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Tutorial On Implementing Freeze Animation as Masking Edit on Filmora


What you need to prepare:

  • A computer (Windows or macOS)
  • Your video materials.
  • Filmora video editor
Step 1

Select and Drag the Video to the Timeline

Upon starting Filmora, you're required to add a video to the timeline. You can do this by importing your video by navigating into the "Media" bar from the top left and then clicking the "Import Media" button. You can also pick a ready-made video from the "Stock Media" bar. Whatever option you choose, make sure to drag the video to the timeline.

import and drag video to timeline
Step 2

Delete Unnecessary Video from Timeline

If your video has unnecessary video parts that you want to remove, simply delete them by using the playhead’s “Scissor” icon.

trim video with scissors on timeline
Step 3

Integrate the Masking Effect as Freeze Animation

Click on the "Edit" icon, and a window will appear on the top-left side of your screen. Navigate into the "Video" section and choose the "Mask" menu and then select "Single Line" from the available options. You can also choose other mask effects if required.

add masking effect to video
Step 4

Edit and Customize Video with Masking

When you've selected your masking effect, it will automatically be applied to the center of your video. Now you can customize the parameters of that masking effect within options "Rotate" and "Position." You can set the scale as per your requirements.

If required, you can also adjust the masking movement on a screen which will automatically adjust the rotation and position parameters. Press “OK” if you’re done with the changes.

edit masking parameters to adjust with video
Step 5

Play and Render the Video

After all the effort, let's proceed to preview your final video. Press the "Render Preview" icon for a smooth video play. By pressing "Alt + Enter" from your keyboard, you can view your video in full-screen mode.

play and render video to assess
Step 6

Download and Save Video with Freeze Animation as Masking

If you're satisfied with the masking effect applied to your video, move further by downloading this video. Click on the "Export" button from the top and select the file location from your device where you want to save this video.

export video with freeze animation edit

Videos have immense importance in our daily lives considering important memories, achievements, and landmarks stored in them. Hence, making them more special is possible in a video editing environment. With Filmora’s masking edits, you can add freeze animation to highlight important moments of your video by freezing effect. Subsequently, this tutorial provides easy-to-understand steps for everyone.

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