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Best Video Resume Makers in 2019

Apr 02,2019• Proven solutions

Landing your dream job is never easy, but it is not impossible either. You just have to be ready to do what it takes to get the job you want. Creating a video resume can be just the thing that will distinguish your application from all others. However, whether or not you should add a video resume to your job application, depends on the company, the position you’re applying for and your video editing skills, because there isn’t much sense in creating a video resume if the company you’d like to join has a conservative culture or if they don’t believe in new technologies. Video resumes can be quite effective if used in the right context, and that is the reason why we’ve decided to take you through some of the best video resume makers you can use to get the job you’ve always wanted in 2019.

The Best Video Resume Makers in 2019

From a technical standpoint, creating a video resume isn’t much different from making any other type of video, since you are going to need a webcam, a video camera or a screen recording software to capture the footage and a video editing software to piece the footage together. You may also need the lighting equipment, a couple of different camera lenses or a tripod if you want to make sure that your footage meets the highest professional standards. Let’s take a look at the best video resume makers that will enable you to combine your footage in virtually any way you want.  

1. Biteable

Price: Free version available, $23 per month billed annually

Compatibility: Web-based

This is a perfect option if you’ve already edited your video resume and you just want to add music, text overlays or opening titles. Biteable lets you choose from a large number of video templates you can customize easily, so once you create an account on this platform you can just select a template and upload a video to it. All videos resumes you export with the free version of the Biteable platform are going to be watermarked, and you must purchase a premium plan if you don’t want your video resumes to have the Biteable’s watermark over them. 

2. Animaker

Price: Free version available, pricing plans start from $12 per month billed annually

Compatibility: Cloud-based

Animaker is equipped with a large selection of video resume templates that enable you to create your own resume in just a couple of minutes. This cloud-based software lets you upload your own videos, photos, and music, but it also features a huge animation and music libraries you can use to make your resume more charming. The maximum duration of a video you can produce with Animaker depends on the subscription plan, which is why you can’t make videos that are longer than two minutes if you are using the free version of Animaker. Keep in mind that the maximum number of videos you can export each month also depends on the subscription plan you have.

3. Camtasia

Price: Free trial available, pricing plans start from $177.17 per year

Compatibility: Windows, macOS

This video editing software for Mac and PC computers grants you complete creative freedom over the process of making a video resume. You can use Camtasia to record videos using a webcam while recording your computer’s screen at the same time. In addition, you can import video files in a wide range of file formats into your project and use them to make your resume more informative. Camtasia lets you cut or trim all video clips you place on its timeline, which means that you can remove all parts of the video clips you don’t want your potential employers to see. Adding text overlays, visual effects or creating perfect soundtracks for your video resumes are just a few among countless options Camtasia offers.

4. Filmora9

Price: Free trial available, $59.99 for a lifetime license

Compatibility: macOS, Windows

A brief look at the list of video editing tools Filmora9 features will leave you wondering if there is anything this video editing software can’t do. Making a video resume with Filmora9 is easy because you just have to import the footage you’d like to use into your project, place it on the timeline and then remove all segments that don’t fit into the structure of your video resume. Filmora9 has huge visual effects, music and sound effects libraries you can use on all projects you edit with this software. What’s more, you can export all your videos to your YouTube channel directly from Filmora9 and save time on uploading your video resume and all other videos you create with this software to the Internet.

Tips That Are Going to Help You Make a Better Video Resume

Creating your first video resume can be an intimidating task, so here are a few tips that will help you go through the process smoothly.

Relax, you can always do another take – Don’t panic if at first, you have a tough time remembering your lines. Just relax, because the shot is going to look much better if you act naturally.

Less is more – Respect the time of your potential employers by keeping your video resume short. Video resumes that last between one and two minutes often produce the best results.

Don’t improvise, make a script – Put your ideas on paper, that will make them much easier to remember once the camera starts rolling.

Focus on what you’re good at – You have a limited amount of time to explain why you are the right candidate for the job, don’t waste that time on talking about your weaknesses.

Don’t forget your audience – Try to understand what the people who are going to watch the video like and what they don’t like. If you manage to do this, your video resume is going to grab the attention of its viewers.


The job market is highly competitive, which is why you shouldn’t hesitate to use all means available to you to get the job you want. The video resume makers, we presented in this article, offer a wide array of tools, but it is up to you to find a way to use these tools creatively. What is your favorite method of creating a video resume? Leave a comment and let us know.

Liza Brown
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