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How to Create Promotional Video (with Examples)

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

The video content has several uses. Whether advertisements or social media posts, marketing sites or emails, the videos help in promoting your brand and creating brand awareness.

It also plays a key role in the sales funnel and contains a call-to-action button for the audiences to either buy the product or avail the service. Have you ever considered creating a promotional video for your business? Did you ever script and produce one?

Although it seems complicated, when you know the steps of creating one, it becomes simple and easy. In this article, we help you understand what you need to consider in order to create a promotional video with examples.

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Part 1: Promotional Video Definition

A promotional video is a medium to convey your message about your products, your services, your company or any event to your customers. Within a few seconds, a compelling storyline is created highlighting how a customer will be benefited with a call-to-action button for the viewers.

It is an effective way to convince the customers by highlighting your business in a positive way. The promotional videos contain crisp and clear message straight to the point. It is one of the best, easiest, and cost-effective ways to reach out to your customers. If you want to make promotional video, Filmora Business comes. You can use it to make amazing videos.

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Part 2: How To Create Promotional Video

Here are the 4 tips to consider when you need to create your promotional video.

1. Sharing Is More Important

When you create a promotional video, you must focus more on the unique quality content instead of focussing on your brand message. Your content for the users must offer some sort of entertainment or education making it a useful watch for the viewers.

Your target audiences look for the value that can be worth sharing. If your content is of high-quality and has the power to entice others, then your promotional video can get millions of views.

For instance, the Mercedes Benz ad is the perfect example of showing the customers how comfortable the car is, even a kid wishes to travel in it again and again. The kid packs his bag and leaves his house when all are asleep. He travels by bus, covering his face within the newspaper, crosses the road to reach the police station. And, the police tells the kids this is the last time that he is dropping the boy to his house.

The boy travels all the way to reach to the police every night, just to travel in the Mercedes Benz. It shows how happy the child is to travel in the comfortable and luxurious car. There are hardly any words in the video, but the message is clear and loud and Mercedes is humanistic care and not just a car.

2. Promotional Video Need To Fit In Strategy

A strategy is must to create a promotional video. Without a thorough planning and a marketing strategy, a promotional video cannot be implemented. You must know the reason for creating a promotional video.

Do you want to create a video to boost brand awareness or is it for any specific service or product? Do you have any particular goals in mind to create the video? All such questions must be answered, apart from finalizing on the ways to promote the video.

You must also decide the budget, the channels for promotions, and also the target audience you wish to share your video. A complete strategy is required before creating a video and it must fit within the set strategy.

For example, Apple like to use a series of promotional video to share its value, conveying a surge of happiness. The Homepod ad strategy is to show its worth in uplifting the mood. It does complete justice by creatively using various dimensions of the house with the moves of the dance and music.

It features an exhausted, down, and tired girl who enters her house and switch on the Apple home pod. It lifts up her mind and rejuvenates her completely with the music making her happy.  

3. Tone Of Your Video

Your video’s message should connect with the audience loud and clear, so, setting the right tone for your video is very important. You must be thinking what is setting the right tone. Isn’t it?

For instance, does your video makes your audience’s cry or laugh? Is it a narrative storyline or an informational one? You must remember the tone of your video and the script while directing it creatively. If the execution is right, the video is bound to touch the chords of your viewer’s heart.

The tones can be dramatic, informative, conversational, humorous, straight-forward, playful, urgent, quirky, inspirational, and many more. While directing, you have to set the tone right for the promotional video.

For instance, the tone set for the Titan ad is very unique and completely different from the rest. While the professor is teaching, the students use pen, pencil, notebook, scale, desk, and many such things you find in a class to create music.

The other teachers join in, students stand up to sing in chorus, and a girl comes up to gift the titan watch to the Professor. This video uses a special way to do a farewell with the professor. The tone is touching.

4. If Necessary, Write A Script

There’s no one else, other than you who understands your audience well. So, instead of hiring a company to do a script, try to work it out with your own team. It saves you a few bucks too. A great script that connects with your audience is enough to create a promotional video.

For example, the Amazon Go video offers some great lines that make the video compelling. You just punch the card while checking in, pick anything you like which is automatically added to your cart with the help of sensors and technology. You need not wait in lines nor wait for a lengthy checkout process. Pay directly from your mobile. The video is truly enticing.


Use your mind, plan well, strategize, and implement a great promotional video to take your business to the peaks of success. A video can change your viewer’s perspectives. So, plan ahead of time to make a captivating video for your audiences and present your company in the positive light. Keep the above points in mind and get going.

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