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If you want to learn how to make final screen outros for your YouTube videos. Let's start.


Once Filmora is started, we're now going to the "Elements" tab. We are going to look for "Filmstock" and search for the package that we just downloaded from the social media pack. Well, that’s where we’re going to use templates and edit them for the outros or the final screen.


In this case, you can choose any of these, as all of them are available for you. I'm going to use this for the test. Now if we double-click on the text that we added to the timeline, we will move into the "Advanced" category and edit everything as per needs.


The text you want in your final screen, write it, and perform changes as required. The letters could also be edited and adjusted according to your interest. In this case, I'm only going to edit as a test, but you already know that they do everything at their discretion.


So, we will edit the logos and the accounts of the social networks. How do you like them? I mean. You can always change the text’s font, color, and other aspects. In this case, I will leave it for a practical test.


If you want, add it here on the screen where there is black, and you can choose any video. We're now going to choose the video that we want to put there, and we will place it in the space of the next video in our timeline. In this case, I'm going to choose this.


As a test, we'll go back to the "Effects" and look for an image mask before adding this effect. Well, we’re going to double-click on the video, and we’re going to scale it in such a way that it occupies the black margin. Now we're going to add an image mask here.


We will double-click again on the video, and we are going to provide an effect to it, something like an oval. Hence, it could fit into the shape of a black box or something like that. No, we're going to position it. So, we will click it again, then press "Mask" and select the rectangle.


Again, I'm going to scale, and now the video will move inside the margin. In that case, I'm going to add this image. And again, like previously, we will scale and go to “Effects.” We will then look for the mask image and perform a double-click, and then go to effects and select the shape in this case.


As the shape is oval, so we are going to scale it more or less than the size, something like this so that it remains well inside of the circle below. We are going to give a mask to this circle and also going to scale this image, something like this. So you can edit and add more things according to your liking.


For example, I am going to add this effect only for practical purposes. It's a beam of light in the form of a frame. Well, that’s it.

Guide On How To Make Final Screen Outros For YouTube


What you need to prepare:

  • A computer (Windows or macOS)
  • Your video materials.
  • Filmora video editor
Step 1

Use Filmstock Title Template

Click the “Elements" tab from the top, and from the left side, choose the "Filmstock" category, and select your desired Social Media End Screen template from the given options. After selecting, add this title template to the project timeline below.

access social media end screen templates
Step 2

Modify the Text Title from the Screen

Now double-click on the title track, and from the editing window on your display, click the "Advanced" button. By using the customizable screen on the right, adjust the template according to your requirements by replacing the dummy text with your text. You can also set the font size, style, layout, and margin as you like.

adjust title text and properties
Step 3

Use and Adjust Videos Within the Template

If you want to use a video in boxes or other spaces within your template, a video is what you need for that. To use your video, select "Media" from the top, then press the "Import Media" button to import your required video. Meanwhile, if you want to use a ready-made video for your project, click the "Stock Media" tab from the top and then select your video from the given options. Afterward, drag the video to the timeline below.

Now navigate into the customizable screen, reduce the video size from corners, and adjust it according to the size of your box. Of course, the edges would still not look great, for which you can apply a shape transformation effect by clicking the “Effects” option. After selecting the effect, you need to add it to your video in the timeline. To edit your effect, double-click on it, then navigate into "Video," select "Effects," and choose the desired shape from the given options.

include effects to media

For better layout and adjustment within a box or shape, you can also apply the "Mask" effect to your video. Double-click on your video track from the timeline, then choose "Video," then click "Mask," and further select your desired shape. Repeat the same process if you want to use more videos on different shapes and boxes on your template.

apply the mask on added video
Step 4

View your Final Video

Now click on the "Play" button to preview your final video. To enjoy a smooth playback of your video project on an HD display, click the “Render Preview” icon.

preview render of the video
Step 5

Save to Personal Device

Moving further to save your video? Click on the "Export" button from the top, select your file name, choose the location on the device to save the device, click "Export," and your video is successfully exported.

 export youtube outro

A conclusion is always a crucial part of any content, as is an outro inside a YouTube video. After all, a good yet call-to-action outro would ensure the audience remains tuned to your channel until the next video. So, if you want to make a special outro for your video with minimal editing knowledge, this tutorial on Filmora is available.

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