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10 Best Funny Videos on Twitter

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Mar 01, 22, updated Jul 22, 24
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If you’re on the hunt for the best videos on Twitter, this is for you! As Meme marketing is on top, which involves utilizing viral comedy to increase your brand's exposure on social media, is a high-risk, high-reward game. The danger: embarrassingly falling flat on your face. This is certainly a bit concerning for brands. In the face of another round of loneliness, existential ambiguity, and Pringles, we could all use a little cheering up for Twitter's top 100 videos.

It's no secret that comedy is a great way to connect with customers, and this is particularly true for millennials, who are looking for individualized, meaningful experiences in form of hot funny videos on Twitter. When your target demographic's concept of humor is a photoshopped image of Lord Farquaad from Shrek with the letter E pasted on top, delivering such experiences becomes more difficult. Of all, as book enthusiasts, we are well aware that we have the ideal means of escaping the outer world. But there's also Twitter.

Top 10 Funniest Videos on Twitter:

Because Twitter isn't only a platform for following celebrities, exchanging recommendations, and debating politics. It's also still home to some of the internet's funniest voices. Several literature-themed feeds will make you laugh out loud in a matter of seconds. The following are 10 of the finest.

1. Earnest Pigeonway (@CentralSqPigeon)

Is Central Sq. Pigeon the internet's most popular parody Twitter account? Certainly not... yet it's one of Greater Boston's funniest Twitter accounts.

Many people have heard of common squirrel, a satirical description of a mid-sized rodent's everyday routine. I'd rather have Central Sq. Pigeon, formerly known as Earnest Pigeonway, than an ordinary squirrel any day. It helps that Central Sq. Pigeon is led by HubSpot designer Tyler Littwin, but the breathtaking insight into the inner workings of a city pigeon navigating the big bad world of Cambridge, Mass., wins the day in our opinion. Here's a birds-eye perspective (pardon the pun) of what you may anticipate if you decide to follow him:

funniest videos

2. Onion Sports Network (@OnionSports)

Because The Onion is the undisputed king of sarcasm and spoofs, it's no wonder that their sports-related Twitter account has some of the funniest takeaways on current events and personalities.

Most sports-related Twitter accounts fluctuate in terms of frequency and quality or need extensive knowledge of the club or individual in question. However, @OnionSports covers a wide range of topics, ridiculing both die-hard fans and major sporting events, making it the go-to sports parody account to follow, particularly as the Super Bowl approaches:

funniest videos

3. @BoredElonMusk — Elon Musk is bored

Elon Musk's exploits as a businessman and marketer have been extensively chronicled. The PayPal veteran and Tesla CEO are renowned for their crazy press briefings, creative ideas, and dynamic relationship with reality. Musk is long on vision and short on patience, which makes him an excellent candidate for a spoof Twitter account. From unveiling a high-speed Hyperloop between San Francisco and Los Angeles to a series of high-profile skirmishes with journalists, Musk is long on vision and short on patience.

For its drawings, humorous asides, and continuous commentary on all of Silicon Valley's most overused terms, this ridiculous account is well worth a follow:

funniest videos

4. @SunnyinHawkins — Hawkins is always sunny

You don't have to watch "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" to enjoy this Twitter account, but "Stranger Things" fans will appreciate this hilarious spin on one of their favorite Netflix episodes in particular.

Hawkins, the fictitious town in Indiana where "Stranger Things" is based, has been the site of a series of horrific occurrences centering on one group of inquisitive teenagers. It turns out that the cast's chemistry is so endearing that you can't help but envision them in a sitcom similar to FX's "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia." Now you don't have to imagine any longer:

funniest videos

5. Darth Vader Self-Portrait @DarthVader

This person seems more like a passive-aggressive actor than the Lord of the Sith, dubbed as "Evil Orphan Ani" (Anakin coincidentally being Vader's true name). It's also rather amusing.

This spoof Twitter account has had enough to discuss (or rather, rage) about since the Star Wars series was relaunched in 2015. There's no lack of fodder to keep the Twitterverse focused on a galaxy far, far away, from asking Star Wars fans about their favorite character to reminiscing about some of his most horrific deeds on behalf of the Galactic Empire:

funniest videos

6. Elizabeth Windsor, @Queen UK

The Royal Family is among the most popular in the world, yet the Queen of England is recognized for her leadership and intelligence more than her sense of humor.

While Prince William, Prince Harry, and Princess Kate have lightened up public appearances with dancing or casual conversation (karaoke with Taylor Swift, anyone? ), the Queen has stuck to a conventional approach to dealing with her people.

This emphasis on the conventional serves as the ideal launch for Twitter parody, with several highlights listed below:

funniest videos

7. Sarcastic Rover's Twitter handle is @SarcasticRover

This isn't only a must-read for every space enthusiast. Even if it begins with a nice, phony Twitter name inspired by the actual Mars rover, Curiosity, it's funny online fodder for anybody who pushes for a more science-literate community.

The tenacious space robot may or may not provide you with all the information about Mars, but it has the seal of approval from several space authorities: Bill Nye, SpaceX, and are all Twitter followers! At your leisure, savor its otherworldly innocence as shown here:

funniest videos

8. @Lord Voldemort

At Hogwarts and on Twitter, the Dark Lord He Who Shall Not Be Named (of Harry Potter fame) is a force to be reckoned with. Thanks to its hilarious banter, the Dark Lord account has gained over 2.2 million followers. Quidditch jokes at the Super Bowl and Justin Bieber's remarks below are two gems.

Sure, certain jokes need a Harry Potter fan to comprehend (Snape allusions abound), but many of the tweets are amusing even if you have just a passing familiarity of J.K. Rowling's novels and films (particularly after a few swigs of butterbeer):

funniest videos

9. Netflix Is a Joke (@NetflixIsAJoke)

Who would say anything like that?! Netflix would.

This is a legitimate Netflix sister account devoted to the stand-up specials and comedy shows that it broadcasts for customers (get it?). And it makes fun of Netflix just as much as it makes fun of us for binge-watching ridiculous stuff at midnight.

It connects with the comedians we all adore in between the important new-show announcements, ensuring that no subscriber's chin is raised too high for their weekend plans:

funniest videos

10. Chuck Norris' Twitter handle is @ChuckFacts1

Not only is he one of the world's most popular action heroes a regular on the infomercial circuit, but he's also a Twitter resource for "Chuck facts" that are guaranteed to please any cocktail party or water cooler.

"Love does not hurt. Chuck Norris does," is one of our favorite quotes. It's difficult to choose a favorite tweet from this spoof account, which includes anything from coding jokes to "Only Chuck Norris can prevent forest fires." More than ever, here’s a click of its most funniest one:

funniest videos


Any social media marketer has to understand how the Twitter algorithm works and how it may help them stand out from the crowd. Not everyone likes having an algorithm decide what they see on the internet. That's why Twitter provides users the option of seeing the home timeline (also known as Top Tweets) or the Latest Tweets included in the Twitter funny videos. To put it another way, it's either the Twitter algorithm or no algorithm hence you can use it for the humor you’re looking for.