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How to Create a Makeup Video

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Oct 15, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

This topic is one of the videos you can easily find on YouTube, apart from the fact that it's easy to make a video like this, there are many people who want to learn how to do their own makeup, that is why this is the most search content on YouTube. Makeup tutorial is effective through video, since viewers can see exactly how makeup are executed, what products they are using and where to buy.

This kind of video is about sharing makeup techniques, makeup inspiration and beauty product reviews. So, whether you are a makeup artist or a makeup enthusiast you can surely record yourself, make a video and share to your YouTube channel to inspire everyone to be beautiful on their own.

In this article I will sharing may setup and tips on how you can create a makeup video on your YouTube channel.

How to Setup for Making a Makeup Video

You don't need to have expensive gear to start making this kind of content, also having a small space in your room, a smart phone and a natural lighting from your window is good enough to start your video. But if you are willing to invest there are a lot of online shop selling affordable gear for your great setup.

So, let's take a look at some of the basic gears recommended:

Smart Phone / Camera

Right now, if you don't have a digital camera yet, cellphone or mobile phone is good enough to start making your makeup video. This is the most convenient and affordable option for filming a makeup video. I'm sure now a days most of the camera built in mobile phone are quality for making a good video.

device to shoot makeup video

Cell Phone Stand

you must have a sturdy stand that allows to adjust height and rotation based on your needs.

If you don't have a cell phone stand you can get anything that where you can put your camera on, but make sure that is just high enough that you can see your face for the tutorial.

set up cell phone makeup video

External Mic / Lapel Mic

To ensure you have both video and audio quality, it's advisable to use an external microphone to record the audio separately, but there is lapel microphone that you can connect directly to your mobile phone make sure to use lapel mic that is compatible to your phone.

external mic makeup video

Ring Light

As I said natural lighting that comes from your window is your best friend when it comes to your lighting set up. Just find a window that the sun is shining through and use that light to your advantage.

but if you are willing to invest to have a quality video, just go with Ring Light. This light provides a soft, radial glow and its even capable as natural daylight. So, you don't have to worry about flickers or distorts when filming, as the ring provides a continuous stream of light. Because you know lighting is one of the crucial setups for making all videos, especially to a makeup tutorial videos. You can always buy an affordable ring light online.

use right light makeup video

Editing Software

Other than the camera and the video footage itself, the video editing software is the mores essential steps as a content creator. There are usually awkward moments during filming that you may want to edit out, and you may also need to add effects and interesting transition. You can use a video editor that you can download from google.

Wondershare Filmora is a free, one of the easy-to-use software that most content creator used as their editing software. Filmora has editing tools like animation, effects, color change, transition, and overlays to make your video attractive and stands out to others.

Free Download
Free Download
Step1Ready or set up your studio

A studio can be a corner of a room or if you have an extra space, you can dedicate an entire room to be your filming studio. Then get your camera or smart phone set up on a stable table with your cellphone stand to make it sturdy and make sure you have a suitable lighting. Dark video is not useful to anyone specially for something as detailed as applying a makeup.

run filmora on computer
Step2Create an outline

It may be helpful to create an outline or a script of your video beforehand so that you remember to do all the things your intent to do in your tutorial. This can also help you stay on track during filming so that you are remembering to demonstrate every part of your tutorial. Making a makeup tutorial video need also a step-by-step process so that you don't forget anything that you will put or show in the video, you need to make a note or an outline for you to remember all because it so hustles to go back and record what you missed.

Step3Prepare Your Makeup

Before recording, prepare your makeup and make sure you use clean brushes. Set up the makeup you intent to use on the table or on you vanity near your filming setup. Lay out all you makeup and products that you want to use in this video. Have your makeup in front of you so that they are easily accessible during filming.

prepare makeup for video

Make sure to have this thing in front of you before filming

  • Makeup Brushes
  • Skin and Eye Primer
  • Moisturizer
  • Foundation and Concealer
  • Loose or Setting Powder
  • Eyebrows Pencil or powder
  • Contouring Palette
  • Eyeshadow Palette
  • Highlight powder
  • Lipstick
  • Setting Spray
Step4Concentrate and Film

Usually before filming I pray for guidance and knowledge. This is essential to me I do it before filming so that I can be guided and finish what I'm doing properly and less struggle.

If you are done the you can now start filming. Used your script to start talking to the camera, remember to be happy mood while doing this tutorial. Make your viewers feel good while watching you and don't forget to tell them what product you are using. Also leave some comment to where they can buy the product you are using on your video.

concentrate and film makeup video
Step5Edit and Upload

This is the last step for making a makeup video. Edit your video properly and make your video creative to attract more viewers. Cut the unwanted clips especially the part where you're just talking. Because sometime viewers get bored if they only see you talking. Create a nice animation or transition to make your video stands out.

edit and upload makeup video

Then upload your finish video to your Youtube channel, make sure to public and promote your video so that more viewers will see how great you are in making this kind of videos. Remember to share your video to all your social media account to have more viewers and subscribers, don't be shy to tell also your family and friends that you made a video so they can see the finished product of your hard work video tutorial and ask them to leave comment and suggestion if you have anything else to change or fix in making video, because for us content creator people's feedback is very important so we can do better next time.

The Bottom Line

Now that you already knew the gear that you need to start setting up your studio for your makeup video and you also knew the step-by-step process, you are now ready to film a makeup video. But remember this you can't just put makeup on your face style your hair and end the video. As a beauty vlogger, you're an entertainer, so open dialogue is essential when filming. Ask your audience what they want to see, more importantly always remember to ask for feedback because for us content creator viewers feedback is very important so we can do better next time.If you've just started this inspiring journey of becoming a beauty Youtuber then hopefully these tips on how to create a makeup video will helped.

Free Download
Free Download
Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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