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What you need to prepare:

  • A computer (Windows or macOS)
  • Your video materials.
  • Filmora video editor
Step 1

Import your Racing Clips to Filmora

After starting Filmora on your device, upload all the required racing car clips from which you want to make a combined video. To import your clips, you have to click on the "Media" bar available at the top-left side of the screen and press the “Import Media” button.

import racing clips on filmora
Step 2

Drag and Adjust Clips in the Timeline

With your clips imported, begin the video editing process. Drag the clip to the project timeline you require at the start of the video. If you don't need a full clip, use the “Playhead” to cut the unrequired part of that clip. Now drag the second clip to the timeline right before the first clip, and adjust it by deleting the unwanted part. Repeat the same process for all your clips until the end.

drag and adjust clips for editing
Step 3

Add Personalized Effects to the Video

After editing the clips, you will finally create the first draft of your video. The next stage is to add effects to your new video. For this, visit the “Effects” menu at the top and select your desired effect from the provided options. Make sure to drag your chosen effect to the timeline and make its durational length similar to your video.

add effects on complete clips
Step 4

Render a Preview of the Video

As the effects are added to your video, you're now required to see whether they align with your video. Therefore, preview the video, which is done by pressing the "Render Preview" icon to provide a smooth video playback.

render to check adjustments
Step 5

Embed the Text Title in your Video

If you want to embed the text into your video, press the “Titles” bar from the top. You’ll see a range of title categories, and thus you can select the one which synchronizes with your video. Whatever the title you choose, drag it to the timeline existing below.

You’ve to set the text track duration per the requirements of text appearing in the video. Definitely, you can add more text titles at any other interval of the video as required.

add titles on clips
Step 6

Customize the Text Title to Enhance Outlook

By clicking on the “Title track” in the timeline, a window will appear on your screen that allows you to edit the text. You can choose and set any font style, layout, size, and positioning of the added text.

customize titles for enhancement
Step 7

Blend Elements for Further Detailing

To make your video more interesting, you can add further effects, which include elements. To do this, visit the “Effects” menu from the top and select "Elements" from the given categories. The element you pick should be added to the project timeline. Set the duration as per your video requirements for effects. There is no limitation because you can add as many elements as required in the desired intervals of the video.

add elements as additional effects
Step 8

Edit Elements for Adjustment in the Video

Once you’ve added elements to the timeline, edit to make them perfectly align with your video. You are required to click the “element track,” and an element editing window will appear. Set the preset to “Ease Out” from the dropdown options. The process also includes an adjustment in the positioning of the element. Do this for every effect added within the video while setting the presets according to personalized options.

edit elements to adjust
Step 9

Integrate Animations into Text

As per requirement, you can add more text titles in the further part of the video. But if you want to add animations to the text, click on the title track in the timeline and press the "Animation" tab at the top. The options for animations are several, and you can choose whatever suits best according to your video needs. Moreover, you can also edit the animation as required.

add animations on text
Step 10

Merge Transitions to Improve Flow

If you want to improve your video flow, click on the “Transitions” icon at the top. A range of transition choices will appear on your screen. Add any of the available options that look interesting in the required interval.

include transitions to build flow
Step 11

Play and Export the Video

To see the results of your effort, play the video by pressing the “Play” button. If the video is according to your expectation, click the "Export" button to download it to the desired location on your device.

export video on desired location

Racing car videos are always entertaining because of the thrill and excitement they bring. However, not everyone can design such videos because of a lack of abilities in video editing. With this tutorial on Wondershare Filmora, you can easily and conveniently create your own customized racing car videos. No matter, even if you're a beginner.

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