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Complete Guide for Tiktok Elements

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Mar 21, 22, updated May 20, 24

If you’ve just started using Tiktok, I’m sure you’re looking for ways to make your videos interesting so that more and more people view them. You look at videos with millions of views and wonder what it is that they are doing and you are not?

Well, let me tell you a secret!

While the content of the video is the most important thing when it comes to getting views, certain factors contribute to grabbing the attention of the audience. This includes the caption and the cover of your video.

So, if you’re out to make the next big viral video, you’ll need to work a bit on creating a compelling video with a nice caption and an attractive cover.

And that’s why we have compiled a complete guide for Tiktok elements!

Tiktok Videos

So, what is it that you need to make a successful Tiktok video? Let’s have a look:

1. Tiktok Video Requirements

The first and most important thing that you need to know and understand is the requirement of a Tiktok video. The aspect ratio, the dimension, the orientation, and of course, the length!

Aspect Ratio: The majority of the people use Tiktok on their smartphones, so the aspect ratio for a Tiktok video should be 9:16 or 1:1 if there are sidebars.

Dimension: The recommended dimension for a Tiktok video is 1080 x 1920.

Video Orientation: As mentioned earlier, users usually watch Tiktok videos on their smartphones, so a video with a vertical orientation is much easier to watch compared to a video in landscape mode for which one has to tilt their phones.

Video Length: Tiktok videos are usually 15 to 60 seconds long depending on the content, but my advice would be to keep them short, as people usually watch shorter videos till the end and might get bored if the video is too long.

Video File Size: The file size for iOS devices is 287.6 MB max, and for Android, it is 72 MB.

Supported Format: The video format compatible with Tiktok is MP4 and MOV.

If you keep these basic requirements in mind and make videos that fall within these criteria, I’m sure your videos will be watch-worthy. However, there are other elements to consider as well, like…

2. Best Practices to Make Successful Tiktok Videos

Tiktok video requirements will help you create videos with the perfect orientation, dimension, and aspect ratio. However, if you want to make videos that get millions of views, go viral, and increase your followers, you must know the best practices to make successful Tiktok videos.

For instance:

Post Frequently: If you want to appear on the FYP, you must post often! The more videos you post, the more the chances to come in front of the audience. And, when the audience sees you regularly, they will get acquainted and start following you to see more of your content.

Follow the Trends: Tiktok is all about trends. Something goes viral, and everyone starts making the same content to jump on the bandwagon. The trick is to make the same thing in a unique way. Therefore…

Be Authentic: The only way you can be unique is to be authentic, be you! If you keep your originality intact even when following the trend, chances are the audience might just click with your content.

Choose a Niche: While, Tiktok is known for having all sorts of video content, ranging from comedy, to sad, to just being motivational, you need to find something you’re good at. For instance, if you can sing well, you can post videos of you singing famous songs. Or, if you can paint well, you can post videos of you painting something. You will reach the right audience, and they will follow you!

If you ask me, I could watch ASMR cooking videos for hours!

3. Methods to Find a Viral Titok Topic

If you want your Tiktok video to go viral, you need to know what is getting viral currently. And for that, you’ll have to do some research.

Tiktok Search Bar: The best way to find a viral Tiktok topic is to visit the “Discover'' page on Tiktok. Here you’ll get to see all the trending hashtags and sounds.

visit “discover” page on tiktok

This also includes trending challenges. So, if you want to get noticed on Tiktok, use a viral sound or do a viral challenge!

4. Best Examples for Tiktok Videos

So, what kind of videos should you make to get to the top on Tiktok? Here are a few examples:

Challenges: One way to create a viral video is to go for social media challenges. People come up with challenge videos every now and then, and the whole world gets into the groove, like that ice bucket challenge from 2014 or the Cotton Eyed Joe challenge from 2021.

Dance Videos: Social media challenges are one thing, but viral dance videos take the fun to the next level. So, if you think you can dance, and add a bit of creativity to it, make a dance challenge video. If you’re good at it, you’ll definitely gain some followers.

Lip Sync Videos: Another way to go viral on Tiktok is to make lip-sync videos. The trick is to see who can do it without messing up the lyrics. Like this viral song “Already Best Friends” by Sagittarius Kween:

Art Videos: If you can make art, you can go viral in no time! Take out those paints, colors, and pens, and create a time-lapse painting! Something like this:

Satisfying ASMR Videos: Satisfying ASMR videos are getting increasingly popular. And, by getting a decent noise-canceling mic, you can easily create such videos and increase your followers.

