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Step by Step to Cut Videos in Lightworks

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Feb 18, 22, updated Jun 12, 24

Have you ever tried to edit a video, but found that it was too difficult? In this article, we will take a look at the software Lightworks and learn how to cut videos using it.

In this blog post, we will cover the cutting of videos in Lightworks. We will talk about what Lightworks is and how to download it. We'll also cover the general interface so you know which buttons do what. Finally, we'll talk about exporting a finished video and getting started with your next project in Lightworks!

What is Lightworks?

Lightworks is an editing software created by a company called Lightworks. It's a free video editor that is incredibly powerful and has been used to edit some of the most popular films of recent years.

The software was originally designed for professional filmmakers, but it's now available for anyone to use for any type of project. You can download Lightworks from the website here -

Downloading the Software

First, download the Lightworks software from the website. You can do this by clicking on the big green button that says "Download the Latest Version". When you click on it, you'll be prompted to select your operating system and download the appropriate package.

Click "Next" and you'll see a license agreement and a prompt for installation details. Fill in your information and click "Next" again to start your installation.

When installation is complete, launch Lightworks by double-clicking on the Lightworks icon in your files section.

The first time you open Lightworks, you'll need to go through a few steps of initializing before using it for editing videos. This includes setting up your project settings and choosing whether or not to keep a backup of your previous work.

We will cover these initial steps separately in future blog posts, so don't worry if it's all unclear right now!

The Interface

New users to the software will notice that there are four different windows. The first window is the Project window. This window shows you all of the footage you have loaded into your project, as well as any clips you've added to your project (see below) and edits you've made. You may also notice a timeline in this window; this is where you'll be placing your clips to create your video.


The Toolbar is located at the top of all four windows and gives quick access to commonly used features like adding clips, cropping, cutting clips, and more.


The Edit List Window displays all of the clips that are available for use in your Project Window or Timeline. They're not ordered chronologically; they're ordered by how they were imported into Lightworks.


The Timeline Window displays a list of edited scenes from your edited project for viewing purposes only - it does not contain anything about editing or timeline manipulation tasks.


The Monitor Window displays information about what's being displayed on screen at any given time. It can be used to preview videos before exporting them, previous scenes from the timeline, or rendered video frames after applying render effects.


Step by Step in Cutting Videos in Lightworks

It's not difficult to cut or divide a clip in Lightworks, and it doesn't require a lot of time or effort. The following are the simple actions you'll need to do to get started:

Step 1: First and foremost, you must import your movie into Lightworks. The simplest way to do this is to drag the clip you wish to work with onto the timeline:


Step 2: After you've uploaded your clips to the timeline, you'll be able to begin trimming them. To do so, simply slide the play head to the point where you wish to cut the clip and press the "C" key on your keyboard:


Step 3: After you've cut the part you need, you'll need to erase the rest. To do so, use your mouse to select the part you don't want to erase, then use your mouse to pick the "Delete" option, or just click the "delete" button on your keyboard:


Step 4: When you're finished, right-click the "ALL" option in the lower-left corner of the Timeline and select "Export" from the menu that appears:


And that is how to use Lightworks video editing software to cut and trim a clip, which is a very fundamental component of video editing and one of the simplest tasks to undertake. So, I hope you've learned how to chop and trim a video after reading this article.

Exporting a Finished Video

Lightworks is a video editing software that has been used in Hollywood since the 1990s. It's an open-source program, which means it's free to download and use for anyone who wants a powerful video editing tool.

To export your video, you'll need to save it in one of the formats that Lightworks supports. Your options include AVI, MPEG-1/2/4, MOV, DIVX1/2/3, WMV9, MKV or another supported format.

Once you've saved your video file in one of these formats, you can upload it to YouTube or Facebook from within Lightworks to share with friends and family immediately!

Learning how to cut videos in Lightworks is an invaluable skill for any filmmaker. The software can be used to edit footage captured by professionals or amateurs alike, so it’s very versatile for what you need. Today, we are going to show you how to get started cutting videos in Lightworks. But there’s other way to do it, and it is using Filmora.

An easier way to cut videos using Filmora

Filmora Video Editor is an intuitive video editor that allows you to cut and resize videos with just a few clicks of your mouse. Whether you're looking to edit the length of your footage or change the aspect ratio, Filmora has you covered!

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Step by Step on How to Cut Videos using Filmora

Step 1: There are a few ways to start this process. The first way is to go to File and click Import Media.


Step 2: This will open up a window where you can choose files from your computer or browse for them on the internet.


Step 3: The second way is to click the video icon in the left toolbar, then import the video from your camera roll or select from your file directory.

Step 4: Once you have selected a video, click OK and Filmora will start importing it.

Step 5: In order to cut a video, select a section of the timeline by clicking on it with your mouse. You can then move it around by dragging it back and forth along the timeline until you've created an appropriate cut point. Selecting a cut point is as easy as clicking and dragging on the time bar on the right side of the screen, which will let you set precise points of cuts anywhere in your video timeline!


Step 6: Once you’ve selected a cut point, click the scissor-like icon in the middle of the bar. After that, choose right-click on the left or right section, depending on what part you wanted to cut, of the time bar. Then, delete.


Step 7: You can repeat these steps in order to cut any videos. Then, save the project by clicking ctrl + s or exporting the video.



Cutting Videos is easier with the right knowledge. Filmora and Lightworks allow you to edit your videos and both are beginner-friendly.

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