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Adding a Spooky Shadow Effect with Filmora

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Jan 29, 23, updated Dec 05, 23

Wondershare Filmora's main purpose is the empowerment of content creators. The latest updates to the program are one of the pieces of evidence.

Whether you're a horror content creator or simply living the Halloween vibe 24/7, continue reading to know how to use its latest masking feature to create a cool shadow effect for your next mind-blowing social media video.

How to Use The Masking Effect

Wondershare Filmora's latest Masking feature allows its users to select a specific clip that they can overlay on other parts of the video or other clips.

Free Download
Free Download

The feature allows you to insert the mask in any shape, such as a rectangle, circle, or triangle. You can also import any shapes you like if you can't find them in the presets library. You can also adjust the mask placement, width, height, and feather effect.

Without further ado, let's see the detailed step-by-step guide for this effect.

a. Preparation

You will need at least three shots of the same frame to get the shadow effect to work. The first is the main video, the second is the shadow clip, and the last would be a clip portraying just a plain background.

Make sure that your camera stays at the same point and angle. You can use a tripod for assurance.

Take the first main video and don't forget to mark the positioning of the object for the next take. Then, you can shoot the shadow clip following the marking of the object to match its position in the main clip.

Finally, shoot the final clip without the object on the frame.

taking different footage for the clip

b. Steps to add the shadow effect to your videos using Masking

Step 1: Place the main clip on the timeline and find the start of the segment that you want to use. Press M on the keyboard to set a marker.

placing a marker on the main clip

Step 2: Place the shadow clip on top of the main clip on the timeline. Trim and adjust until the shadow clip ends right at the marker of the main clip.

adjust the length of the shadow clip

Step 3: Move the play head to the start of the shadow clip. Trim the main clip right on that mark so both clips have the same start by clicking the scissor icon and deleting the unused part.

sync the main and shadow clips

Step 4: Double-click the shadow clip. OpenSettings > Mask Section > Rectangle to apply the mask. Adjust the blur strength to smooth out the edge.

place the mask of the shadow clip and adjust

Step 5: Play the result to see if there's any part you need to block out. When you find them, repeat steps 1 to 4 but with the background clip. Try to conceal all things you need to hide using the masks. Make sure that you get the timings right.

block unwanted objects off the final clip

Step6 Trim the length of the masking clips to match the main clip by sliding the play head and clicking the Split button.

Adjust the audio and preview the effect before you save the result. You can also add extra features like slow motion for maximum effect.

preview the result before saving


It is so easy to use this shadow effect on your video using Wondershare Filmora. The handy masking feature also comes with additional keyframe control and easy composite adjustment.

Wondershare Filmora is also packed with other powerful new features. This includes Auto Beat Sync, Speed Ramping, Quick Split Mode, and the upgraded Denoise feature. Update today to add more quirk to your content.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Dec 05, 23
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