Like this kinetic sand ASMR video:

Makeup Videos: Makeup tutorials are not only taking over Tiktok but they can be found on other social media platforms as well, with insane followers and subscribers! If you have the knack to create unique looks with makeup, try your hand at this!

These are just examples of the kind of videos that get viral on Tiktok. If you have skills similar to the videos mentioned above, or if you have any other skill for that matter, get on Tiktok, make a video, and get famous!

Tiktok Video Caption

Once you have created an engaging Tiktok video, the next part is to write an attractive caption for it.

1. Best Practices to Write Attractive Tiktok Captions

Here are some tips to help your videos go viral due to the captions:

Quotes: A caption can be any line that describes the video or a quote just to grab attention. You can use famous quotes or a dialogue that’s trending to make your caption attractive.

Hashtags: You can also use viral hashtags in your captions to make your video appear on the FYP or if someone searches for that particular hashtag. Another tip is to use generic hashtags alongside the viral ones, like #Art #Funny #Asmr, etc.

Mentions: Mentioning famous Tiktok accounts in your caption can also make people watch your video.

Emojis: Using emojis in the caption is a good idea to grab attention and make it worth reading.

We’re done with how to make watch-worthy Tiktok videos and add engaging captions. But did you know that the video cover also plays an essential role in getting more views?

Tiktok Video Cover

Like influencers use catchy thumbnails for their YouTube videos; similarly, TikTok videos also have video covers. So, what should one do to make an attractive TikTok cover?

1. Requirements for TikTok Video Cover

A thumbnail or video cover is a crucial deciding factor whether to click and watch a TikTok video or not. Therefore, when choosing a cover for your video, make sure it:

  • Accurately portrays the content
  • Creates excitement among the audience
  • Catches their attention

If you succeed in doing these 3 things, the audience will be definitely compelled to click on your video!

2. Best Practices to Make an Attractive TikTok Cover

If you want to create an attractive TikTok video cover, here’s what you need to do:

Include Text: A title text on the video cover explains the exact purpose of your video. This helps people decide whether they want to consume the content or not.

For example, if I come across a TikTok video with the title text that says, “5 Tips To Make Your Cat Love You,” I would probably not click on it because I’m not a cat person. However, people with cats would waste no time watching the same video.

Additionally, a title text can also create a sense of curiosity for the audience and compels them to click and see what happens next. For instance, a TikTok video titled “I Almost Died!” will create suspense, and people will definitely want to know what happened.

Use a Good Font Style: I always recommend using a clear, bold font style as it is easy to read. If you use an excessively curvy style or one that does not have clear letters, the audience might have difficulty reading it on the first attempt.

Also, staying consistent with a specific font style for your thumbnails helps you stand out. People will start recognizing your videos even before looking at the name.

So, choose your font wisely!

Use Pleasant-Looking Contrast: Here, we are referring to the background color and the font color. Make sure they complement each other! If you’re using a light background, make sure the title text font is dark and vice versa.

Add Few Objects Only: Make sure your TikTok video cover does not have too many objects in it. Stick to a simple text, an image, and a background. Adding an image, bold font style, bright background, and throwing in a couple of stickers may give a cluttered look. The trick is to keep it simple and neat.

With that sorted, let me show a few examples of TikTok video covers that successfully do the trick!

3. Best Examples for TikTok Video Cover

Here are some of the best examples of compelling TikTok video covers:

  • If you’re looking for quick ways to earn some bucks, a TikTok video cover like this one is undoubtedly going to catch your eye and attention!
tiktok user interface
  • Scrolling through cooking videos, you see this thumbnail for Magic Ice cream! I don’t know about you, but I sure want to know what this ice cream is all about!
magic ice cream tiktok video
  • What’s this? What did they find out? Let’s watch the video and see!
i was today years old when i found out tiktok video
  • If you’re a mom, this thumbnail will definitely have you clicking the video!
tiktok video for moms
  • I don’t know if this tip will ever come in handy, but I’m very curious to know how this man survived a cougar!
tiktok video on some tips

See how these simple tricks help you create a compelling TikTok video cover?


If you’re using TikTok to market your products or services or to get fame, or just to jump on the bandwagon to go viral, then there are certain elements you need to consider for the best visual experience, like the content, caption, and thumbnail.

Once everything is on fleek, your TikTok video will definitely get more views. But, the key is to be consistent! It’s possible that you might not get the desired response in the initial few videos, but once you make it to the FYP and people start seeing you regularly, everything else will fall in place.

I hope this complete guide for TikTok elements will help you with your fame and success journey!

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