even On-Premise Windows.

Part 1. How to Use the Tunefab Screen Recorder?

When we are indulging ourselves in working with the help of a PC or a laptop, we need several helpful features. Screen capture is one of those essential features required during multiple tasks on the computer. You might often be having an online meeting that you want to record to check any required information later. Or perhaps you are making a PowerPoint presentation or some quick tutorial that you need to record to send to a client or colleague.

Screen recorders are the perfect solution in such scenarios as they help you capture every action on your PC screen. Of course, there are some inbuilt or pre-installed screen capture tools in PCs and laptops, but they have their fair share of technical limitations. So downloading and installing the Tunefab screen recorder is the best option here. The Tunefab screen recorder download process is straightforward and quick.

  • Go to your browser and search Tunefab screen recorder download and then, click the websites of Tunefab or IDM lib where it shows download options.

  • Now, you can download this software for free, but it is primarily a trial version or a demo with most features unavailable. The Tunefab screen recorder version 2.2.70 is available for free and is scanned virus-free as the built-in antivirus software protects them. You can have the version 2.2.70, but the versions V.2.1.6, 2.2, and 2.1 are downloaded by most users. A wide range of multimedia tools, including advanced editors and file converters. The installation process is also relatively easy.

  • After downloading, go to your default download folder or any other folder where you have downloaded the program. You will see the Tunefab screen recorder setup file, and you need to open the program by double-clicking on it.

    After opening, there will be some on-screen installation instructions that you need to follow. These steps are straightforward and require clicking “next” and “install” on each step.

  • After completing the installation, there will be a popup window for the registration. You will have to register for the software, make an account, and purchase the software’s premium version to get every feature and facility. Bare reminder there is only a Tunefab screen recorder for Mac or Windows, so downloading it on any other device will not work.

  • After the installation and registration, you can use it as per your choice, and using it is also very easy.

  • Choosing the recording mode – After opening the Tunefab screen recorder window, which will include a wide range of options, including audio recorder, video recorder, screen capture, and more. You need to select any of them to perform your desired recording action.

Taking snapshots

  • Taking snapshots is extremely simple and quick as all you have to do is click on the snapshot button to open the snapshot options.

  • Then, click and drag the area where you want to take the screenshot. This allows you the flexibility to capture a selected area, unlike more screenshot tools where you take the entire screen and then later have to crop

  • The screenshot panel provides you with powerful editing options like the drawing panel. Using this, you can draw rectangles, and circles, add numbers, change shape colors, and much more.

Audio recording

You can record any system sound or microphone sound by clicking record.

tunefab audio recording

Video recording

Now the main part of the video recording. This gives you the features to enable or disable recording system sound, microphone sound, or webcam.

tunefab video recording

Choosing the recording area is vital as it lets the software know how much area you want to record.

There are options for recording the full screen, but you can change it by selecting “custom”.  You can also set the resolution and start recording by clicking “REC”.

tunefab choose recording area

Saving the recording

Keeping the recording requires clicking on the stop button at the end of the process. Then, in the Tunefab screen recorder review, review the recording and click “save”.

Part 2. Pros and Cons

Like every software, this software also has both advantages and disadvantages that you need to know.


  • The customization of the recording area gives you the flexibility to choose precisely what you want to record.

  • It also has options to adjust audio volumes, add shapes, add annotations, etc.

  • It is an easy-to-use software, and thus users don’t require any editing skills.

  • It is compatible with all versions of Windows and Mac.

  • So can customize hotkeys to simplify your recording process.

  • This tool is available for free.


  • Yes, it is available for free, but the free version allows only 3 minutes of the full recording.

  • It cannot trim or cut videos while editing.

  • There is only a Tunefab screen recorder for Mac and Windows, and it is not on other devices.

Part 3. Best Tunefab Alternative Recorder

If you are not satisfied with the Tunefab screen recorder, the best alternative screen recorder other than the Tunefab screen recorder is Filmora. It is excellent software for recording and editing videos. After downloading and installing, open the software for recording. Then on the left, click options for full screen or custom record. You can also select audio and microphone recording options, and here you can control the loudness or enable and disable those options.

filmora record screen

You can opt to set the preferred setting from the lower-left corner and choose the saving destination. You can also select the frame rate and mark the mouse checkbox to show mouse clicks. Then, go on to click the red button to start recording, and the interface will have a 3-second countdown before recording. You can press F9 to start or stop recording.

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Try It Free

For macOS 10.12 or later


The Tunefab screen recorder is one of the best screen recording tools currently. Several options like selecting the recording area, advanced editing, and more make it a powerful recording software. But this also has its fair share of disadvantages. From the Tunefab screen recorder review, you can know that this software is only for Mac and Windows. So the best alternative is Wondershare Filmora as it allows you the same options and more.

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